Princess Ellie Idol – YOU’RE NOT A REAL MAN, YOU’RE MY HUBBY – Creampie, Cuckolding

Princess Ellie Idol  YOURE NOT A REAL MAN YOURE MY HUBBY preview

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Remember when you first figured out I was cheating on you? You were right…I shouldn’t lie to you. It’s time for me to be honest, about everything. That night you found out, I went out and fucked my stud. When I came back and you tried to mend things…you ate my pussy. Well, that was your very first creampie, honey! You’ll be pleased to know I broke it off with that man. I have a surprise for you…another creampie but this time from my new, younger man. I know you can’t resist my pussy, so dig in! From now on, I want to be involved in your sex life…after all I am your wife. No you won’t be using your dick on me. Only your tongue and face will be fucking me! I want you to jerk off while you feast on this creampie treat! Taste all that “real man’s cum”. Then, taste your own. Can you tell the difference? Which tastes better? You know which… Real man’s cum tastes better because it gets to go “here”…right in you wife’s delicious pussy. Your little squirts just don’t measure up. After all, you’re not a real man, you’re my hubby.


Tara Tainton – Droppin’ These Big Ol’ BODACIOUS Titty-Licious Breasts! – Huge Boobs, Tit Worship

Tara Tainton  Droppin These Big Ol BODACIOUS TittyLicious Breasts preview

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I know what you like… Lucky you. I LOVE giving you exactly what you want. Now, sit back, relax, and let me smother you with my tits… I’m going to drop these huge, natural breasts and large nipples RIGHT ON YOUR FACE. I’m going to drop them so many ways, you won’t know what hit you. WARNING: you may get dizzy, your cock may get harder than it’s ever been, you may lose all sense of self-control.


Princess Ellie Idol – Losing Your Virginity To Sis – Virtual Sex, POV Sex

Princess Ellie Idol  Losing Your Virginity To Sis preview

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It’s your birthday and I have a surprise for you, little brother. I’m going to make you a man today! I’ll teach you about cum control and even let you jizz inside my pussy. After all, you’re not a man until you’ve come into a real vagina. Let’s cum at the same time! Fuck your sister’s pussy!! You get so much harder when I say “sister”. I feel your cock pulse with excitement… It feels so good, so good that I squirt all over your cock!! Cum with me and become a man! Happy Birthday little brother.


Princess Berpl – DVa Bikini Show – Odd Insertions, Bikini Fetish

Princess Berpl  DVa Bikini Show preview

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This video is a little silly and a lot sexy! It was filmed in a hotel without professional lights so please keep that in mind for anything that seems washed out. I did a similar thing in a camshow and wanted to turn it into a video so it’s very spur of the moment! Minimal dirty talk. Video breakdown 0 – 8:20 = Trying on bikinis, 8:20 – 12:00 = Mech toy blowjob/titty fuck, 12:00 – 17:00 = Riding frontal, 17:00 – 18:51 = Riding from behind Princessberpl


Mandy Flores – Endless Strip Tease Transformation Fetish – Muscular Women, Female Domination

Mandy Flores  Endless Strip Tease Transformation Fetish preview

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How about an endless strip tease? For those that love strip teases and never want them to end this is for you. Im stripping out of an item of clothes every 15 to 20 seconds and with camera angles and cuts it never looks like I have more than a layer or two of clothes on at any time. Story of the video is we get back from our date. Thank you for a wonderful dinner, since this is our first date, I wanted to reward you for looking past my nerdy appearance and taking the time tonight to get to know the real me. Taking this leap of faith since most men I meet dont even give me a second look. So sit down and get ready! I begin to strip off multiple layers of clothes, twirling and teasing and with each layer it gets progressively sexier. Gradually I become more confident, outgoing and seductive. Putting on lipstick slowly, letting down my hair and showing off my muscular body.


Madison Marz – JOI & CEI With A Twist – Cum Eating, Femdom

Madison Marz  JOI  CEI With A Twist preview

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I start out telling you exactly how to start stroking that cock of yours. While you do so, I tease you and show off my tight and toned body. I instruct you to go get a plate so you can catch all of your cum on it once you do blow your load. I show you exactly how I want you to stroke your cock. You are to stroke faster and faster for me until you are nearly close to shooting that hot load. I tell you to grab your plate and hold it up close to your cock. I count down from 5 and when I hit zero, you are to catch every last drop of cum on your plate. Once you get the cum all over the plate I show you exactly how I want you to taste and savor your delicious, sticky load. This video was shot with a professional mirrorless DSLR, lens and microphone in HD 1080p 60fps


Little Puck – Daddys Lil Fuckhole Pov – Milking, POV Handjob

Little Puck  Daddys Lil Fuckhole Pov preview

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Daddy’s Little Slut Only Wants To Make Her Daddy Proud! She’ll Take The Pain…Whatever Daddy Needs to Make Him Happy…It Makes Her Pussy So Wet Knowing Daddy Is Using His Little Girl’s Holes For His Pleasure. I’m A Better Fuckhole Than Mommy, Right Daddy?? Featuring creampie, anal dildo fucking, virtual cowgirl, pov tittyfucking, pov missionary, pov doggystyle, schoolgirl outfit, taboo roleplay, insane dirty talk, moaning for daddy, orgasms. This is my first vid with my new 10-24mm lens…my porn is now more virtual than ever before