Princess Ellie Idol – Harleys mind controlled impose bi 3some – Sperm, Coerced Bi

Princess Ellie Idol  Harleys mind controlled impose bi 3some preview

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You’re going to be one of two test subjects for my “Harley & Puddin’ Approved Mind Control Device”. Who’s the other you ask? Why Gotham’s own hero of course: Batman! I’m going to turn you both into my sex slaves, mindless, unable to do anything but please me, Lil ol’ Miss Quinn! I know the newspapers say I’m crazy but I just need someone to fuck it out of me! Batman will fuck me while this doll gags on your cock until I swallow your load. Then, I want you to suck B-man’s cock to taste all of me on him. You don’t have a choice, after all! Suck that cock like a good little slave!!


Chateau-Cuir – Long leather coat milking – Glovejob, Handjob

ChateauCuir  Long leather coat milking preview

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This is one of my oldest and most worn/used leather coats. It still looks hot, doesn’t it? It looks perfect over my tight catsuit, boots and gloves. Do you know this coat is perfect for wanking? You have to feel this leather on your cock and balls. It is even better when I wrap it around your erection and wank you off with my gloved hands. It won’t be long before you explode and you cum on my vintage leather coat.


EvolvedFights – Kelli Provocateur vs Will Tile – Mixed Wrestling – Femdom, Femdom Sex

EvolvedFights  Kelli Provocateur vs Will Tile  Mixed Wrestling preview

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Chocolate Muscles Melt the screen today. We have two very sexy, Powerful ebony athletes today. Kelli Provocateur is a petite muscle goddess standing at 4’11. Will Tile is a powerful ebony Adonis with a military background, which means he’s a total gentleman with the ladies on the mats. His weakness is he is too nice and he doesn’t take these women seriously. Because he is so tentative today, he ends up losing a round. Kelli is super aggressive, as most little people are. She has something to prove today and she flys at Will like a bat out of Hell. Will doesn’t know what hit him. After Will realizes he might lose and get fucked in the ASS, he decides to come out a little harder. Is it enough to get him the “W”. One thing is for sure; by the end of the prize round, one wrestler is left drained from orgasms and twitching from exhaustion. This match ends with a creampie.


Women On Top – Of Men – Valentines Day Honeymoon Wedding Night Masssacre – Wicked Cucktress Jenna Ivory (720 HD) – Cuckold – Degradation, Blowjob

Women On Top  Of Men  Valentines Day Honeymoon Wedding Night Masssacre  Wicked Cucktress Jenna Ivory 720 HD  Cuckold preview

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It is the Worst Wedding Night Ever. You’ve saved yourself for marriage; not even masturbating because you have wanted to give every last drop of yourself to your beautiful New Wife Jenna. After a long ceremony, and an even longer reception, you arrive back at the hotel ready to fuck your new wife all night long. Sadly it doesn’t go as planned. As soon as you enter the hotel room you see a naked man on the bed! Before you can do anything you feel a sharp pain on the back of your head, and all goes black. When you wake up, you find that you have been bound and gagged. As if that isn’t bad enough, your wife is sucking a big dick in front of your face! You try to scream but you can’t! She slobbers and strokes it, Spitting on you…humiliating you; all you can do is watch and slowly Diiie inside! Happy Honeymoon Hubby!


Meana Wolf – The Ransom – Ruined Orgasms – Executrix, Fetish

Meana Wolf  The Ransom  Ruined Orgasms preview

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I’ve been watching him for a couple of weeks now. I’ve become completely accustomed to his daily routines. I know when he goes to work…when he comes home… I know when his wife comes and goes as well. I know other things about him too. Like the fact that he’s filthy rich. I mean why else would I choose this guy as my mark?
Breaking into his house was easy. He’d just gotten out of the shower when I made my move. Standing there naked, I struck him on the back of the head. I picked him up and fastened him to a chair. When he finally came to, I let him know my demands. $10Million Dollars to be delivered by his wife…or I’d end his life. She was hysterical on the phone. “Let me speak to my husband!” She kept screaming. hahaha No police…no fucking around…and don’t be late. Those were the rules.
Even though he was afraid for his life I could see his eyes wandering all over me. Men are so weak. I saw his cock getting hard as I held my hands tightly over his mouth. I love these moments. It’s the fear. Nothing makes my pussy wet more than the fear in their eyes. I reached down and started to stroke his cock. There’s nothing more powerful than this. My hands gripped tightly around his cock…and tightly around his mouth. Will his wife bring me what I want before the clock strikes midnight? xoxo Meana Wolf
Clip Contains: I silence him to keep him from screaming. I phone his wife, and make my demands while he “mmphs” pathetically. I stroke his cock hard while I gag him with my hand. He worships my hands while I jerk his cock. But his wife never comes with the money.


Glovemansion – New leather gloves handjob – Fetish Liza, Pantyhose

Glovemansion  New leather gloves handjob preview

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How sexy are these new black leather gloves?! They are a perfect fit and I love the touch and smell of them so much. Let’s test these beauties on your cock and balls, shall we? I know you are going to enjoy my gloved hands stroking your hard dick. Unlined, short black leather gloves give you such a boner! Let’s make them sticky with your CUM.


The Venus Girls – Jenna Ivory, Slave Fluffy – Wifey is Cucking Hubby and Rubbing her Boytoy’s Cum into his Eyes! – Cuckold – Blowjob, Degradation

The Venus Girls  Jenna Ivory Slave Fluffy  Wifey is Cucking Hubby and Rubbing her Boytoys Cum into his Eyes  Cuckold preview

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It was supposed to be a special night, a night you’ve waited your whole life to enjoy. But somehow it just went wrong. You wake up bound and gagging with your new wife fucking some boytoy! You can’t protest, you can only moan in sorrow. After fucking over your head, she says that she has a special surprise for you.. Your wife then starts giving a very slobbery blowjob right over your head. Spitting on and slapping your face with her cock slobber, humiliating you and calling you a sissy bitch all the while. All you can do is take it. Finally she makes her boytoy cum into her hand.. and then just to be mean? Rubs it into your eyes!


PureCFNM – Inversion Table – Dolly Diore, Jess Scotland, Lexi Ryder, Ruby Ryder – Handjob – Femdom, Group Domination

PureCFNM  Inversion Table  Dolly Diore Jess Scotland Lexi Ryder Ruby Ryder  Handjob preview

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Four gym babes strap a guy to an inversion table to see what sort of work out his muscles can get out of it. But as they feel how tense his muscles are, they notice that he is getting an erection. They are angry at his lack of control and decide to teach him a lesson. They cut off his boxers with scissors and then take turns to wank and suck his cock. When he cums all over himself, they hold his head so the cum drips down his body onto his own face as they howl with laughter.