Princess Lexie – Princessmas 2014 Day 5 – Masturbation Instruction, Masturbation Encouragement

Princess Lexie  Princessmas 2014 Day 5 preview

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These sexy black pantyhose are a great way to celebrate Day 5 of Princessmas, don’t you agree? You know I want you to cum in every Princessmas clip, that way I get a gift or a ca$h tribute from you like I obviously deserve. So I was thinking of clip ideas that were guaranteed to make you losers cum and Me in pantyhose was an obvious choice. I know that seeing Me in these silky smooth nylons gets you so incredibly weak, doesn’t it? But then when I begin to expertly tease you: showing off every inch of Me from My perfect toes, to My wrinkled soles, up My impossibly long legs, to My juicy butt; it’s just too much for you to handle! You need to jerk that dick don’t you? And jerking isn’t enough. You need to cum while you watch Me in these sexy pantyhose. You need this. Pay Me so that you can cum. It’s the only way.


Bratty Foot Girls – Cali’s Foot Promotion – Pantyhose Fetish, Blackmailed

Bratty Foot Girls  Calis Foot Promotion preview

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You are the CEO of a very successful company. Cali Logan is one of your top employees and has come into your office for a little chat. You see she has heard that you are looking to promote John, he’s your top salesman and has been in line to get the promotion for a while now. However Cali has other ideas, she sits across from you, knowing that you have a thing for stockinged feet, and dangles her heels as she pleads her case for the promotion. she teases you with her shoes and luscious legs as you hear her out. She eventually asks you about your very obvious foot fetish. You give in and admit to it. Bad move however! She has been secretly recording your conversation on her smart phone the whole time. Now she straight out blackmails you into giving her the promotion. Not just that though, oh no shes not done yet. You will be her new foot bitch. Seeing you make her wear heels every day, she demands a nice foot rub in your lunch break everyday. You will get her coffee and do whatever else she asks. Get to it foot bitch!


British Bratz – Stroke To My Pantyhose – Pantyhose Domination, Femdom

British Bratz  Stroke To My Pantyhose preview

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My pantyhose drive you wild, clinging tightly to my curves you are nothing but a weak mess when I tease you hard. My sexy toned legs wrapped in sheer nylon hose makes your head spin and your dick rage with excitement. Crossing and uncrossing my legs makes you melt, you are instantly submissive and completely mine. I make you drop to your knees as you beg desperately to serve me. You will worship and adore me as I head fuck with you some more. How bad do you want me huh?
I have total power of you, all you can do is sit and stare at my peachy nylon ass as I plant all those important words deep within your mind. Beg for it, push your face right up to that computer and beg for it. Encouraging your obsession with me is so damn easy, I just torment you to point of frustration and leave you wanting more.


Dangerous Temptation – Suck The Life Out Of You – Claws, Femdom

Dangerous Temptation  Suck The Life Out Of You preview

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Custom clip request “I am thinking of a theme in which you are the “Vacuum Succubus”. A demon who uses her powerful vacuum machine to milk the cocks dry of all the perverted vacuum wankers of the world.
In the clip, could you please wear gray pantyhose?
Please have the vacuum on maximum power.
And please use the vacuum pipe, no floor attachment – I like hearing the suction sound from the pipe only.
In the clip you could first suck up some objects like coins to show the true power of your vacuum.
Then you could tease me by showing off your phenomenal body in pantyhose – especially your incredible ass.
Of course you can play with the vacuum hose too (like you did in other vacuuming clips)
And you could then take the vacuum pipe and act like you are milikng my cock dry while I beg for mercy. ????


Dangerous Temptation – The Ultimate Blowjob – Forced Ejaculation, Rubber

Dangerous Temptation  The Ultimate Blowjob preview

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Welcome to Cock Training Academy! Are you ready to test the Ultimate Orgasm? The Ultimate Hand Job? Twink twice, onece we start the 21 century Milking Machine wont be able to to stopped until your balls are turned to blue then purple then..dry balls and you wont be able to cum for next 7 days becouse this BlowJob Machine wil extract even the last drop of sperm, you will feel complete drained and exhausted!


Princess Fierce – What Goddess? You Stroke to FIERCE Now – Goddess Worship, Pantyhose Domination

Princess Fierce  What Goddess You Stroke to FIERCE Now preview

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You’ve been eyeing my store for some time. You’ve been too afraid to take the plunge and cheat behind your Goddess’ back. You’ve had enough. You can no longer resist. You crave to stroke and serve me now. What would your goddess think about you stroking and spoiling me instead? I know you want me to keep my lips sealed. As my body continues taking you deeper you commit yourself to me. You find yourself saying, “What goddess?” … “I only stroke and spend on Princess Fierce now.”


Lizz La Reign – You want to own my panties – German Version – Submissive Training, Femdom

Lizz La Reign  You want to own my panties  German Version preview

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Clip language is German! In one of my previous clips I announced that maybe some of my best slave will get the honor to aply for some of my worn out panties. As a result, some loser offerd me 1200 Euro for this clip and the panties I wore. I don`t want to imagine this ugly, fat, hairy loser grabbing his disgusting fingers into my soft, silky panties which are soaked with my divine fragrence, so the price is fully justified. I am sure that after watching this clip his addiction will increase immeasurably. Slowly the camera pans along my gorgeous body and gives you the opportunity to admire the most adorable parts. Diabolical words spoken by my sweet mouth poisoning your mind until you become a drooling wreck. After you have seen this clip, your urge to own one of my worn panites will overpower you completely.
—————————————— Seitdem ich einen Clip online gestellt habe in dem ich in Aussicht stellte das der eine oder andere Sklave der sich herausragend bewhrt hat eventuell in den Genuss eines meiner getragenen Slips kommen knnte, gibt es anscheinend kein Halten mehr. Das aktuell beste Gebot erreichte mich von einem kleinen, fetten, stark behaarten Loser der fr diesen Clip und das entsprechende Hschen 1200 Euro bezahlt. Alleine der Gedanke das seine Wurstfinger mein ses, zartes mit meinem gttlichen Duft durchtrnktes Hschen besudeln, rechtfertigt diesen Preis voll. Ich bin mir sicher das seine Sucht sich, nachdem er diesen Clip gesehen hat, ins unermessliche steigern wird. Langsam gleitet Kamera an meinem wunderschnen Krper entlang und du kannst anbetungswrdigsten Stellen in Groaufnahme bewundern. diabolischen Worte aus meinem sen Mund vergiften dabei deinen Verstand und lassen dich zu einem sabbernden Wrack werden. Wenn du diesen Clip gesehen hast wirst das Verlangen in dir bermchtig werden, auch so ein Hschen besitzen zu drfen.