Asian Cruelty – Be Thankful For This Cock! – Goddess Pepper – Pegging, Anus Fucking

Asian Cruelty  Be Thankful For This Cock  Goddess Pepper preview

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I have teased and taunted my slave beyond words. I have driven him to a want of cock. He will do anything for it. He suddenly realizes my full power over him when he finds himself being rammed deep in the ass with my large phallus. A total role reversal that indeed leaves me with all of the power Indeed proves that I am his goddess! He lay helpless in my spell as I fuck him and make him my Bitch Toy! As it should be.


Asian Cruelty – You Will Only Breath My Ass – Goddess Pepper – Femdom, Bondage

Asian Cruelty  You Will Only Breath My Ass  Goddess Pepper preview

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Oxygen is an extremely valuable commodity, and so given my sadistic nature, I enjoy denying my slave all that is of value, thus making myself the most important thing in his life. As I should be. To prove my point, I 1st wrap my victim from head to toe in body hugging plastic cling wrap. It may look flimsy, but once he is fully encased, I assure you he can not move a muscle. An added layer of duct tape and he is all wrapped up, snug as a bug in a rug.
Once he is properly positioned on my bondage table, I proceed to sit on his face with my gorgeous ass, until he is begging for his next breath, never knowing if his next will be his last. Over n over again, I lower my latex clad ass firmly over his nose and mouth, creating an air tight seal that prohibits even the slightest breath of air into his lungs.
This is such an amusing game of cat and mouse, as I deny him the very air he needs to exist. His life is in my hands, and I can giveth or taketh away, as I choose. And he can not move a muscle to stop me. I straddle his face and crush him beneath the full weight of my ass and thighs as I clamp down over his nose and mouth. This truly could be the end of him, if I chose it to be. But not yet. Not yet.


Asian Cruelty – Perfectly Red – Goddess Pepper – Cane, Canning

Asian Cruelty  Perfectly Red  Goddess Pepper preview

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I am perfection in my skin tight red latex dress. Accompanied by my lethal cane, which also just so happens to be red. His ass cheeks will follow suit shortly.
With my pain pet helplessly secured and vulnerable to my sadistic whims, I use one of my most intimidating canes to break him down both physically and mentally. With each searing blow, he falls deeper and deeper into a mindless, obedient state of mind, willing to suffer for my pleasure. Perfect. As it should be.
When I have turned his ass cheeks to an appropriate color red worthy of being in the same room as my glorious latex, I escalate his torment with an even more severe cane capable of unimaginable pain. Also of the red variety. I typically prefer my canes to be red, so that when I rip his flesh, and of course I will, his splattered bloood will blend into the cane perfectly. As a true Goddess, I will not tolerate imperfection.
And so on this night, I will continue to terrorize the baby soft flesh on his derriere until it is perfect and to my liking. And with his punishment, he too will fully comprehend the privilege of serving perfection, Goddess Pepper.