Miss Roper – Born To Take Dick For Miss Roper & Goddess Janira Wolfe – Female Domination, Make Me Bi

Miss Roper  Born To Take Dick For Miss Roper  Goddess Janira Wolfe preview

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To Janira Wolfe & I, you look like a natural. Full lips, a plump round ass; you were born to take dick. Though you didn’t think so until now, clouding your life with a vanilla wife and trying to live an existence surrounded by morals & pride. It ends Today. That life of yours that’s as empty as your wide mouth, we’re going to fill it. Introducing you to as many cocks as we can stuff you with. Have you ever swallowed, or have you just fantasized been fantasizing about it behind closed doors. You want to see how far down you can take it, just as much as we do. All shapes and sizes, variety. We’re going to prepare you for the real thing. The pain & pleasure, gags & tears. Prepare you for a life spent on your back and knees. Listen to to our sweet, sadistic laughter as we reveal your future, your fate. It takes a while to learn how to open up, but by the time you’re through; you’ll be gaping for us.


Humiliatrix – Mistress Kendra Cages Your Cock and Breaks Your Spirit – Keyholder, POV

Humiliatrix  Mistress Kendra Cages Your Cock and Breaks Your Spirit preview

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I like my slaves to be feisty, with a little fight in them. I enjoy the challenge of breaking a willful submissive. It’s all the more pleasureable for me to break you down — break your body and spirit, so that I can cage your cock, discipline you, punish you, and do with you whatever Mistress pleases.


WankItNow – The reward – Stockings, Cleavage

WankItNow  The reward preview

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You are an avid SPUNK donator and this is your 50th visit this year! Because you’ve been such a loyal customer we’ve decided to give you a little encouragement this time around. The kinky nurse, Alexa Brooke, is here to give you a strip tease while you beat your meat for her! Watch in amazement as this fine busty babe shows off her big bouncing pair!


Goddess Christina – All About the ASSSSSSS – Ass Smacking, Ass Licking

Goddess Christina  All About the ASSSSSSS preview

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Asssssss…. lots and lots of ASS! I know you LOVE worshipping my perfect booty and you feel so weak and submissive when I make you fuck YOURS! You’ll be doing both at the same time! You have double duty today slave. I know looking at my ass in a tiny little thong drives you WILD. Imagine staring at my cheeks while you fuck your dirty little slave bum hole. Emmmm… just that thought makes you CRAVE Me. Need Me. You need MY instructions. You know that you must obey and feel the sensations I have in store for you! Today it’s all about the ASSSSSSS slave!


WankItNow – Lucy Alexandra – Horny For Mum Part 2 – Redhead, Shaved Pussy

WankItNow  Lucy Alexandra  Horny For Mum Part 2 preview

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Lucy is back from her night out with your dad and she walks in on you masturbating, she is surprised you need to do that after your wanking session with her earlier but admits that she hasn’t been able to stop thinking about your cock all night. She wonders if you taste the same as your dad, she gets onto her hands and knees and takes your throbbing dick into her mouth! It’s not long before she is bent over the couch begging you to ram your dick deep into her tight milf pussy.


Lady Fyre – Feet and Pantyhose Masturbation Instructions – Jerkoff Commands, JOI

Lady Fyre  Feet and Pantyhose Masturbation Instructions preview

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CUSTOM: I’ve just come home from work & am wearing the sweaty pantyhose I’ve been wearing all day. You’re my boyfriend, and you walk into the bedroom. I know how much you love my pantyhose, so I tease you with them, taking them off & allowing you to look at my feet. I show you my sexy soles & tell you to jerk off to them. I tell you to worship my feet, to lick them, and to rub them. Then I instruct you to cum on my soles. Lady Fyre 10:13


WankItNow – Clear your history Part 2 – POV Blowjob, Sister

WankItNow  Clear your history Part 2 preview

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You never learn do you?! Clear your history! Or don’t because your kinky step sister has found your porn again and wants you to pound her PUSSY! Watch Jaye Rose SUCK your COCK then FUCK your DICK! Shes such a naughty girl and wants you to SPUNK all over her juicy arse! Now, are you really going to disappoint your horny step sister?


Miss Roper – Threesome – Degradation, Hypnotic

Miss Roper  Threesome preview

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You’ve sought out hookups & flings on Tinder before, and had never had “bad” experiences. That was until you matched with “Raquel”. She had claimed to be an adventorous girl who had been confined in a dull, boring relationship 5 years prior, and had recently split up and was looking for some fun. It didn’t take long before the conversations exchange between the two of you became hot and heavy, “Raquel” being even so forward as to suggest a threesome on your first “date”. It seemed to good to be true, but your throbbing cock between your legs made the judgement call for you & you naively agreed, sending “Raquel” your address; assuming naturally she would be bringing one of her hot friends along. You find yourself scrolling through your phone to pass the time before she arrives, springing up from your seat instantly when you hear a knock on the door. You twisted the knob and slightly open the door before everything begins quickly going down hill. You are rushed into the house by a red headed woman dressed head to toe in leather, leading what appears to be a collared gimp by a chained leash behind her (had your neighbors caught site of this!? Perhaps they’ll call the police!) – You are shocked to learn that this was the woman you had been talking to, Miss Roper; the innocent girl “Raquel” you had seen in her photos not in sight. A wicked smile spreads onto Miss Roper’s face as she begins to tell you to relax, not to worry, that your wildest dreams were about to come true. That you would be receiving the threesome of a lifetime; the threesome you deserve.
How did this day take such a drastic turn? One minute you, a heterosexual man was scrolling on Tinder looking for a quick fuck with a young woman, and now? You’re on your knees with a toned, muscular slave before you, his Mistress wrapping her latex gloved hand around his lengthy cock and shoving it in between your lips. Why aren’t you stopping it? Why are you getting so hard?