Goddess Alexandra Snow – Big Black Cock Training – Rubber, Femdom

Goddess Alexandra Snow  Big Black Cock Training preview

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Your pathetic white cock could never compare with a big black cock, so its time you learned to respect a massive black tool. You need to pay homage to a thick, long dick like this… and I know just how to train you. Watch the screen as I show you one massive black tool after another, demonstrate how you will suck with my own strap-on, and keep you rock hard throughout with my erotic voice. As if that wasn’t enough, the sight of me in this super hot red latex casuit and big black strap-on will make your mouth water… by the end, the black dick will make your mouth water as well.
Open wide for me, whore. I’m going to train you to want this cock more than anything.


VacBed Footjob Training’ by Mandy Marx – Rubber, Tease

VacBed Footjob Training by Mandy Marx preview

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In addition to this being an outstanding scene, my little partner for this session is a solid up-and-coming mistress who has become a good friend very quickly. I love that she’s so comfortable right away, and is certainly not shy around boy-parts. And is quite a nice package. You will be seeing more of her in no time, I think. This is really just a, (wait for it), tease.


FemmeFataleFilms – Mistress Heather – Latex Love part 1 – Female Domination, Fetish

FemmeFataleFilms  Mistress Heather  Latex Love part 1 preview

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The latex loving slave has impressed me to date, having served me very well. His reward is the chance to worship me from my latex covered toes up to my perfect rubber clad posterior. He is instructed to lick and kiss my curves, to kiss n sniff the latex all the way up my legs. Licking and loving my latex n drinking my spit when I decide to drip it’s sweetness directly into his eager mouth.


Dommebombshell – BRAT TWINS- AROUSED AND MIND FUCKED BY 2 HOT TWINS – Jerkoff Commands, Jerk Off Instruction


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Hey, hello you. What? I know my sister is not here. I came to talk with you, actually. You know, my sister always tell stories about you and, well, I’ve been thinking about putting a guy on chastity. What stories? About you being her chastity slave, you silly. Of course I know all about it. She tells me everything. We are twin sisters after all. No, she doesn’t know I’m here. She is a little jealous about her play toys. Well, my idea is that you show me your chastity cage. I understand you are afraid, but let me show you a thing. Your key!!! Ta da! How long are you in chastity? 2 weeks? Wow. You see, if you play along, I might open your cock cage. What do you tell me about that? Great. Show me you cock in the cage, now! Does it hurts? Sure it does. She told me she teases you to hear you moan and beg. I want to try that. You will get all naked for me. I got your kee-eyy! It’s so funny to tease and make you suffer. N ow get on your knees. Look at your key dangling back and forth before my ass. And beg. Beg me to release you from your cage. I’m really loving this chastity slave thing. Well, now I want to see how it is when I open your cock cage. It throbs like crazy. Now I want you to jerk off very slowly and lightly. I don’t want you to cum until I see enough. Now jerk. Wow, I bet your cock is all sore under your hand. Get your hands off my cock, slave! Now! Sister, what are you doing? Oh, Sis, sorry. I thought I could learn some tricks with your chastity slave. Do you remember I told you I would like to have one? Sister, you know I hate when you play with my things. I planned to leave him locked for three weeks, and now, look at him, all free and jerking off. But, Sis, I would love to see how a chastity slave cums after two weeks locked. Can I see it, please? Ah, ok, but we will tease him together now. And you, slave, you will cum all over your face. Did you understand? Good.This is so much fun. I can’t wait to have my own chastity slave.


ClubStiletto – She’s Definitely Running A Fever – Jasmine, Olivia – Medical, Tranny

ClubStiletto  Shes Definitely Running A Fever  Jasmine Olivia preview

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Doctors Jasmine and TS Staci have their patient Olivia on the operating table for some medical attention. Olivia is actually a nurse but faints at the 1st sight of b l 0 0 d, causing the doctors – who have a zero tolerance policy – to make her a patient. And to ensure there’s no resistance, they have cuffed her to the table. Meanwhile, below her another patient is completely locked up as he’s been put on a starvation diet in order to shed a quick 100 pounds. The 1st thing the nurses complete is penis piercings, mainly because they were so shocked to discover that the nurse had a cock, they couldn’t help but decorate it. Jasmine is shocked again when Doctor Staci reveals that she also has a cock, and pulls it out of her panties for all to see. Staci pulls out some of her instruments and begins her testing. She tells Olivia the worst case scenario is that she might end up in the asylum. “No, not again,” replies Olivia. Jasmine pulls out a sounding device and tells Olivia it`ll be inserted up her penis. Poor Olivia moans in pain and pleasure as she wonders what sort of clinic this is. Soon the sound slides down inside her. Staci decides to clamp Olivia’s nipples while Jasmine strokes her cock.
Staci tells Olivia she needs to take her temperature and instructs her to open her mouth. When she does, Staci sticks her cock into it. “She’s definitely running a fever” Staci says. Staci gets rock hard and her eight inch member really makes Olivia gag. Staci decides to put a dental mouth gag into Olivia’s mouth in order to keep it open, before she resumes clamping her nipples. Olivia starts to cry and hyperventilate, which causes Staci to determine that she might be dehydrated. To remedy the situation, she removes the gag n sticks her cock into her mouth again, but this time she fucks her a bit more aggressively. Jasmine continues to stroke Olivia’s cock and slide the sound into it. This is the farthest thing from a normal clinic! In fact, the nurses have no actual training or education in the medical field, but they find their methods have been quite effective over the years, so Jasmine employs one of her favorites, spanking the patient’s balls with a long handled wooden spoon. Staci goes back to some nipple play while Jasmine strokes her cock some more. To quiet her down, Staci gets onto the table and fills Olivia’s mouth once again with her cock. Jasmine uses her hands to spank Olivia’s balls while putting her hands around her neck. Staci has never been this hard and she just loves to force her cock down Olivia’s throat and make her gag. Jasmine takes the spoon to the patient’s thighs next; they are really working her over! Staci uses a metal roller on her balls and legs before she finally lets Olivia stroke her cock and tells her she has 30 seconds to cum. Staci helps out by sticking her finger up her ass. Jasmine pinches her tits and tells her that while she might get to remain as a nurse, part of her job will be to offer oral service to all the males in the clinic. Olivia is so aroused she cums all over her nurse’s outfit. Then the doctors give her the good news: she gets to stay on as a nurse but will now live in the closet and suck each cock in the clinic every single day. “We’re too good to them” Staci says, and Jasmine nods in agreement.


ClubDom – The Sissy Slut gets Pounded by Tangent and Jewell – Humiliation, Crossdreser

ClubDom  The Sissy Slut gets Pounded by Tangent and Jewell preview

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Mistress Jewell n Goddess Tangent have their sissy slut on his knees with his hands behind his back. Jewell and Tangent are both wearing big black strap on cocks. Mistress Tangent tells her slut that unless he makes their cocks nice and wet with his slutty mouth then he`ll be fucked dry. After getting his Mistresses’ cocks properly lubed, with his spit n drool, the sissy slut takes his position on the fucking bench. Mistress Tangent pounds his slutty ass from behind while the whore takes Jewell’s BBC in his throat. Finally, Mistress Jewell puts the slut on his back and pile drives him with her huge dick. The sissy slave is such a slut that he loves every humiliating second of the action.


WankItNow – Jasmine Lau – Worship. Every. Inch – Instructions, PVC Outfit

WankItNow  Jasmine Lau  Worship Every Inch preview

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PAY ATTENTION! You better be paying full attention to this jaw dropping kinky teacher, Jasmine Lau. As punishment for not paying attention in her class, she’s going to tease the CUM out of you! So you better be paying full attention while your told how and when to JACK your COCK! Maybe this will teach you to pay attention in class… or maybe it wont.


Clubstiletto – Miss XI – You’ve Been Dreaming About My Tiny Feet – Female Domination, Small Penis Humiliation

Clubstiletto  Miss XI  Youve Been Dreaming About My Tiny Feet preview

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Someone bought Miss Xi a pair of stiletto’s but they obviously didn’t realize her feet are tiny, only size 4. The shoes look massive on her feet and they fall off every time she lifts her leg. Better for you as she can’t wear them and that means you get to see her bare feet. She sticks her feet in front of your face and wrinkles the soles and bends her toes. She tells you to kiss her feet and her over sized shoes. She wonders if the guy who sent the shoes has a wife with feet that large.
Now she brings her legs up and holds them up with her arm. She sticks her feet in your face again and tells you to lick the soles and between the toes. Again she wrinkles her soles and bends her toes and then tells you to take each foot into your mouth. As her new foot bitch you will be paying for all expenses related to her feet, pedicures, lotions and new footwear. Now she sends you onto your back on the floor and waves her feet in your face. She tells you to open your mouth. “I should just trample all over you, make you my rug” she says and then starts to face fuck you with her feet. Complete screen closes up of her toes and soles before she sets them on your face and everything goes to black.