Candy Glitter – Condom CEI Task – Bratty Princess, Cum Eating Instruction

Candy Glitter  Condom CEI Task preview

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You’re a horny little cum eating bitch, and I have a fun task for you! You’ve jerked off into your hand or a cup a million times, and it’s time for something new! Here’s what we are going to do: you’re going to jerk off for me, sound good so far? And then, you’re going to put a condom on your cock and finish right inside there. After you’ve spilled your load into the condom, you’re going to remove it and use the condom to feed yourself your load! Buy this clip, and follow my instructions like a good little cum eater.


Princess Ellie Idol – Eat My Pussy While I Suck My Gfs Strap – Pussy Worship, Locked Dick

Princess Ellie Idol  Eat My Pussy While I Suck My Gfs Strap preview

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You’re on the floor in front of me, your sexy Goddess, and I’m wearing nothing but stockings and a garter belt. I know you’ve been looking at my porn because I set it up so you’d find it. I wanted you to know my fantasy so we could re-enact it. I know you’re SO good at licking pussy, so I’m going to make you my oral slave while I suck my girlfriend’s strap-on! You can’t say no to me. First, your big thick cock needs to be locked in chastity. I own that dick, and I’ll do what I want with it. If you make me cum quick though, I’ll let you out so you can jerk off! Got it, oral slave? Make sure I cum so YOU can too!


Princess Ashley – Sniff and Stroke – Sensual Goddess Worship on – Joi, Masturbation Encouragement

Princess Ashley  Sniff and Stroke  Sensual Goddess Worship on preview

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I want you to sit back, relax and do what you do best – sniff and stroke, sniff and stroke. You love getting fucked up on while you worship and stroke to My perfect, sensual body. With each sniff you grow weaker and more submissive. Everyday life fades away and you are able to focus solely on worshiping Me. Sniff, sniff, sniff and stroke. Fall deeper under My spell. Feel the pleasure running through your body. Stroking just isn’t the same without your precious and I understand that. In fact, I LIKE when you sniff for Me. You worship harder, stroke faster and last longer. You are such a devout worshiper when you are under the influence of those alkyl nitrates and I love it. Keep sniffing every time I snap My fingers. Sniff while you edge for Me. Feel your balls getting fuller but don’t cum until I say! Make this pleasure last for your sexy, sensual Princess.


Empress Elle – Miss Me – Teasing, Tease And Denial

Empress Elle  Miss Me preview

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I can see you clearly missed Me. I bet you got hard just knowing you’re about to bust your load to Me. You’ve been aching to jerk to My instructions. Well the wait is over. Give in to My huge tits while following My commands. You’ll go to the edge and back watching Me take My panties off, then teasing you relentlessly until I count you down to the big finish. Now go get a towel and press “play”. Trust Me- this clip has been worth the wait.


Goddess Alexandra Snow – Positive Reinforcement Trance – Femdom, Mental Domination

Goddess Alexandra Snow  Positive Reinforcement Trance preview

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There are moments in your life where you feel downtrodden. You feel like the world has disrespected you, overlooked you, or dismissed you. For many of you there are moments of humiliation in your day to day lives that you never escape. Now some of you have turned this into a fetish. Feeding on a thing that would otherwise shut you down. But I know that this isn’t always possible. Sometimes a good slave needs a bit of positive reinforcement to bolster his confidence and set him on the path to be the best slave he can be. Today I’m going to do this for you. I’m going to walk you through this place where my words of encouragement are the only reality. I want to build you up. Your service is better and more efficient when there is some confidence in your that you can be a good slave. This is what I want from you. I want to encourage you to do all the things that make you better. You are my property after all.


Miss London Lix – Plunge Into Pussy – Pussy Eating, Pussy Licking

Miss London Lix  Plunge Into Pussy preview

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You’re aching to plunge into pussy, and it’s easy to get lost swimming in these shiny holographic panties. My cameltoe is deep, and my grip is strong on you now, subby. What you don’t realize though, is in getting entr anced by *my* pussy, you’ve allowed me to fuck yours. Your pussy-mind, that is. I slipped my fingers in and now I’m penetrating you deep, every thrust another pleasurably numbing experience…


Crystal Knight – Irresistible CEI For Beginners or Experts – Teasing, Sensual Domination

Crystal Knight  Irresistible CEI For Beginners or Experts preview

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This is one intense session. Whether it’s your first time or your 101st time, you are going to love this session. Nothing feels better than following my jerk off instructions and ending it with a bang. You’re going to eat your cum for me today. I can make you do it because you know you want to do it. I am your CEI queen and you will bow and jerk for me.