Brat Princess 2 – Nika – Sits on Betas Head while Exploiting him More – Jeans, Brat Girls

 Brat Princess 2  Nika  Sits on Betas Head while Exploiting him More  preview

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Princess Nika loves to humiliate her beta. As his keyholder, she basically has complete control of his life. Today she decided he will be a chair and a seat cushion. Nika sits uncaringly as she fixes her makeup for Alpha. Beta was supposed to ask for extra shifts so Nika can fully exploit him. Beta tells his Keyholder the beautiful Princess Nika that there is no overtime available. Nika makes a call to his boss and she makes an interesting deal that exploits beta even more. She is going to work that beta and get everything she can from it.


Princess Miki – Gloryhole Fantasy CEI – Enforced Bi, Jerk Off Instruction

Princess Miki  Gloryhole Fantasy CEI preview

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Oh look, another closeted fag who wanks off to My fag encouragement clips without doing a single thing about his raging gay desires. It looks like you believe you still need some training before you take a trip to the glory hole to suck cock and take in a mouthful of cum.
So you want to get off today, huh? Well, I have a few supplies for you that you need to get. The first is a hard cock, which naturally, you already have since you came here to jerk. The second item is a nice, big dildo. You will be sucking on this cock for the duration of the clip, up until I tell you to release.
When you do release, it will be right on the head of that dildo. And what’s next? You suck off every last drop of that load right off that dildo.
You will imagine that you finally took in your first big mouthful of cum from another man’s cock. You will taste the flavor of your gay desires and thank Me for it.


HumiliationPOV – BBC Strap-on Intervention For Closeted Faggots – Female Domination, Bi

HumiliationPOV  BBC Strapon Intervention For Closeted Faggots preview

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Do you like what you see? Of course you do. There’s nothing hotter than a sexy girl in lingerie and thigh high boots with a big cock attached to her. This is what you crave. Especially because my strapon is so big and black. But why are you so obsessed with my big, black strap-on? The truth is, your true desire has nothing to do with a woman and a big strapon attached to her and I’m going to prove it to you.
You already got hard when you saw my big black strapon, but let’s see how much harder you get when you see the real thing. Look at these big black cocks, that’s what you want. Your cock is getting so hard. You want the real thing, not a knockoff attached to a girl. My cock isn’t what you want, you want a real thick black cock. You want to suck a big black cock, just admit it.
Maybe at first it was my cock you wanted, or maybe you were just in denial, but you can’t hide from your hard cock that’s getting so hard for these big black cocks. You thought that you could fulfill your faggot fantasies by worshiping my strapon, then you could keep up your heterosexual identity if you just submit to a woman. But you can’t deny how hard you are for these big black cocks. You’re just a little faggot for BBC. You don’t have to lie to me, I can see how furiously you’re stroking cock to the real thing. You want real black cock inside you, not just some rubber attached to a girl.
You’re not even looking at me any more. You don’t want my strapon any more. It’s time to give in to your true desire for the real thing. You want to be used an abused by an alpha black cock. Forget about women, women don’t want you any way. I want you to fully realize what you really are. You’re just a hungry big black cock faggot. And you can’t deny it because your cock is throbbing. I’m doing a service for you by showing you what you really are. A faggot.
So what are you going to do about it? Are you going to keep stroking to videos like this with images of cocks in the corner of your screen? That’s just all part of your denial. Don’t you see that you really do want this? You’re stuck in the closet but you don’t want that. You don’t want to live a lie for the rest of your life, do you? So I want you to go to grindr, that app designed for faggots like you, and you’re going to advertise yourself as a little cock hungry faggot just for big black cock. Then you’ll become a real faggot for a big black cock, not just some loser who wanks off to images of them. You’re finally going to do it for me, aren’t you? And you’re not allowed to cum to this clip, because that would just keep perpetuating the fantasy. You’re only allowed to cum after you suck a big, black cock because that’s what you really want.


Princess Ellie Idol – SHRINKING & EATING JOHN THE HARASSER – Giantess, POV


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You’ve just finished a cup of coffee from my office as I walk in the door. I ask you if you’d like a second cup but you decline. My gentle tone turns into a serious one as I confront you about a sexual harassment accusation from an employee of mine. I tell you to write down your confessions and accept fault with promise of change. I walk out of the room to give you time to think on it..only the whole paper confession thing is a lie. I never intended to SPARE you, John. I slipped a pill into your coffee earlier with the science to turn your body into a microscopic one. The perfect size to make you disappear! You’re now just FOOD for me. No one will miss you John! I’m going to swallow you whole!!


Princess Rene – Everyone’s A Little Gay – Jerk Off Instruction, Enforced Bi

Princess Rene  Everyones A Little Gay preview

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It’s scientifically proven–we’re all a little gay, to a degree. I mean, what woman doesn’t admit that she finds other women attractive, beautiful? Getting turned on by men is not shameful. A penis is a sex organ, its sexy! Plus, you know you could pleasure a male just right, since you know exactly how those sensations would feel. You can suck a dick today and still want a woman tomorrow! Come on, indulge in your kinky side and jerk it to big hot cocks!


Princess Lexie – Up and Down III – Jerk Off Encouragement, Financial Domination

Princess Lexie  Up and Down III preview

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You’ve seen the first two installments and now it’s time for number three.
I’m back again with another zipper holding in My perfect tits. Look at it. Up and down. Up and down. Up and down. It’s mesmerizing, isn’t it? Makes your mind go all mushy.
My body, My cleavage, My voice, the zipper. They all make you so weak, don’t they?
You’re nodding your head up and down now in agreement with Me. Every word I speak is true. “Yes Princess,” you say aloud.
You want to jerk, Don’t you?
Yes Princess. Move your hand up and down on your cock in time with My zipper. Feels so good, so right. I’m in charge of that dick now. Every inch is Mine. My zipper goes up, your hand strokes up on your cock; My zipper goes down, your hand strokes down. This feeling is overwhelming. You’ve been here with Me before, but this time is different. This time I have something else in store for you. You want to cum. But will I allow you to?


Princess Ellie Idol – Toilet Slavery Hell – CBT, Penectomy

Princess Ellie Idol  Toilet Slavery Hell preview

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Welcome back to hell, loser! I have a voice-controlled electric cock shocker attached to you now and I intend to use it. I’m going to make you worship a fresh pile of droppings as I, the devil, inflict pain upon your genitals. Once I’m satisfied with your dookie worship, I lower onto your face to unleash another blast of brown! You’re in for an eternity of suffering with me here in hell, but I have a surprise for you! I’ve brought someone to keep you company: your brother!! You will be my s***eating slave team here in the underworld. Now, before I finish pushing this loaf into your mouth, I’m going to castrate you!! I just love to make my toys suffer. Would you expect any less from Satan herself?


Princess Ashley – Butt Slut for P0pp3rs – Mind Fuck, Ass Worship

Princess Ashley  Butt Slut for P0pp3rs preview

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You always turn into SUCH an anal whore when you’re sniffing your precious p0pp4rs. You feel so good and tingley from head to toe. Your cock and your little whore hole start throbbing uncontrollably and you just HAVE to fill your ass up with whatever you can find – your finger, a dildo, a vegetable, even a real live cock. You are such a dirty fucking slut when your spun out on p0pp4rs.