WankItNow – Jamie T – Do You Like My Cunt? – Nude, Masturbation Encouragement

WankItNow  Jamie T  Do You Like My Cunt preview

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So you’ve broken both of your arms? You helpless soul… No worry, nurse Jamie T is here to “ease your pain” and make you feel all better. Not being able to WANK must be a nightmare, but Jamie T knows just what you need… A nice tight CUNT wrapped around your DICK. Sit back with your broken arms and let Jamie T milk your DICK dry.


The Miss Ginger – Halloween Humiliation Challenge Two – Footworship, Degradation

The Miss Ginger  Halloween Humiliation Challenge Two preview

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Challenge number two in the series Halloween Humiliation Challenges takes us a little bit further out into the humiliation zone. You are going to take your love and your love for Miss Ginger’s humiliation out with you! Grab some paper, and a permanent marker, and a safety pin. You are going to let everyone know just how big of a slut you are for Miss Ginger’s humiliation. You’ve always loved doing tasks secretly and here lately you have been dreaming of taking it a little more public. This is your chance to do so, and why not a better time to do it than during Halloween. Who is going to take you seriously, I mean you are a joke of a human being of course to begin with. Alright, lets play puppy!


Tara Tainton – How to Practice True Tara-ism as Your Religion – Female Domination, Goddess Worship

Tara Tainton  How to Practice True Taraism as Your Religion preview

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It’s time to teach you. You’ve accepted Tara-ism as your one true religion and myself as your one true goddess forever and always. It is now time to learn how to practice what I preach, how to be my little cult follower in training… how to be my slave. I am now your mistress, and you will worship every inch of my body. You will worship this divine pussy. You will pray to these worship-worthy tits. You will denounce all others and kneel before me to feel true joy in your heart. I will instruct you on just how to be the perfect worshiper: how to build an altar celebrating ME, what my first commandments for you are, what to eat, how to live, what your new masturbatory meditation practice is, and just how you will praise me each and every day. Your worship begins NOW. In return, I grant you the best orgasm of this life.


Stella Liberty – Teacher’s Pet Feet JOI – Foot Licking, Femdom

Stella Liberty  Teachers Pet Feet JOI preview

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You’ve been such a good student and your teachers think you may have something in common with us. The way you stare at our high heels and classy attire. We tease off our high heels and reveal two pairs of perfect feet. We want you to pull down you pants and tug your cock for teacher. Jerk that cock as fast as you can for us while you slide your tongue across our toes. We think you have good potential to be a good foot servant. Won’t you rub out feet with your dick? We love getting our feet rubbed!


Silvia Saige – One Snap To Her Snatch – Instructions, Masturbation Instruction

Silvia Saige  One Snap To Her Snatch preview

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Silvia is a gorgeous brunette MILF with an old school sensibility. She is all about pleasing her man. Today, she wants to please you with one little click, her bra strap coming undone. When she takes off her bra, we see her incredibly firm and beautiful boobs on display, inviting us in with warmth only a MILF of this caliber can offer. Then she gets a little more comfortable. She pulls down her skirt and reveals her tight, mature snatch that is ready to be grabbed. She rubs her nether regions while asking you to slide your hard cock in her. Then she fingers herself, screaming for more. She even smacks her own ass while encouraging you to fuck her harder. Sometimes we all need some old fashioned loving.