Crystal Knight – My Face Is Your Porn – Sensual Domination, Female Domination

Crystal Knight  My Face Is Your Porn preview

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This face is your favorite jerk off material. You couldn’t resist it if you tried once you stare into my blue and eyes and listen to the words coming off my perfect lips. You will obey everything I say. You want to jerk it to my face. You always have and you always will. My face is the greatest porn you could lay eyes on. I know exactly how to deepen your addiction and I’m going to use my seductive looks to get whatever I want, whenever I want from you.


Goddess Alexandra Snow – Hands Free Explosion – Sensual, Orgasm Control

Goddess Alexandra Snow  Hands Free Explosion preview

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My slave has been tied and teased for hours on end and he is positively ready to burst. I am not about to give him a quick relief, so I restrain him to the bondage bed and begin to tease him even further. I tease him with my breasts, hair, voice, and finally my hands. It is a grueling 12 minutes of aching tease that finally errupts in a completely touch free ruined orgasm.. that he must thank me for. He spurts and dribbles all over himself as I laugh at his frustration.
All it takes in the lightest touch and he explodes.


Erotic Goddess Christina – Feel the HEAT! – Too Fucking HOTTT!!! – Mind Fuck, Goddess Worship

Erotic Goddess Christina  Feel the HEAT  Too Fucking HOTTT preview

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It’s heating up in here! Goddess is fanning your flames. Taking you deeper. Making you CRAVE me MORE! Feel the HEAT slave!!! Your cock, your balls, your body, your MIND. MINE! They want me SOOO MUCH! They NEED ME! Get lost in my body. The flames are burning around you. You feel their warmth. You know as they grow they will consume you but you can feel me taking over. Nothing else matters. You embrace the fire. And soon you’ll BURN!


Mandy Flores – Duct Tape Prisoner – Cock Tease, Tease/denial

Mandy Flores  Duct Tape Prisoner preview

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I have you imprisoned. Tied and gagged. I will continue to gag you even more and eventually mummify you. It will be so much fun and I will tease you as my prisoner. You are so helpless and can never escape. I so enjoy having you this way. Mmmmph. LOL. You cannot even speak. I have other ideas about how to bind you.. What positions to control you. It is pointless for you to struggle. How will it end? Yes, you will be muffified and never be allowed to escape as I tease and laugh at you.


London Lix – Pop Or Not – Instructions, Masturbation Instruction

London Lix  Pop Or Not preview

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You can think of this as an orgasm control game, poppers edging fun, or an intox challenge. This jerk off encouragement clip is really what you make of it, and it can be different each time you play, depending on what you’re in the mood for; a sensual poppers release or a hard mindfuck and edging marathon. Oh yeah, you’re going to get a lot of use out of this one. I make the rules, and it’s up to you (a little) how you follow them. How much will you let me dose you up today? Will you be able to cum?


Arena Rome – Little Wee Wee Clitty Club – SPH, Small Penis Humiliation

Arena Rome  Little Wee Wee Clitty Club preview

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So you’re under 5″ when fully hard. What’s the big deal, right? Exactly! Absolutely nothing but my tits I guess. So here we go, you love pussy and everything about it, so there should be no big problem at all if we just start calling it a clit, because again you love that. The one snag about you and pussy is that you can never really fill one up or stretch it like it needs. The result of this is that is you feel alone and isolated from women for obvious reasons. Likewise with bigger sized men, you have nothing in common with those guys when it comes to reminiscing about sexual exploits. Boy do I have great news for you and I’ll tell you all about it while I’m teasing you and having you rub that clit raw for me. Here’s a hint; you are not the only one out there with a little wee wee. Your Queen is a uniter not a divider. How would you like it if you were not alone anymore in your plight. Today is the day that I invite you into something very special. This is also my pilot of my 5 Minute Femdom series.


Mina Thorne – Cum Eating Encouragement – Jerkoff Commands, POV

Mina Thorne  Cum Eating Encouragement preview

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The thought of consuming your own cum for me really turns you on. I know you want to do, but when the time comes you just can’t bring yourself to suck it down. I know exactly what you need to complete the dirty deed, some hot and sexy cum eating encouragement. In your fantasies you are a dirty pervert who loves putting on a kinky show for me, you just need a little push! This will be all the help you need, a sexy clip that encourages you to stroke and drink your cum for me. Now getting stroking and lick it all up as soon as you blow!


Dangerous Temptation – Getting Inside Your Mind – Goddess Celine – Mind Fuck, Brainwashing

Dangerous Temptation  Getting Inside Your Mind  Goddess Celine preview

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Take a deep breath and let it out slowly.. you are feeling teansion gather as your breathe in….and release as you breathe wil want to continue to breath deeply feeling yourself relax more and more and feeling pleasure fill your body and mind..Listen carefully to the sound of my voice and surrencer……… you will become My eternal slave after you will watch this clip! I will wash your brain, manipulate your weak mind, drain your complete! your mind, your sould, your cock, your stamina, your entire life belong to Me!