Princess Mika – Jerk Your Little Dick To These Huge Monster Cocks Faggot – Bisexual Encouragement, Gay Humiliation

Princess Mika  Jerk Your Little Dick To These Huge Monster Cocks Faggot preview

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WankItNow – Sophia Smith – Another Way To Pay – Cleavage, Medium Natural Tits

WankItNow  Sophia Smith  Another Way To Pay preview

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You’ve just delivered a pizza to a customer but she doesn’t have any money to pay for it… She can’t seem to find her purse, but you think of a few ways that she could pay for it… You tell her that you’ll waver the payment if she strips off for you and lets you WANK over her sexy body… She really wants this pizza and is more than willing to let you JERK OFF over her…


WankItNow – Hannah Z – Teachers Favorite – JOI, Jerkoff Commands

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You left college about a year ago, but you’ve come back to get some paperwork off your favorite teacher… The one you always had a crush on… But while you’re talking to her she reveals that she had a bit of a crush on you too… And she can see that you’re getting turned on just talking to her… So she decides to do something about it and starts stripping off to tease you… Don’t worry, it’s only you, her and your hard DICK in the building! Make the most of it, it’s not every day that you get to JERK it over your favorite teacher!


UpSkirt Jerk – Do We Have A Deal – Masturbation Instruction, Stockings

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Lucy is your employee’s girlfriend, they have invited you round for dinner because her boyfriend has overheard that you are thinking of giving him a promotion. While he is upstairs though Lucy accidental lets on why they have invited you around and decides the best way to seal the deal for her boyfriend is to tease you with her panties and pussy while you have a quick wank.


Sarah DiAvola – Predatory Behavior – STANDARD DEF – Younger Man, Pegging

Sarah DiAvola  Predatory Behavior  STANDARD DEF preview

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“Please wear black stockings and no shoes. This is based on your deflower virgin and cam session we had but without the strapon and with my POV playing the role of the father. Please use the mol plus est word a lot and ped 0 file.
You make me stroke to your legs in stockings because I’m so weak. You knew I’d be the perfect target to seduce to get what you want. You want to mol my son.
He’s the perfect young age that you are addicted to touching. You love to kiss and stroke and suck them while they’re so young and impressionable. You’ve got arrangements with many men who let you spend the night with their boys whenever you want. Once they give in you make them watch while you mol their sons and they can’t resist stroking to it.
You make their sons scream so loud with fear and pleasure. It makes the fathers text you all the time to come over, and they encourage their sons to please you they’re so addicted to watching. Make me stroke and beg you to mol my son. Talk about my shame for letting a ped0 have her way with my innocent young boy. You love making men betray their sons. After I give in laugh and count me down as you talk about making me watch you mol.”
As expected, I chew up this custom and spit it out in the most vicious ways. I will disturb you and arouse you as you listen to the filthy things coming out of My mouth.


Princess Miki – Gloryhole Fantasy CEI – Enforced Bi, Jerk Off Instruction

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Oh look, another closeted fag who wanks off to My fag encouragement clips without doing a single thing about his raging gay desires. It looks like you believe you still need some training before you take a trip to the glory hole to suck cock and take in a mouthful of cum.
So you want to get off today, huh? Well, I have a few supplies for you that you need to get. The first is a hard cock, which naturally, you already have since you came here to jerk. The second item is a nice, big dildo. You will be sucking on this cock for the duration of the clip, up until I tell you to release.
When you do release, it will be right on the head of that dildo. And what’s next? You suck off every last drop of that load right off that dildo.
You will imagine that you finally took in your first big mouthful of cum from another man’s cock. You will taste the flavor of your gay desires and thank Me for it.


PORTIA – Vampire Queen Casts Your Mind Into A Deep Intoxicating Dream & Sucks Your Life Away – Mesmerize, Executrix

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Accept your fate as the latest spell-bound victim of the Vampire Queen. No man can resist her beguiling voice and intoxicating magic. Inhale her special incense on command and fall deeper down into an erotic trance, stroking your dick in tribute to her beauty as your free will melts away beneath her seductive words. Breathe, stroke & worship while your mind sinks into a dark sexual dream, reality falling apart as her true from and terrible nature is revealed.
Her spell is overwhelming. You will yearn to receive her vampire kiss – to pump and squirt your life essence inside her, to feed your queen with the ultimate gift. So deep is the trance, how can you be sure that she isn’t already sucking the life out of you as you drift through a euphoric dream symbolic of your demise? You will cum and fill your Queen with every last drop of life. And then sleep. The final sleep… never to awaken.