Princess Ellie Idol – Losing Your Virginity To Sis – Virtual Sex, POV Sex

Princess Ellie Idol  Losing Your Virginity To Sis preview

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It’s your birthday and I have a surprise for you, little brother. I’m going to make you a man today! I’ll teach you about cum control and even let you jizz inside my pussy. After all, you’re not a man until you’ve come into a real vagina. Let’s cum at the same time! Fuck your sister’s pussy!! You get so much harder when I say “sister”. I feel your cock pulse with excitement… It feels so good, so good that I squirt all over your cock!! Cum with me and become a man! Happy Birthday little brother.


Princess Kaelin – W33D Mind Intoxication – Smoke, Financial Domination

Princess Kaelin  W33D Mind Intoxication preview

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Nothing feels as good as when I crawl inside your mind, taking total control of you… but getting high is a close second. Today let’s use your favorite herb to quiet your mind and heighten your senses. Getting high on my words & higher on the for a total mind fuck unlike any you’ve ever felt before. Enter a deep tr4 nce, and give up total control. Deepening your submission with every hit and every word from my perfect lips.


HumiliationPOV – My Boots Or My Strap-on – Oral Fixation Confusion – Princess Miki – Female Domination, Strapon

HumiliationPOV  My Boots Or My Strapon  Oral Fixation Confusion  Princess Miki preview

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You love being on your knees, don’t you? You love kneeling before your Goddess. I know you’re drooling and desperate to be able to lick these knee high black boots. They are so shiny and sexy. But I also have something else you might like. LOL, yes my huge strap-on. You’re salivating, you wish your mouth was on it. You wanna be on your knees sucking my cock. I know it turns you on.
You’re a pathetic loser with an oral fixation problem. Are you thinking about sucking my cock or the heels of my boots? You don’t know do you? You’re so confused. Part of you wants to lick the soles & suck on the heel and run your tongue up and down my pretty boots. But you also get turned on by the sight my big strapon in between my boots. Which would you rather suck?
You wanna run your tongue all up and down the shaft of my cock, don’t you? You want to suck on the tip. You love how cock feels on your tongue. You wanna take it all the way down your throat. That makes you throb, doesn’t it? But then you see my boots again & you just want to slobber all over them. It is so confusing.
What do you want in your mouth? And why do you want to suck everything you see on me? Stare at my boots and my strapon at the same time. Confuse your brain even more. You’re a little loser with an oral fixation issue. You’re a loser who always needs something in your mouth. You are a cock hungry loser who also loves licking boots. How fucking dirty. You even want to suck my heel as if it’s a cock. And while this makes you so confused, it also makes you so horny.
There’s so much going on right now, what are you going 23 do? I love that you are drooling right now and your mind is about to explode. Your eyes keep going back and forth as you try to decide if you want my cock or my boots, you are having such a hard time. So so confused. What if I were feeling generous and let u have both? You could go back and forth from cock to my boots. You’re hungry for both. Your cock is throbbing at the thought. You’re addicted to having things in your mouth.


Humiliation POV – Princess Candy Glitter – HumiliationPOV – Is Your Sex Life – Mind Fuck, Goddess Worship

Humiliation POV  Princess Candy Glitter  HumiliationPOV  Is Your Sex Life preview

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Hey loser, have you realized yet the HumiliationPOV is your sex life? You’re so fucking obsessed with the hot dominant brats on this site that you don’t even have a sex life outside of this. But it’s not like you could really have one even if you wanted to. You couldn’t go out and pick up a girl and have sex like a normal guy. You wouldn’t even want to. This is your sex life. Whenever you get horny, you log into HumiliationPOV and start pumping your stupid dick while we make fun of you. You know it’s true.
You know that the hot girls on here who you stare at endlessly would never fuck you. We’d never even acknowledge you in real life. But that doesn’t stop you from humping your hand to us over and over and over again. You live to be degraded by us while you fuck your hand. Even now you can stop jerking to thinking about how true my words are, this really is your sex life. How pathetic.
You are obsessed with us and this site and I think it’s pretty fucking pathetic. Seriously you’re so fucking sad. This is how you get off. You’ve been conditioned by us and now there’s nothing you can do about it. Jerk jerk jerk loser as you stare at my hot body. This is your sex life loser. You’ll take whatever you can get because women don’t fuck you, do they loser? You don’t even try to go out on dates any more, you’re addicted to HumiliationPOV. You’re jerking right now and this just proves my point.
You’re a HumiliationPOV junkie, aren’t you? So many hot bratty girls in one place, how could you resist? We’re hotter than any woman you could ever get. And only we know how to make you cum. You couldn’t even cum for normal sex. No woman in real life is even trying to make you cum. So you just sit at home in front of your computer jerking like a mindless fucking idiot with nothing else to do. It’s embarrassing the amount of time you’ve spent jerking off to this website. And now you don’t have a sex life at all outside of this.
Jerk it you stupid little HumiliationPOV addicted loser. You get hard before you even log in, just the fucking logo makes you hard, LOL! We’ve conditioned you to be so horny and mindless for us. And now you don’t have a sex life at all, you don’t even have the drive for sex any more. You’ll never have a girlfriend ever again, your hand is your fucking girlfriend. This is what you fucking deserve loser, to be alone and jerking your life away. This is what your life has come to. You are so fucking pathetic, do you realize that? You’re a pathetic jerk junkie. But if feels so fucking good that you can’t stop! We both know that. And now you’re going to cum as I degrade you because this is your sex life. We fucking own you!


The Mean Girls – Princess Skylar, Princess Carmela – No Mercy For The Trampled (1080 HD) – Female Domination, AmericanMeanGirls

The Mean Girls  Princess Skylar Princess Carmela  No Mercy For The Trampled 1080 HD preview

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We just came home from seeing some hot guys that we are both kind of into, and Skylar sees my ugly bald fucking slave that I just left out on the deck a few hours ago. I invite her to step up onto him while we chat about our day. (He’s kind of soft and bouncy under your heels and it feels better than standing on the hard deck.)
This is Skylar’s 1st time literally walking all over a slave – but she totally does it like its nothing. I think I have taught her well that these faggot were MEANT to be walked all over by hot girls like Us. Like, its honestly what I think they were created and put on this Earth for – so WE can use them and benefit from them, as WE are obviously superior, higher life forms than them. She even laughs that she would never talk to a bald, ugly loser like this so he kinda is lucky just to be stepped on by her…even if she doesn’t bother to take her stiletto heels off.
We just chat out on the deck and have a smoke break while Skylar lets her stiletto heels REALLY dig into my slave. She told me later that she thinks its hilarious that I can treat him like this (like he basically means NOTHING to me) and yet he totally puts up with it no matter what, and still literally WORSHIPS me.
***(Although this is Skylar’s 1st tramping clip she really does have no mercy for the slave. She literally stands on it for the entire length of the clip with no breaks for the slave at all. This is the most ruthless trampling clip we`ve done in years and when you consider Princess Skylar just continues standing in the same spot, drilling her heels DEEP into the slave beneath her without giving it a second thought…)***
True story – At one point in this clip I accidentally burned my slaves lip while shoving my lit cigarette into his mouth to use it as my ashtray while Skylar was standing on him. So I fucking yell at him for moving and making my cigarette out and kick him in the face in front of Skylar! She laughed her ass off haha.
(Oh, also, it was kinda windy out there so it is kinda hard to hear the dialogue sometimes, but we doubt most of you care about that too much haha.)


The Mean Girls – Princess Gemma, Princess Carmela – Gemmas’ First Foot Worship (1080 HD) – Sole Licking, Femdom

The Mean Girls  Princess Gemma Princess Carmela  Gemmas First Foot Worship 1080 HD preview

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So Carmela is still giving Gemma a tour of the Mean Girls Air BnB. And the “services” of the “servant staff” just continues to blow her mind… Next, Carmela asks Gemma if she has been in those heels all day and would she like to have her feet “refreshed”? “Of course”, Gemma says! Carmela simply snaps her fingers and 2 more losers jump to attention, crawl to Gemma’s feet, take off her shoes, and begin immediately massaging and kissing Ms. Gemma’s feet! Gemma can’t believe it! This feels GREAT! And she asks Carmela if she can literally make these faggots do this for her all day if she wants to?? Carmela casually informs her that she absolutely CAN! They`re all here to do her bidding 24/7 during her stay! (The slaves are obviously scared to deaath of Ms. Gemma giving Princess Carmela a “bad review” of their performance!)


The Mean Girls – Princess Gemma – Bitcoin Boot Worship (1080 HD) – Mind Fuck, Footdom

The Mean Girls  Princess Gemma  Bitcoin Boot Worship 1080 HD preview

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Dateline 12/17/17 Bitcoin: $19,192.25
So this slave has been mining bitcoin and comes crawling to me with one, offering it up to me for the privilege of licking my shiny gold boots. When he tells me how much it is worth, I allow him the privilege. These boot freaks are so pathetic. When you put on a shiny pair of stiletto boots its like you can make them do anything.
Eventually he wants to worship my OTHER boot. Well, of course that is going to cost him MORE haha…
Who wants to mine bitcoin for Princess Gemma?? I talk directly to you at the end of this clip on how to do that for me…


Princess Brook – Petrified Eyeball – Female Domination, Spitting

Princess Brook  Petrified Eyeball preview

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This is VERY SPECIAL! This slave came all the way from Canada to the UK especially to serve me, and in numerous emails he told me that he couldn’t wait to see my beautiful feet with his own eyes. So, I decided to make something special for him. I taped his eyes wide open so that he couldn’t close his eyelids no matter how hard he tried. And then i let my fun begin. I bend down close over him and spit directly into his eyes. Then i rub my dirty feet right into his eyes rolling my toes over his petrified eyeballs. I dig my toes into his eye sockets and rub my feet from heel to toe across his eyes giving him the close up he has so desperately been waiting to see. This was an amazing feeling for me, i had his eyeballs to my desire, the most delicate part of his body!


Lady Alice – Elegant – MERCILESS Footgagging – Face Standing, Foot Domination

Lady Alice  Elegant  MERCILESS Footgagging preview

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Superbeauty Alice is a professional model, but she already has a lot of business in this industry. Today she had an important meeting and to sign a contract for an advertisement, so her style is elegant n serious. Even if she looks stunning in her pants and fashion top, even if everything went fine with the contract, Alice cannot stand this kind of capitalist assholes, flirting with her all the time. She is finally back home and to feel better, she calls her slave to play with him!
It is time for some mouth fucking, Alice has her slave on the floor at her feet and commands him to open his mouth. She puts her high arch foot deep on it and gags him, pushing hard n pulling the leash! She footgags him hard many times, even with her heels and between the gagging positions she footsmothers him hard. Alice stands up and keeps gagging hard her slave against the floor with her feet, sometimes standing on him! Amazing action from cruel Princess Alice!