Princess Lyne – Cuckolded Sex life – Femdom, Lingerie

Princess Lyne  Cuckolded Sex life preview

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I know how hard it must be for you… buying these sexy expensive lingerie sets for Me knowing you’ll never be the one to fuck Me while I am wearing them. you’re never going to be My man… you’re always going to be the one on the side who makes My sex life amazing by being the best cuckold you can be. Because of you, I’ll be wearing sexy lingerie for My man all the time, dining at expensive restaurants, vacationing around the world. Because of you we will have the most amazing sex life ever. Doesn’t that feel good knowing that? How can you even struggle when u have the privilege of knowing you are making My sex life better? Just look at Me, you’ve known your entire life that the possibility of fucking someone like Me would NEVER happen. So now you must accept your place as a cuckold, a very grateful cuck you will be too. It feels good to be a cuckold for Me, doesn’t it? Especially for you scotty… I know how badly you struggle. Resistance is futile, stick to something you are good at: being a cuckold.


Princess Kaelin – Assume the loser position – POV, Teasing

Princess Kaelin  Assume the loser position preview

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I know you’re a little virgin jerk-a-holic. You’re addicted to my ass and you’re going to stay that way loser! From now on if you want to cum to me. Youre going to have to cum in the loser position. aThat means on your back legs up over your head with your pathetic dick pointing at your loser face! Then you have to eat all that cum up and you’ll do it bc this is your sex life… you will never get a real girl so enjoy the view and do as your told! (custom clip with the name Will used throughout)


Princess Ellie Idol – Hired by your wife – Teasing, Denial

Princess Ellie Idol  Hired by your wife preview

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You wake up next to a beautiful woman, confused. Your wife has hired me. No, not for sex, silly. She’s hired me to take you out. You don’t fuck her anymore. You don’t appreciate her. What’s the point of living with you anymore? You are holding her back from getting any form of affection. With you gone, she can find true love. You’re more interested in wanking off to porn! Duh! She knows you, and she knows your type. She knows what gets you aroused. Hence, why she hired ME. See, she is already done her half of the job…giving you the drug to k!11 you. She slipped it into your dinner, and you were too dumb to notice. Here’s where I come in… The drug only works if you orgasm within 3 days of ingestion. I already am giving you a raging hard on, in my black lingerie. You have a choice. Resist and live….or fuck me & d1e. I already know the answer…I’m gonna ride the life out of you.


Princess Breanna – You Belong To Me – Hypnotic, Religious

Princess Breanna  You Belong To Me preview

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Do you think that your struggles go unnoticed? I know you’ve been struggling with yourself on the inside. You’ve been trying to break free from the hold I have on you. You go to church and try to pray for strength, forgiveness, any kind of help. Yet your prayers go unanswered. Silly little loser, you know you can only worship one. Your God can’t save you now, your body, mind, and soul are mine, and there is no escaping. You belong to me!


Princess Ashley – Superior American Princess – Female Domination, Goddess Worship

Princess Ashley  Superior American Princess preview

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You are a stupid foreign pay pig, only good for your wallet! Nothing makes you weaker and wanting to $pend more than a hot, greedy, American Princess. You are crazy for Me, while I despise you and whatever country you are from. So today, I am going to train you to not only worship Me, but My superior country too! You are even going to buy an American flag and recite the pledge of allegiance for Me.
This is a MUST HAVE clip for all My foreign slaves and pay pigs!