Princess Camryn – Natural Brat – Mesmerize – Love Addiction, Sensual Domination

Princess Camryn  Natural Brat  Mesmerize preview

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Don’t you just love how sweet and innocent I look? It almost makes you forget that I lock up men in chastity and drain wallets everyday. My sweet appearance is nothing but another Trojan Horse to help you put your gaurd down. You know that the innocent looking women are the most dangerous. I’ll have you vulnerable and falling in love in no time, then there’s no turning back.


Goddess Emily – Shrinking Witchcraft – Giantess – Sexy, Mental Domination

Goddess Emily  Shrinking Witchcraft  Giantess preview

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A giantess/shrinking mesmerize! Feel yourself shrinking bit by bit after you’re enchanted by an incredibly sexy witch- with every mesmerizing wave of relaxation, you feel yourself growing smaller, until you’re my helpless little tiny doll, a miniature man for me to play with! I tease you with tons of jiggling, bouncing boobs and handbra and booty shaking as you become miniaturized, and once you’re shrunken to such a tiny size, I order you to tease yourself as you stare… and to repeat our session together, again and again, until you’re incapable of orgasming any more! Drain yourself dry for me, my little toy!


Princess Pilar – Mental Chastity Addiction – Submissive Training, Goddess Worship

Princess Pilar  Mental Chastity Addiction preview

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My teachings have proven highly effective and beneficial for you. In your constant state of submission, your thoughts and behaviors are intertwined with the codes I have indoctrinated into your psyche. In this session, I will reinforce your previous sexuality reprogramming. Watch Me, and follow My directions; I am sculpting you into absolute male perfection. Enjoy xo- Princess


Princess Camryn – Sensual Seduction – Mesmerize – Sexy, Femdom

Princess Camryn  Sensual Seduction  Mesmerize preview

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Simply exist in this momewnt with me. Get lost with me, close to me. This is your reality. This extremely sensual and gentle mesmerize session with me allow you to slowly relax over time and let everything ease away from you until all you can focus on is the pleasure that I give you. I seduce you, get yiou weak, and you only have to focus on the escape that I provide you. You begin to feel happier and that happiness takes over you, flows into and I am inside of you forever. You have a chemical bind to me, oxytocin, serotonin, dopamine, swarming inside you and you will never be without me.


Princess Miki – EXTREME MESMERIZE CLIP: Lovesick mindfuck – Sensual Domination, Asian

Princess Miki  EXTREME MESMERIZE CLIP Lovesick mindfuck preview

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FOR BEST RESULTS, WATCH IN A DARK ROOM WITH HEADPHONES. WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK, AS THERE IS PLENTY SUBLIMINAL MESSAGING FOR A DANGEROUS, BUT EUPHORIC MINDFUCK. Ever since you stumbled upon me, you knew you were in trouble. You saw my beautiful face, my young, beautiful body, and listened to my sensual voice, which can just about seduce anyone. What were you to do? You fell in love. You’re probably scared. You’re scared of what can happen now that you’ve fallen deep into this rabbit hole. You’re scared that you won’t get out. And you’re right: you won’t get out. I already own you. But I do not want you to be afraid of me. I am a flame. I am a flame you could not resist. Yes, flames are dangerous, but flames are also a source of light, of warmth. Embrace that warmth. Embrace it, let it envelop you with pleasure as you fall deeper in love with me. I am a beautiful flame. You are in love, and that is okay. You want to give me everything, because you are in love. Surrender to the flame. Now, I am going to provide you with a series of mantras that will make you fall deeper and deeper: into submission, and into pleasure. Give in. You love me. All you feel is euphoria. Thank me.


Princess Camryn – Love Addiction – Assworship – Asslicking, Ass Worship

Princess Camryn  Love Addiction  Assworship preview

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Another opportunity to show your devotion and adoration for your most perfect Princess. Time to show me how much you love me, giving your heart and body to me. You desperately ache to be mine. Think about how much time you spend thinking about me, all the pleasure I have given you. My existence is a privilege. Being able to see me, stroke to me, explore and expand your mind for me. My wish is your command. You don’t need a boring date when you can just goon away to my videos. I know that you think about me and you want. We celebrate our love: my love for your cash and your love for my body and power over you.


Goddess Alexandra Snow – Sensual Domination Trance – Mental Domination, Hypno

Goddess Alexandra Snow  Sensual Domination Trance preview

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Sometimes my power comes with the crack of a whip or the restriction of chains. Sometimes my power comes with pain and the sudden unyielding urge to submit to me. But my power comes in many forms. My power can be the warm wind that blows over your face. Slowly you fall into my control. Peacefully, like a warm embrace, you feel my whims control you. This is a unique power to me. While some need the cane to make one submit, I only need to speak to you gently and fold you into my flock. This is a sensual control I have.
My power, while unyielding, can be tender.


Princess Miki – Jerk to Reinforce Your Addiction – Instructions – POV, Slut Training

Princess Miki  Jerk to Reinforce Your Addiction  Instructions preview

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Congratulations, you get to stroke today, as the title suggests. It’s a privilege to do so, so before we proceed, repeat after Me: “Thank You, Miki.”
You are welcome. This is a good way to start, because I want you to stroke with gratitude for the entire duration of this session, and although stroking to Me is always filled with great erotic pleasure, that is not the focus today.
It is not about your pleasure. It is about worshipping Me. It is about controlling you through your cock. It is about deepening your addiction to Me with every stroke and every orgasm granted by Me.
Yes, more good news: you get to cum today. Actually cum. No ruined orgasms, no hours upon hours of edging without cumming. Your explosive orgasm will eventually result in a cleared mind and subsided horniness, but you will always remember how good this felt and you’ll only return for more.
This clip is about Me. About how good I make you feel, about how much more you crave Me each time I manipulate you with My sex appeal. Your cock controls your mind. I control your cock. That’s how I always end up finding a way inside your mind to mold you into what’s best for Me.