Goddess JessiBelle – You Couldn’t Ignore Me – POV, Stockings

Goddess JessiBelle  You Couldnt Ignore Me preview

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You couldn’t ignore me if u tried. You look at me and you want to get down on your knees & worship me.
You want to give me everything you have! You do too, don’t u! It doesn’t take much. I tell u 2 do something and you do it. It is not even how I look, it is my words that guide you and you follow through. You want to worship me, you need to. You know that what I say means so much 2 u, no matter what I wear it is always those words. You want this. You need this. Look at this body, you want to hand over your money time and time again. You can’t ignore my words and you can’t ignore that desire to give into everything that I want. You might get scared and think you need to back away before you do something stupid n maybe u do. Maybe you take a break or try to see other dommes, but u always come back. You always NEED to come back 2 me, always NEED 2 give me your money. You couldn’t ignore me if you fucking tried.


Goddess JessiBelle – What’s Luck Got to do with It? – Femdom, Verbal Abuse

Goddess JessiBelle  Whats Luck Got to do with It preview

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You could claim that it was luck that u found me. You could say that I was your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. You could say that I’m your lucky charm. None of that really matters though. It wasn’t a stroke of luck that you are here with me. It was fate! You were destined 2 be with me! It is not luck at all. I really am your pot of gold. You know that my pussy is worth more than a pot of gold and worshiping means more than that! Worshiping is what make u lucky.


Goddess JessiBelle – What Girlfriend? – Mesmerize, Virgin

Goddess JessiBelle  What Girlfriend preview

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Everyone is very concerned for you, you don’t seem to be interested in women and you’ve never brought a girlfriend home. They all think you’re gay! You know that you aren’t, but how 2 do you prove it to them if you can’t seem to get a girlfriend. I mean…it’s not like you’re all alone by choice, it’s happening because you have so much wrong with you that people can see it written all over your face before u open your mouth!
Fuck having a girlfriend, you’re just going to have to accept that there’s only one woman that can ever be all you want her to be and that’s ME! No one else will ever be as perfect and as amazing as I’m to you, so why not give up. You don’t need a girlfriend, you have me. No need to bring anyone home, I’m there for you in more ways than a girlfriend could be, so accept it. You’re never meant to have a girlfriend, you were always meant to worship me.


Goddess JessiBelle – The Normal Freak – Femdom, Blackmail Fetish

Goddess JessiBelle  The Normal Freak preview

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You would say that u r pretty normal. You are not a bad looking guy, u take care of yourself. You are just a normal person that happens to be really into humiliation. Nothing wrong with that, but I wonder what your friends would say if they found out. Do you think that they would shun u or make fun of you? You can hide this, it is not something you have to broadcast, but what would happen if that is out of your hands? What if you didn’t get to decide? I want u to get a piece of paper and write down a list of people that would be upset or saddened by finding out u like paying pretty women to humiliate you. Then I want u 2 send me that list.


Goddess JessiBelle – Surrender to Me – Femdom, POV

Goddess JessiBelle  Surrender to Me preview

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You’re going 2 surrender yourself to me. You are going 2 open your wallet and spend u money on me. You are going to worship me & only me, You are never going to find another goddess that can drain your balls & your wallet like I can. You’ll never find someone else to worship like you’ll worship me. I can fuck with your mind & your wallet and u can never get rid of me. I’m going to be what you think about all day long. I will invade your dreams. You can’t live without me in your life. Take your wallet out & prove to me that I can fuck with your mind & your wallet and there’s nothing u can do about it. No does not exist in your vocabulary when u talk to me. Buy my videos. Tribute me. Prove it. Use this & use it often as u SURRENDER TO ME.


Goddess JessiBelle – Real Reason for Anal Instructions – Verbal Humiliation, Bi Humiliation

Goddess JessiBelle  Real Reason for Anal Instructions preview

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How often do u beg for me to tell you what to do to that little asshole of yours? You want me to tell u how to fuck your ass while you jerk off. You want me to tell you how to fuck your ass right now! Maybe there’s a reason why you want to fuck your ass so badly, maybe you did rather be fucked in the ass by an alpha male rather than you just playing with your ass. I mean, I could peg you but I think you want to be fucked by a real man with a real cock. Just admit it already! Anal isn’t for a straight man, it’s for a specific kind of male. Can u handle that truth?


Goddess JessiBelle – Quitting Femdom – Verbal Abuse, Redhead

Goddess JessiBelle  Quitting Femdom preview

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You want 2 know how to quit femdom. You want to know how u can break that cycle. You’ve things about u that are embarrassing, you find being addicted 2 femdom as a hinderance. You spend all of your time and money on buying these videos. You jack off more than u sleep. You think you are missing something when you don’t buy a new video. It’s a huge problem and you want to quit. You’re really making an effort to stop. You want to get help with stopping, because you can’t keep going this way. You are going to try 2 go see a psychologist. You are going to make a list of all of the things that u r into, very specific and detailed. “I like being told by a dominant woman that I’m a loser with a small cock. I’m an idiot and I have to hand over my paychecks”. I want u 2 look her in the face & tell her every single little thing that you are into. Repeat what femdommes have said 2 you, so they can really hear what you jack off to. Look at her. What is that look on her face? You are embarrassed aren’t you? She doesn’t know how to help you, you’re already too gone. You think you can quit? You can’t. You’d never make it back 2 another session & you’ll never stop yourself. Believe me when I say that you can’t quit.


Goddess JessiBelle – No Holds Barred Humiliation – Redhead, Female Domination

Goddess JessiBelle  No Holds Barred Humiliation preview

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In my cruelest humiliation video yet I berate u, telling u the cold hard truth of what you really r. This is not a video for pathetic wimps that can’t handle the truth. If u don’t want to be told what a loser fat fucking faggot u r & how no one cares about u, then fuck off and find your happy place, because it is not here. Well? What r u waiting for?


Goddess JessiBelle – Lick My Sweat 2 – Armpits, Asslicking

Goddess JessiBelle  Lick My Sweat 2 preview

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It gets so hot sitting under these lights while I’m filming. I start to really get sweaty when I’m working, so why don’t you put your mouth to use? You are going to lick my toes clean, sucking on each toe. Then you are going to lick my pussy and asshole clean, getting all of the sweat off of me! You can even lick my armpits too, I don’t want 2 have to shower again today, so let’s put that mouth of yours 2 good use!