Princess Samantha – No Touching! – Edging Games, Jerkoff Commands

Princess Samantha  No Touching preview

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Wear headphones for the full effect, slave. You’ve been such a good bitch for me. It’s time for your reward now. Something you’ve never experienced. This will only show how well I’ve trained you, pet. You belong to me, you respond to me, you obey me. And for this you will get to cum today. But not like you are used to. Experience the power I have over you.


Princess Fierce – Teaching son to Suck – Enforced Bi, Sissification

Princess Fierce  Teaching son to Suck preview

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Mommy is back to continue training my feminized son. You are no longer getting beat up at school, but the m0ther’s are complaining their sons aren’t getting their dirty dick sucked after gym class. Mommy needs to keep training you. I pull out my dildo and I begin teaching you how to get a dick hard and how you will play with it. Mommy has bigger plans for you. You are fairly dumb, so college isn’t in your future, the STREETS are your future. I will sell your ass on the corner and collect ca$h from your faggot cocksucking mouth. But, first you need practice on the boys at school. It’s time to get to work SISSY.


Princess Ellie Idol – Dildo Sucking Sissy For Ellie – POV, Feminisation

Princess Ellie Idol  Dildo Sucking Sissy For Ellie preview

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You’re a sissy faggot who thinks about dick all the time. What if you were to be in a room with me with a hung stud? Would you be able to suck his dick properly? I want you to practice your skills on a dildo toy for me. Practice your techniques and become a better cock sucker for me! One day you may just find yourself in front of me barking orders for you to suck that dick!!


The Mean Girls – Princess Carmela – Scream for Our Rent Cuck! (1080 HD) – Whip, Whipped

The Mean Girls  Princess Carmela  Scream for Our Rent Cuck 1080 HD preview

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So my REAL man boyfriend calls me and tells me that we need to pay our rent. (I totally forgot it was the end of the month.) How to pay it? Easy. I just explain to Alpha over the phone that I simply need to beat the fuck out of our cuck-slave, record its beating, and sell the clip to pay our rent! And the worse I beat it, the more $$$ we will make!! Maybe we will even make enough to pay for a nice dinner out for the 2 of us if I beat it bad enough!
Alpha loves the idea. So I drag my cuck-bitch slave out to the Torment Chamber and casually explain to it that it is about to suffer terribly- just to pay me n MY Alpha boyfriend’s rent for us with its suffering!
It has no choice, really. This is the only way Alpha will allow me to keep this loser in my life, so it’s either this, or I have to get rid of it- and I know my cuck is so fucking pathetic that it will let me use it for whatever I want. It is sooo desperate to be in my life lol. Pathetic.
So I chain it up from the ceiling and make it balance on a wobbly rock- just so I can laugh at it while it dances on that fucking rock as I beat it. And BOY do I give it a BEATING!! Apparently my looong whip keeps wrapping around my cuck slave’s body and the tip is cracking right near its poor little cock n balls haha!! It is really hurting him bad and making him SCREEEAAAM!!!! But I think that’s great because this will make this clip sell better!
And I don’t really care about how much my slave suffers because it really doesn’t matter to me. It’s just a “thing” for me to use and abuse in whatever way benefits ME the most! 🙂 So buy this clip if you want to see my cucky-bitch SUFFER to help pay my rent!!


The Mean Girls – Goddess Platinum, Princess Skylar – Hooters Foot Fetish Friday (1080 HD) – Female Domination, Financial Domination

The Mean Girls  Goddess Platinum Princess Skylar  Hooters Foot Fetish Friday 1080 HD preview

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Skylar is the top-paid waitress at the Hooters in Las Vegas. Her new manager that was just sent in from “corporate” can’t figure out why though?? She is lazy, rude to customers, and on this particular Friday she is literally just relaxing in a booth and texting on her phone when she should be working!
When her manager finally confronts her to ask what she thinks she’s doing, Skylar tells her “not to worry about it” and that today is “Foot Fetish Friday” at this Hooters. Its a program that she implemented awhile back- and it makes her so much money now that she barely has to even work anymore.
Basically all Skylar does now is put her feet up and let all the “foot freaks” come groveling to her, begging for her stinky feet, and PAYING her ridiculous amounts of $$$ just to sniff and kiss her feet after they have been in her old, dirty work sneakers all day. Skylar’s manager can’t believe it! That is absolutely ridiculous, she says. “No one would actually pay for that!”
Just then, the “first foot weirdo of the night” comes rushing in and throws himself at Skylars feet- BEGGING her to let him have just a few kisses on her perfect feet, and asking if he is “her first foot customer” of the night? She assures him that he is, and – to her manager’s amazement – she snatches a $100 bill out of the loser’s hands like it is nothing!
And soon the “foot freak” is sniffing and kissing Skylar’s smelly, sweaty socks- while her and her manager laugh right in his face and talk about how easy it is to take his money, like he isn’t right there listening to every word as they blatantly insult him! Skylar even brags to her manager that she doesn’t even have to be “nice” to these foot freak customers- she can treat them like absolute DIRT and they still come crawling back for more, and BEGGING to give her more $$$ just to kiss her feet after they have been sweating all day inside her tan stockings, wool socks, and old smelly tennis shoes all day!
She laughs about how she walks around now, just thinking about how much MONEY the sweat between her toes earns her…she brags that it is literally like liquid gold to these foot freaks! Especially since Skylar is known for having the oldest shoes and stinkiest feet in the entire Hooters! She even makes this customer PAY her just to lick the “chicken grease” off the soles of her old work shoes!!
After just a few minutes of being literally WORSHIPED by this foot-loser, Skylar has already earned more than a lot of the other waitresses do in an entire WEEK of actually “working” and kissing the asses of “normal” customers!
Skylar’s manager wants to get in on this…so she shoves HER foot into the foot-freak’s mouth and takes some of his money…and then she begins wondering aloud if she should suggest to corporate that they implement this “Foot Fetish Friday” promotion at all Hooters nationwide!


Princess Fierce – Get a DIVORCE Fag – Small Dick Humiliation, Homewrecker

Princess Fierce  Get a DIVORCE Fag preview

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*Custom clip that includes the name ALEX* You’re a closet faggot that has spent years stroking to me. You made a big mistake getting married cum dumpster. The days of you fucking your wife are OVER. My little bikini makes you spill all your information. As you stroke your little dick to me you become weaker and become more obsessed with me. You’re craving exposure and for your wifey to find out you’re a raging homo. Give me more information about your wifey so I can drive the final wedge in your marriage. Once I’m finished with you, you’ll be heading to divorce court.


Humiliatrix – Princess Tiffani ‘Loses’ the Key to Your Chastity Cage – Cock Locked, Jerk-Off Commands

Humiliatrix  Princess Tiffani Loses the Key to Your Chastity Cage preview

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Oopsie! I can’t find the key to your little pink cock cage. I don’t know where I might have put it. Why don’t you help me look: down my cleavage, under my skirt, dangling from my ankle… Uh oh! I think I might have left it in the lingerie store! Dropped it by ‘accident’ into a frilly pair of panties. Guess you’ll have to go find it…


HumiliationPOV – Watching Big Cocks Cum In Vanilla Porn Turned You Into A Faggot – London Lix – Make Me Bi, Humiliation POV

HumiliationPOV  Watching Big Cocks Cum In Vanilla Porn Turned You Into A Faggot  London Lix preview

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I know about your vanilla porn habits. I know that you don’t stroke exclusively to femdom. I know there’s still a part of your male ego that forces you to jerk it to vanilla sex. Do you like to tease yourself that you might have that some day or do you just like to torture yourself with what you’ll never have? And I know that when you watch, you try and cum when the guy in the porn cums. And this makes sense, you know that the video ends when he cums so you want to try and cum at the end.
But then why aren’t you staring at the woman’s face? Why aren’t you staring at her pussy? Why are you staring at that big cock? Why do you love seeing that cum spurt out of it? Because you’re gay. I know you’d love to be coerced into doing something that you don’t really want to do. You beg not to suck cock, you pretend you’re not gay, but you’re watching the guy cum in vanilla porn. You jerk off to a guy cumming.
Now it may not have been your intention, but what do you think all of this jerking off when the guy cums has done to your brain? Have you noticed a little switch has been flipped? Have you noticed that cocks are becoming more and more appealing? You’re conditioning yourself to associate your orgasm with staring at cocks cumming. You’ve really fucked yourself up. But I think this is what you wanted deep down. I know that you love a woman’s body, but you also love cock. You find the idea of a cock exploding in front of you to be so sexy. It’s why you love to stare at those big dicks gushing out their big loads.
Do you like it when he shoots spurts or ropes or when it gushes like a stream? This was a trick question because no straight guy would notice these little nuances in the way a guy cums. But you’ve noticed. Because you’ve been jerking off to it for years. You love to cum when you watch other men cum. You’re a little bisexual loser or maybe you’re just a full blown faggot who is too scared to admit it.
You’ve become a bit of a cum addict. I know you’ve tasted your own. It’s only a matter of time, you’ve seen what a slippery slope this is. I don’t want you to stop. I want you to notice what you’re doing and see how you’ve trained yourself to associate your orgasm with that guy’s cock cumming. You just fucked your own brain. You can’t wait for that thick veiny cock to explode so you can cum along with it. Stroke to your new addiction, stroke to the fact that a big cock turns you on. Stroke knowing that you’re making yourself gay. I’m just showing you the reality of the what you’ve been doing to yourself all along.
I don’t want you to cum to this clip, I want you to bring yourself to the edge while I taunt and humiliate you and then I want you put on some gay porn and cum to that. No women, just big hard cocks. I want you to stroke to it and I want you to see if you can cum to it. If you can cum to a cock cumming when there’s no pussy around, then you’ll know for sure what a little faggot you are. I can’t wait to see how hard you cum for cock because I know you will. You’ll cum harder than you ever have before because you loser, are gay.
– Princess London Lix –