WankItNow – Beth – Uni Fucking Part 2 – Nude, Sperm

WankItNow  Beth  Uni Fucking Part 2 preview

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Well aren’t you a good boy; cleaning your house after your landladies visit last time… and she appreciates it SO much. Beth is so pleased with you that she wants to GAG on your COCK and FUCK you senseless! Let this busty babe bury your COCK in the back of her throat then bend over and let you have your way with her PUSSY… Don’t forget to make a mess of her TITS before she leaves…


Mistress Ezada Sinn – Shockingly ruined, over and over – Electric Play, Cumshot

Mistress Ezada Sinn  Shockingly ruined over and over preview

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Today this slave will have the honor of being My sex toy. As I suppose everyone knows, that means his pain will be My pleasure, and today I will introduce him to a new device: the neon wand. he’s never been tickled or tortured by electricity, so I’m going to see how well he can take right on his cock. he’s bound to a chair, completely vulnerable, and to make sure he doesn’t get too vocal I’m going to seal his mouth with some silver duct tape; I don’t want any surprises with this. A few touches of My hand immediately get My slave aroused even before I remove his chastity cage and, to My satisfaction, he stays hard even while suffering the stinging touches of tens of micro-lightnings. Even better, he seems more and more aroused. After much muffled begging I finally permit an orgasm, ruined of course, which is shockingly followed by electric torture again. Many more rounds of ruined orgasms follow with static shock sessions after each. I have total control over this slave’s tiny cock and I love it. At the end, after being drained in SEVEN ruined orgasms, you can hear My slave whimper while I send bolts of electric torment right down his open and tender pee hole. This is just how I like to play with My male toys: milked bone dry and left in pain.


Ezada Sinn – The torture and ruined orgasms game – Forced Orgasm, Male Orgasm

Ezada Sinn  The torture and ruined orgasms game preview

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Keeping My slave’s cock permanently locked in chastity, I do like at times to take it out, to toy with it, to tease but deny it of any orgasmic pleasure. It might begin as a flaccid, useless piece of meat, yet under the touch of My beautiful hands the cock quickly gets very swollen and hard. I am in total control and can do whatever I want with this cock, My cock. I can tie it up tight with rope, I can drip hot wax right down the pee hole, and I can destroy the balls attached to it if I so choose. Whatever My whim, I can play any game I want with it. Today’s game: how many ruined orgasms will the slave be able to endure before I consider granting him a full release. Is he a good slave? Does he have enough cum in his blue balls to satisfy his Goddess? Well see, but don’t forget one thing: no matter the game – I always win.


Vicious Femdom Empire – Milking Frustrations – Marley Brinx – Forced Ejaculation, Milking Machine

Vicious Femdom Empire  Milking Frustrations  Marley Brinx preview

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Goddess Marley’s slave is bound nice and tight on milking day as she loves to watch him suffer before edging out his monthly load. Any toy can be used for pain n pleasure as Marley makes sure her helpless bitch feels every end of the spectrum before he is allowed to finally release his long awaited orgasm.


My Touch Too Much – Handjob, Femdom

My Touch Too Much preview

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Like a hall-of-fame quarterback, or a world-famous rapper, I just can’t quit. I said I was retired – I thought I was retired! – but I couldn’t stay away. My sabbatical only made my skills sharper, sexier, more intoxicating. Though I am at the top of this orgasm-ruining game, I still have skeptics out there – guess I got something to prove. To make my point, I don’t let up, not after he pops, not after he cries, not after a pathetic second drip-out…


Goddess Foot Domination – Goddess Foot Jobs – Wife Learns Husband has Foot Fetish – Kimmy Lee – GoddessFootDomination, Ejaculation

Goddess Foot Domination  Goddess Foot Jobs  Wife Learns Husband has Foot Fetish  Kimmy Lee preview

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When Goddess Kimmy Lee takes off her sexy wedge heels and rubs lotion on her long legs and beautiful feet, her husband can’t help but to watch. When she goes to get a drink, she catches him sniffing her shoes while he jerks his cock and laughs, humiliating him. He admits that he has a foot fetish and that he loves the smell of her feet. She teases him by rubbing her soft soles up and down his chest and over his cock. After he kisses, licks, and sniffs her beautiful feet and perfectly manicured toes, she decides to indulge him with a footjob and jacks his cock between her sexy, wrinkly arches. As she foot milks him, he cums all over her gorgeous feet.


Goddess Alexandra Snow – No Finish – Milking, Bondage

Goddess Alexandra Snow  No Finish preview

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My little seat has worked up quite an erection from being sat on so many times. No pleasure happens without pain in my world though, so I decide to take a Hitachi Magic Wand to his sensitive aroused cock. I have decided he’s going to cum in a most humiliating way, with my ass directly on his face. With his arms n legs bound he can do little more than squirm under the weight of my ass. With the Hitachi buzzing away at his cock, I can see it’s getting ready to burst. But does a chair deserve to cum? I don’t know.
I haven’t decided yet.