Shaye Rivers – Count Your Strokes JOI – Edging Games, Cocktease

Shaye Rivers  Count Your Strokes JOI preview

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I am going to give you the most intense jerk off session you have ever experienced, and all you need to know how to do is count. Listen closely to My instructions. You have never had jerk off instructions like this before, and I guarantee you are going to blow the biggest load of your life. Give Me all of your cum and submit to Me.


Vicious Femdom Empire – Mistress’ Pain Party – Sablique Von Lux, Kendra James, Goddess Tangent – Ballbusting – Triple Domination, Balls Busting

Vicious Femdom Empire  Mistress Pain Party  Sablique Von Lux Kendra James Goddess Tangent  Ballbusting preview

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The Mistresses of AVN 2017 kick off the week right with a pain party!
Mistresses Kendra James, Sablique Von Lux, and Goddess Tangent have a very fun party planned, well at least fun for them. Two slaves have been chosen to be the victims of the ladies sadistic games. Nothing spurs on a Domme’s wickedness quite like being able to show off her cruelty to her peers. The slaves are viciously abused as the ladies compete to see which one will break first. The Mistresses subject the slaves to harsh beatings; with a crop, slashing strokes of a single tail whip, and brutal ball bustings. They are kicked full force over and over again. The ladies delight at the slaves howls and groans of agony. The cruel sadists egg each other on to new heights of punishment.


HumiliationPOV – Office Coworker SPH And Blackmail – Lady Fyre, Femdom

HumiliationPOV  Office Coworker SPH And Blackmail preview

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You know it’s not good to lie to your coworkers. I know you’ve been bragging about your big penis to some of the guys here. You wish you had a big penis but I know about your tiny dick. Yea remember that your ex girlfriend used to work here and she told me. She told me how tiny it is and that she could barely feel it. So I don’t think it’s right that you’re lying to everyone about it.
You see when you lie it eventually comes back to haunt you, and I am going to haunt you. Oh she was lying? Well then let’s see it. Pull your pants down. If it’s big, I wanna see it. And if you don’t show it to me, I’m going to tell everyone in the office what a tiny penis you have. I’ll tell them the truth and all the guys will make fun of you. You’ll be so humiliated that you’ll probably have to quit, is that what you want? Then show me that big dick that you’re bragging about.
So you can jerk off or get fired when I tell everyone that you pulled out your penis in front of me. I knew you’d jerk it. And it’s not getting any bigger. So you lied to everyone in the office and now you’ve lied to me? I want you to keep jerking it until you cum, maybe there will be a big load. Rub that little clit dick for me. It’s like a little nub, lol. This is all your fault, you got yourself into this. And now you need to be put in your place.
Keep jerking it with your two little fingers, I can see why you’re ex wasn’t satisfied. This is so humiliating for you, isn’t it? Make that micro dick squirt for me or I will tell everyone. From now on you’re going to be my office bitch or your new office nickname is going to be micro penis LOL! Now get out of my sight, I can’t stand to look at you any more.


Stella Liberty – Extreme Lockdown – Bondage, CBT, Nipple Torture – Male Slave, Clothespins

Stella Liberty  Extreme Lockdown  Bondage CBT Nipple Torture  preview

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Having a lot of devices in the dungeon means Mistress Stella wants to try them all out on Dave Tha Slave. She binds him to Goddess Lilith’s bondage chair and secures him so that he will have no chance to wiggle himself free. Then the real fun begins. Both Dommes adorn the slave with clips, clamps and clothespins, until he looks like he was dressed up just for them. But they can’t stop there, no, the urge to amp things up for this slave is pretty apparent so they take some riding crops and straps and start to beat the clips and clamps off of the slave until he screams for mercy. Mercy, Mercy!!! Lucky for him the Dommes are merciful and agree that he has had enough for the time being.


Goddess Lucy – Sensual beautiful femdom strapon pegging – Wetlook Stockings, Strapon Sucking

Goddess Lucy  Sensual beautiful femdom strapon pegging  preview

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Please note: there was a major sound problem making this clip. Almost no sound was captured. I did a pretty good voiceover for the important parts. For that reason, if you want to get to know Me through My clips this is not the best example.
Levi has not been allowed to cum in 7 days. I am finally offering him release… with my strap-on! First, I amuse Myself by forcing him to suck it, pulling his hair as he deepthroats. Then I passionately fuck his ass with My strapon, first over the side of the bed, then doggy style. Then I tie his wrists to his ankles with bright green bondage tape, spread his legs, and fuck his open asshole. When he finally cums in My wetlook glove, I order My pet to lick up his hot mess.
Guy gets fucked in the ass by a girl with strapon in standing, doggy and bent over bed positions. He jacks off while he is getting pegged and cums into her hands which he then licks up


ClubDom – Fucked by Lady Karma for the Holidays – Pegging – ClubDom 2019, Ass

ClubDom  Fucked by Lady Karma for the Holidays  Pegging preview

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Lady Karma wants to turn her slave into her Christmas ho. She has her slave on his knees sucking, licking and gagging on her giant strap on. He is such a slut that he loves every minute of it. Now, Lady Karma’s cock is sufficiently lubed with her slut’s saliva. She puts him on his hands and knees and fucks his ass from behind like the animal that he is. Lady Karma forces him to take every inch of her huge cock like a good slut. Because it’s the holiday season, Lady Karma wants her slut to sing a song while she fucks his ass. It’s going to be hard to sing while getting fucked with her huge cock! She tells her slut to sing “Jingle Bells” for her. He tries his best to sing through his moans and cries. He isn’t the best singer in the world but at least he is entertaining. Lady Karma laughs hysterically as her pathetic slut humiliates himself. Lady Karma has her Christmas ho!


Goddess Christina – Weak For Shiny – Mind Fuck, Big Tits

Goddess Christina  Weak For Shiny preview

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Youre weak for anything shiny and sexy. Well – as you can see I happen to be both of those things – so that means youre completely powerless. You might as well acknowledge right now that you have no control. That I can make you do anything that I want you to – and thats exactly what I intend to do. I intend to use you and abuse you. You didnt expect anything less did you?


Goddess Christina – I Want More – Men Following Orders, Gold Digger

Goddess Christina  I Want More preview

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We are going to have a serious talk today. Im going to make sure that you understand your place. First of all its beneath me. Always beneath me. Youre lucky I even allow you the pleasure of gazing up at me. With that being said Im going to get right to the point. Youre spending way too much money on yourself and not nearly enough on me. I want more loser!
Youre going to worship me and give me everything that I want. Look at my face- look at this body. Every part of you wants to serve, worship and obey me. Be real with yourself- youre mine now and theres nothing you can do about it. You cant think for yourself. I tell you how to think and what to think.


Goddess Christina – Alpha or Beta – Female Domination, POV

Goddess Christina  Alpha or Beta preview

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Alpha Male or Beta boy? Thats the question. Do you think that you’re an alpha male that might be deserving of a smart, young, bratty Goddess like myself? I love alpha men. Especially those who are smart, successful, athletic, and great in bed. Is that you? Well thats what were going to figure out today. Wouldn’t it be great to be an alpha male though – with all those traits. You could enjoy a hot body like this! I have a few basic questions to assess this – because the way that I see it, if you’re not one – your sole purpose is to serve me as my cuckold slave. ***Custom Request. No name used.


The English Mansion – Loaded Slave Hunt – Goddess Maya Liyer and Mistress Amrita – Bondage, Forced Fem

The English Mansion  Loaded Slave Hunt   Goddess Maya Liyer and Mistress Amrita  preview

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Mistress Amrita and Goddess Maya Liyer have a great fun afternoon planned, they are going to have a slave hunt with some of the troublesome slaves from the compound. Of course, the Mistresses want the odds in their favour and one by one they release the slaves from the holding cage, handicapping each of them with devious and inventive ways. The loaded hunt is then on, though it’s not going to take the Mistress long to get their poor exhausted charges back where they belong.