Princess Kendi Olsen – Cucky Stroke Slut Paying And Jerking To My Perfect Life – Joi, Financial Domination

Princess Kendi Olsen  Cucky Stroke Slut Paying And Jerking To My Perfect Life preview

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My man turns me on so fucking much. I want him so badly. I’ve never felt more sexually attracted to someone. He’s so fucking hot! I just want to fuck him and please his cock.
You will never know passion like that, no one is ever going to want you that badly. Especially me. I’m never going to have that raw lust for you that I do for him. You are only allowed in my life because you pay to be in it. And not only does your money benefit me, but it benefits my man. You pay for both of our lives to be better. You pay so neither of us have to work. Do you know why? Because you’re a cuckold.
You pay me so you can humiliate yourself for me. You degrade yourself in the worst ways for my attention but it’s someone else that gets me at the end of the day. It’s another man who gets to fuck me. My man. Only he knows what my tight wet pussy feels like wrapped around his cock. His cock is huge! He gets to fuck the body you’ve spent so many hours stroking to.
He gets to have me while you’re just my little loser. You’re just my little cucky stroke slut, jerking off to my perfect life. Always sending me money to make my life better. And I blow it on things for me and my man. We live a luxurious lifestyle that you pay for.
He gets me because he’s worthy, because he deserves a woman like me. And a woman like me only fucks real men like him. You’re just a loser who jerks off to our perfect lives. You get to jerk off to the alpha couple of your dreams. You jerk off to being our little cuckold. You jerk off to paying me and being humiliated by me. Jerk off to being my little loser. Jerk off knowing that no matter how much you spend on me, you’ll never get me. Jerk off to how fucking pathetic you are.
You’re in a downward spiral, becoming more and more of a fucking loser for me. You’re becoming a weaker and weaker stroke slut for me. You’re a kinky little cuckold loser. And I know you’re jerking off to this because we both know that you love being my cuckold loser. You wouldn’t trade it for anything. You’d rather jerk off to what a pathetic cuckold loser you are than fuck me. Cum all alone loser.


Worship Goddess Jasmine – Tits and Int0x – Mesmerize, Hypno

Worship Goddess Jasmine  Tits and Int0x preview

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Can u resist my tempting cleavage huh? Most definitely not. I want you high as you drool over my juicy tits. I want u hitting that bottle over and over and I tease you. I want you to test yourself and see how far you can actually go. Lose all inhibition and inhale like never before. My tits make you weak and they’re going to push you today. I want you bl.o.o.d.ed nosed in a heap on the floor with nothing but the image of my tits in your head.


Trish Collins – Fuck me while my sis’ is taking a shower – Amateur, Blowjob

Trish Collins  Fuck me while my sis is taking a shower preview

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I’m sorry I didn’t publish anything last week, but I hope I’ll be forgiven! You followed a hot girl home last night, spent the night with her, and like most men, you just thought about sneaking out in the morning – which you did, or at least tried to do. The girl (can you even remember her name ? you were so high !)you slept with said she’d just take a shower, so you thought now was your time; however, when you opened the living room’s door, you found another girl – she kinda looks like the one in the shower, eh ? comfortably laying in the sofa, and who claimed to be your one night stand’s roommate and sister… shet. So, playing it cool, you tried to seduce her – you rolled the dice and made a perfect 1 ! Sexy time with the sexy sister incoming ! Hope you will like it !


The Mean Girls – Yes, We Own Slaves In Real Life – POV, Dual Domination

The Mean Girls  Yes We Own Slaves In Real Life preview

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This is real sh*t, losers. YES, We own real-life slaves that pay Us, serve Us, and work for Us! Download this clip if you want to hear about how We use them and the humiliating things We make them do for Our entertainment and benefit! (Oh, and if you ARE one of Our slaves, then you will DEFINITELY want to download this clip! LOL!)


The Mean Girls – Human Poooperscooper – Femdom, Female Domination

The Mean Girls  Human Poooperscooper preview

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We were trying to think of the most humiliating, degrading, DEHUMANIZING thing We could think of to use a slave for. Like, a slave that truly has NO self-worth whatsoever and will do ANYTHING We say…like YOU! So this is what We came up with, since eating OUR would just be too GOOD for u. LOL. We are going to make you crawl on all fours behind Our D0GS when We take them out for walks in public. And since WE don’t want to have to carry around any plastic bags with Us, when Our little p00ches do their “business” on the sidewalk, guess what YOU are going to have to do??!!?


Queen Regina – Small dick humiliation lets measure – Loser Symbol, Femdom Brat

Queen Regina  Small dick humiliation lets measure preview

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lest measure what do you have there… come closer…. such small dick, suckLoser, you are not good For My attention… not good for sex… with that size you just a worthless Loser.. heheheLets be honest Boy… you’ll never please anyone women with that1 Blah… Its shame… You’re a shame…so suffer For me loser….