Mistress Lady Renee – Anal chain gang – Catsuit, Anus

Mistress Lady Renee  Anal chain gang  preview

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Two prisoners in My slave labour camp have been caught slacking off one too many times. prisoner 17146969 has been locked in chastity due to his masturbation obsession. The other, prisoner 12813606, has already been severely whipped and punished for not obeying orders correctly. As part of My ongoing prisoner re-conditioning regime, I summons them to the work hall for a humiliating lesson in anal submission. After a general inspection and verbal thrashing, I have the inmates on their knees for some anal-chain-gang-degradation. Cock gags are fitted to the mouths of the bitches. I make them take turns in fucking each other’s slut cunts with their faces. My huge fucking strap-on finalises the anal domination of these two imprisoned slaves, they will never recover from the mental scars of being so anally humiliated and violated.


Mistress Lady Renee – Bench Fucked Bitch (720 HD) – Pegging – Anal, Dildo Fucking

Mistress Lady Renee  Bench Fucked Bitch 720 HD  Pegging preview

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I see this slave arse in front of Me and I just need to ram My large strapon in that submissive hole. No matter how willing your slave hole opens up, I will force it wider while I ram deeper and deeper. No mercy for slave arse if you ask Me. I will take your owned hole hard and fast. it will know who it’s Owner is. you will feel Me deep and hard in your arse. A slave like you has no choice but to undergo anal Domination by My heavy strap-on. you are just an anal fuckhole for Me that I will peg brutally. If you are a good submissive anal bitch you will be sucking that huge, used and dirty strap-on clean in the end. But don’t worry, I will force you to be that submissive bitch.


Goddess Christina – Sensual Pantyhose, Leg Crossing, Shoe Dangling, Feet & Toes – Redhead, Hypnotic

Goddess Christina  Sensual Pantyhose Leg Crossing Shoe Dangling Feet  Toes preview

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Where is your mind? Let it float away as you become mesmerized by my long beautiful legs and sexy feet. The sheen of my pantyhose shows the shape of my stems so perfectly. Seeing them crossed, gently dangling each heel, and slipping them on and off is enough to ignite your senses. Just watching and listening creates so much pleasure. Relax as you slowly lose your mind. Fetishes: Mesmerize, Sensual, Shoe Dangling, Pantyhose, Shiny, Tights, Feet, Foot Fetish, Upskirt, Fetish, high Heels, Goddess Worship


Goddess Christina – Perv For Dirty Panties – Ass Licking, Ass Fetish

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I know that you’re a total Perv for my panties. You get off to looking at them – especially seeing my hot little ass in them. You enjoy smelling them, maybe even tasting them. Such a perv! You know I have one sweet little pussy right here. It’s usually pretty hard for me to get my panties nice and dirty before I send them your way. It takes days of me wearing them to get them nice and fragrant for you. But ever since I’ve moved to Florida – it’s nice, and hot, and humid here – so this tight pussy gets to marinate in these sexy little panties. Do you want to smell them? Dont lie. I know that you if you were here alone in my house and you saw a pile of my dirty clothes – you couldn’t resist picking up a pair my panties – holding them right up to your nose and taking a nice big whiff.
Look just me talking about this is making you hard. Watch my body grind up and down while I tell you what I want you to do pervert. Then you know whats next do it!


Goddess Christina – Panties of a Goddess – Masturbation Encouragement, Bra & Panties Tease

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You love panties. New, old, clean, dirty – they turn you on. But you prefer dirty dont you? Used panties from an irresistibly sexy women drive you wild. You look at these panties that Im wearing right now and you fantasize about holding them in your hand. You can imagine how hard your dick would get as you look at them, feel them and smell them. You know thats as close as youll ever get to experiencing my scent or my flavor.
Email to order a pair of my panties.


DownBlouse Jerk – You’re Always Perving – Female Domination, Masturbation Encouragement

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Ellie is looking for her work shirt and yo have put it in the washing basket which she isn’t very happy about, she leans over rummaging through the clothes and you get a great view of her tits. She is wearing a very low cut top with no bra and you can’t help but get aroused at the sight of her tits and cleavage right in front of you, Ellie knows what you are up to but lets you carry on looking anyway.


Shaye Rivers – Hot Sister Takes Your Virginity – POV Sex, Taboo

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This is a VIRTUAL SEX video! It is designed to make YOU, the viewer, feel as though you are actually experiencing all of the actions! ** Your super hot sister comes back in from the pool, and she catches you in her room, going through her panties. You were sniffing her blue thong when she walks in and sees you. She notices your boner in your pants, and realizes you think she is hot. You tell her you are a virgin, which she suspects. She decides she wants to be the one to take your virginity. She takes your dick out and begins to stroke it, has you lick her pussy, sucks your dick, lets you fuck her from behind, and finally finish in missionary