Young Goddess Kim – Locktober is not over! – Asslicking, Stilettos

Young Goddess Kim  Locktober is not over preview

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With only a few days left, the fact remains: Locktober is not over! What better way to start the final countdown then by teasing your locked cock to tears n full balls blue. I have created the ultimate chastity tease n denial compilation – using the best tease scenes in such a way to create a flowing, non stop erotic tease that will break you. you may recognise some of these top selling clips – but this compilation is a new clip in itself. In the entire 31 minutes, you may not take your eyes away from My captivating and torturous tease – no matter how hard you beg for mercy or how much your prison dick aches. Your helpless suffering in the cock cage is exactly what I want. Beg all you like – Locktober is not over!


Mina Thorne – Growing your Addiction – Rubber, Mesmerize

Mina Thorne  Growing your Addiction preview

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1st time you came across me you were looking for a quick fix but something happened. Now you are fixated, addicted, and can’t stay away. After that 1st jerk you couldn’t stop thinking about me. I had already gotten inside your head and slowly your addiction started to grow. Again n again you came back, clip after clip, and then you wanted to be more than a fan. That first rush of seeing yourself as my slave, serving me, obeying me has changed you deeply.


Glovemansion – Natural rubber gloves JOI – Female Domination, Fetish Liza

Glovemansion  Natural rubber gloves JOI preview

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Your addiction to natural rubber has lead you to my clinic, where I will slide in to my tight surgical gloves and tease you with my shiny rubber apron. Watch my nails, fingers and gloved hands stroke my cock, you will follow my instructions closely. I am not here to cure your addiction but to make it grow stronger. Are you ready to cum on my surgical gloves when I count you down?


Mistress Nikita FemDom Videos – Slave To My Nails – Obey Nikita, Bondage

Mistress Nikita FemDom Videos  Slave To My Nails preview

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I love it when you boys tell me all about the little things that make you swollen and wet. It’s just more ammunition for me to totally control you. What is it that turns you on the most: My high heels… my nylons… my bare toes… or maybe my long red fingernails? Oh, it’s my nails? You’re a lot like this little slut in the video. It’s such a hard drippy mess by the time I unzip his latex suit and pull out “my” cock with my long nails. They can bring it so much pleasure, but they can also inflict pain when I clamp my talons down on its throbbing head! Today, it gets denied, however… best to leave it to ponder just how far it will go to get off on my perfect fingernails. It’ll be ready to do just about anything I want by the time I return.


ClubStiletto – Crushed Balls and Violated Dick – Miss Jasmine – Mistress, Femdom

ClubStiletto  Crushed Balls and Violated Dick  Miss Jasmine preview

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Miss Jasmine has her slave bound to her discipline chair. She has already flogged his cock as you can see in ‘Bound And Cock Flogged’ but now it’s time to inflict more punishment. She has a solid steal humbler and is going to crush his balls with it. As she starts to tighten it around his balls he moans and thrashes about. “Isn’t this fun” Jasmine says. She looks at you and asks if you wish it was you and then gives you some suggestions for self t0rture so you can imagine you are there with her. As the slave moans and groans, Jasmine pushes up with her backside against his body to titillate the poor creature so he gets harder and suffers even more.
Now that his cock is rock hard Jasmine pulls out a large sounding device so she can fuck his pee hole. His hungry cock just gobbles it right up. “Just like someone getting out of jail and having sex for the first time in years” Jasmine says. She slides it in and out while rubbing his cock at the same time. This is a lovely combination of pain and pleasure for her blindfolded slave. Now she sits on his lap while continuing to penetrate him eventually pushing it all the way in and sending him deep into sub space.


ClubDom – Mistress Dahlia turns Her Pony Into Her Toe Sucker – Dahila Rain, Fetish

ClubDom  Mistress Dahlia turns Her Pony Into Her Toe Sucker preview

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Mistress Dahlia Rain is being pulled in a cart by her pony boy bitch. She motivates her pony by periodically whipping him as he runs. Dahlia commands her slave to stop pulling her and kneel before her, sitting in the pony cart. She wants to see her pony boy now turn into her toe licker. Her slave has the privilege of kissing, licking and sucking on her toes and feet. Mistress Dahila commands her bitch to spit on the soles of her feet and lick his own spit. After that, she spits on the top of her foot and makes him lick up her spit. The pony slave has done a good job worshipping Mistress Dahlia’s feet so she rewards him by spitting in his mouth. After drinking his Goddess’s spit, the slave is told to crawl over to the whipping post. Dahlia has more planned for this bitch than just fun and games today.


RubberEmpire – Rubbertoy – Diabolus – Lady Lilith – Electric, Bondage Male

RubberEmpire  Rubbertoy  Diabolus  Lady Lilith preview

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Absolute mean it is now for the rubber toy of Lady Lilith at the end of the session, 1st it gets his ass stuffed with the full fist, then the joking balls are set under power again, whiler the mistress tenderly cares about the hard dick, as the toy almost can not control itself anymore cause of his lust n only wants to get an orgasm comes again the whip into play. At the end the poor toy get for the amusement of the mistress simply locked away in the cage without being released. There are also other mistresses in the dungeon who later want to have fun with the rubber toy.