Young Goddess Kim – Merciless Mistress – Cock Locked, Footlicking

Young Goddess Kim  Merciless Mistress preview

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I left the toy out the box, handcuffed and locked in chastity. I walk into the room to find it struggling in the cuffs “you better not be trying to escape” haha I know it is just so desperate to touch its locked cock. Well, lucky I am in the mood to play with My toy. My pantyhose legs are so smooth and sexy, bewitching and captivating. it should have known that the second it saw My legs there would be no escape from My spell. I have the key to the chastity cage dangling from My anklet, torturing the toy even more. I remove My shoes, they get so sweaty in the transparent plastic stilettos. Smell My divine scented pantyhose feet. They smell so good, don’t they…. Addictive. I’ll rub My feet on your steel cage and you can just imagine the feeling on your naked cock. I’ll tell you exactly how it would feel. So hard in that cage, your balls so full and aching. Kiss the key around My ankle and beg Me. Worship My feet and legs. So so desperate little bitch. Hahaha the cruelest denial is yours! Now back in My toy box!


Miss Ezada Sinn – Molding another pantyhose bitch – Instructions, Jerk Off Instruction

Miss Ezada Sinn  Molding another pantyhose bitch preview

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I know your deep dark secret, that you are obsessed with pantyhose and nylons of any color. I so easily recognize that you are just a pantyhose bitch. Yes, little whore, I have something for you to wear that fits so tightly around your skin. Put them on, stuff your tiny little dicklet inside the shear captive fabric. Jerk, jerk for me slave. Rub your little clitty right through the nylon. you are so aroused, do you want to cum, My little bitch? Ill give you permission only if you do exactly as I say. So lay on your back, hike those nylon covered legs high into the air and jerk. youre going to cum right onto your own tongue, directly into your mouth, all over your face. Jerk, and jerk faster. youre going to wear pantyhose everyday next to your skin. I just love transforming you into my pantyhose bitch. Just look at all that cum inside your mouth, you whore.


Luna Sapphire – Pantyhose Foot Tease – Foot Slave Training, Teasing

Luna Sapphire  Pantyhose Foot Tease preview

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You are a slave to My perfectly petite size 7 feet in sheer black pantyhose. You must kneel at My divine feet while I relax luxuriously. I tease and taunt you about how hard My feet make you and how badly you want to touch them, kiss them, suck on My toes… you even want to rub your cock on them, don’t you? Well too bad that will never happen. No, you just have to worship as My foot slave, honored to even be allowed to lay your eyes on My nylon-covered heels and toes. After you have proven to be a good foot worshiper I give you some teasing jerk off instructions, making you practically beg to cum. But I think it would be more fun to leave you frustrated.


Goddess Cheyenne – Brutal Beauty – Pantyhose/stockings, Mistress

Goddess Cheyenne  Brutal Beauty  preview

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The beautiful Mistress Jean Bardot proves that her whipping is as sharp as Her looks. A hooded slave in near suspension is the perfect target for the stunning and talented Mistress. Multiple camera angles and slave screams compliment this beautifully brutal demonstration.
Jean Bardot, whipping, single tail, beautiful, stockings, hood, screaming, corset, dark hair, garters, high heels


Vancouver Kinky Dominatrix – Miss Jasmine – Candid Cuckold Talk – Raevyn Rose – Foot Domination – Cucky, Double Domination

Vancouver Kinky Dominatrix  Miss Jasmine  Candid Cuckold Talk  Raevyn Rose  Foot Domination preview

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After beating my worthless husband on the kitchen island with my sexy friend Raevyn Rose we decide to have a chat and use him as a footrest. I laugh when she asks if I ever have sex with this loser. I explain that such an ugly man with a micro penis will never get laid. All he’s really good for is making money for me while I enjoy lots of men for my own pleasure.


Young Goddess Kim – Custom-made Furniture – Shoe Worship – Female Domination, Faceslap

Young Goddess Kim  Custommade Furniture  Shoe Worship preview

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I know males are lucky to be used by Me in any way I please, kneeling in a corner ready to serve. Slaves must prove their desire to worship and literally bow down and praise My name. I am not impressed with how uncomfortable this objects back is as a carpet beneath My sharp heels. I am not pleased with it at all and make it beg to be cruelly slapped for its uselessness. I spit My drink on the floor and it licks it up grateful for the humiliating honor. Stupid slave, I have no other use for it then to made into a piece of furniture. I ignore it as I check My phone and take pictures of My legs resting on My new furniture to send to My gf. Amused, I torment the silent furniture with My pantyhose feet in its face and dangle My heel until it drops at his head. “Worship My supreme strappy stiletto on the floor as I rest My feet up on your back” slave is blessed to be My custom-made furniture.


Tara Tainton – Your Boss Takes Advantage of Her Professional Training and Instills Your Lust for Cum – Humiliation, POV

Tara Tainton  Your Boss Takes Advantage of Her Professional Training and Instills Your Lust for Cum preview

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You devious little employee. I’m tired of your sorry work ethic. You never remember anything I tell you. You’re totally neglecting your studies and work. It’s time to take advantage of my profession of hypnotherapy. It’s time for YOU to go under. You’re already familiar with the process. All you have to do is relax, and I’ll take care of the rest. This is the best way to ensure you remain focused, hardworking, and diligent. We’re going to turn you into a model employee. I’ll just prop myself up on my desk here, you lie back before me and, slowly, you’ll go under… Now, let’s begin…. Wait, what?!?!? Is that a big hard erection in your pants?? Oh, my gosh. YOU were looking up my skirt and my pantyhosed crotch while I was talking to you!! You little deviant. I’ll teach you a lesson. I just need my notepad and pen, and the instruction will begin… the instruction on your newfound taste and craving for your own cum that is. You’ll be stroking that hard cock of yours in no time under my direction and I’ll instill you a superb, never ending appreciation for the taste of that white milk your testicles produce…