Miss Mackenzie – Buy This Clip You Loser Consider Yourself Ripped Off – Panty Fetish, Financial Domination

Miss Mackenzie  Buy This Clip You Loser Consider Yourself Ripped Off preview

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You know you will buy this clip, even though it is highly over priced! You are so pathetic you just wont be able to help yourself. You can see I am wearing my tight white dress and matching high heels and it drives you wild, the face you can see my sexy panty line ever so slightly underneath just adds to your desperation. You are so easy to rinse it is embarrassing; getting money out of you is so easy! What is it like being such a loser, a loser that gives up his hard earned money so easily to beautiful women who you will never ever have? So as you click Buy Now I want you to feel like the loser you are, oh and you can also start thinking about how much you will tribute you me to show your appreciation of this amazing clip. F0104


Miss Mackenzie – Buy This Clip Loser Pay for My Expensive Trip to Norway – Female Domination, Ripoff

Miss Mackenzie  Buy This Clip Loser Pay for My Expensive Trip to Norway preview

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After visiting Norway in 2011 I have decided I would like to go back next month, and I thought it only fair that I let you losers pay for the trip. By purchasing this overpriced clip you will be making a relatively small contribution, however if you really want to be noticed you can always tribute me as well, because this trip will not be cheap. The sales from this clip will pay towards my flights, a posh hotel and also lots of spending money. Oh and let’s not forget Ill also need new clothes & shoes! So I think it is time to put your hand in your pocket and pay for your Goddess. I will also allow you losers to purchase custom clips while I am in Norway. You could have a personalised clip where I tell you how you are a pathetic loser who has paid for my expensive holiday. It would be filmed either in my posh hotel, as I shop around Oslo or even as I appreciate the view of one of Norways beautiful fjords.


Lizz La Reign – You want to own my panties – German Version – Submissive Training, Femdom

Lizz La Reign  You want to own my panties  German Version preview

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Clip language is German! In one of my previous clips I announced that maybe some of my best slave will get the honor to aply for some of my worn out panties. As a result, some loser offerd me 1200 Euro for this clip and the panties I wore. I don`t want to imagine this ugly, fat, hairy loser grabbing his disgusting fingers into my soft, silky panties which are soaked with my divine fragrence, so the price is fully justified. I am sure that after watching this clip his addiction will increase immeasurably. Slowly the camera pans along my gorgeous body and gives you the opportunity to admire the most adorable parts. Diabolical words spoken by my sweet mouth poisoning your mind until you become a drooling wreck. After you have seen this clip, your urge to own one of my worn panites will overpower you completely.
—————————————— Seitdem ich einen Clip online gestellt habe in dem ich in Aussicht stellte das der eine oder andere Sklave der sich herausragend bewhrt hat eventuell in den Genuss eines meiner getragenen Slips kommen knnte, gibt es anscheinend kein Halten mehr. Das aktuell beste Gebot erreichte mich von einem kleinen, fetten, stark behaarten Loser der fr diesen Clip und das entsprechende Hschen 1200 Euro bezahlt. Alleine der Gedanke das seine Wurstfinger mein ses, zartes mit meinem gttlichen Duft durchtrnktes Hschen besudeln, rechtfertigt diesen Preis voll. Ich bin mir sicher das seine Sucht sich, nachdem er diesen Clip gesehen hat, ins unermessliche steigern wird. Langsam gleitet Kamera an meinem wunderschnen Krper entlang und du kannst anbetungswrdigsten Stellen in Groaufnahme bewundern. diabolischen Worte aus meinem sen Mund vergiften dabei deinen Verstand und lassen dich zu einem sabbernden Wrack werden. Wenn du diesen Clip gesehen hast wirst das Verlangen in dir bermchtig werden, auch so ein Hschen besitzen zu drfen.


Lizz La Reign – Highscore – German Version – German Language, Humiliation

Lizz La Reign  Highscore  German Version preview

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Clip language is German! Es ist an der Zeit, deiner Sucht nach weiblicher Ausnutzung einen Clip zu widmen der dich in völlig neue Sphären katapultieren wird. Heiß, verführerisch, zuckersüß, abgrundtief geflich und wirklich vernichtend fdeine Finanzen. Dieser Clip ist kein Spiel auf das du dich einlt, vielmehr wird er dich auf das wesentliche deiner Existenz reduzieren: Mein Zahlfleisch zu sein ! Ich führe dich an das endgeile Gefühl heran immer mehr und mehr fmich leisten zu wollen und werde deine Leistungen mit einem Ranking belohnen das du durch deine Willenlosigkeit und Geilheit immer weiter verbessern kannst. Du wirst sehen was andere fmich leisten und wie viel mehr du leisten musst um mein bestes Pferdchen im Stall zu werden. Was gibt es schöneres, als unter meiner strengen Aufsicht bei mir Karriere zu machen ? All deine Reue, deine Zweifel und deine Ängste werden keine Rolle mehr spielen denn ich werde dich in diesem Clip komplett um den Verstand bringen. Geh auf Knie, z deine Kreditkarte, fass deinen “Joy-Stick” an und gib dich der ultimativsten, geilsten Ausnutzung hin du je erlebt hast…..


Dangerous Temptation – Pussy Denial & Hairy Armpits Worship – Pussy Licking, Orgasm Denial

Dangerous Temptation  Pussy Denial  Hairy Armpits Worship preview

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What are you paying for? What you will get after you pay this amount?Hold on I will give you all details: mindfuck , extremje degradation and dehumanization, RIP off loser, pussy denial ,hairy armpits worship. Hairy armpits?Yes hairy , sweaty, salty, only a pathetic freak like you could have this price to provide such a degradating and humiliating service.For for you its such a privilege to worshiip my hairy , sweaty armpits isnt?


Sarah DiAvola – Wrinkled Sole Silence – Voyeur, Ripoff

Sarah DiAvola  Wrinkled Sole Silence preview

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Uh oh, I’m ignoring you again. But at least you get to stare at My super-wrinkly soles and My wiggly toes! Enjoy this lull, because I’ve got more action coming for you. Drool over each delicate wrinkle, and follow the little movements of My toes with your eyes. Go ahead, touch yourself while you ogle My feet. Have you ever seen such deep wrinkles and high arches? No. Dive in.