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Custom video request: You are my big sister. I am little brother Tony. We are grown up and moved away from home Big sis is wearing a bikini. Big sis is having a family get together at her new house. She is happy that I got there a day early. We spent the day by the pool. Inside now. She has something big to talk about with me. She reminds me of how she used to tease me when we were growing up. She used to do a lot of tanning in her bikini. She would always come in and watch her soaps wearing her bikini. She knew it drove me crazy, especially when she had me give her foot rubs. She reminds me of the one time she took off her top while she was watching soaps. She said she had bad sunburn and asked me if it was OK if she took off her top. Now she says she just wanted to tease me. She knows her oiled up boobs made me nuts. She asks how many times I have thought about that incident while I jerked off. Thousands. I’m obsessed with that incident. She asks if I want to relive that time. She takes off her top. She has me take out my dick and jerk to her. She is happy that I am super hard just for her. She gives me lots of verbal encouragement to jerk to big sisters tits. She loves watching me work my cock for her. She lets me cum on her boobs. She uses her bikini top to clean up my dick and her boobs…


Vicious Femdom Empire – Cum Treat – Anny Aurora – Forced Orgasm – Female Domination, Bondage Male

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German Goddess Anny Aurora allows her gimp bitch to finally cum this month as a reward for being so obedient. She gets off on making her slave’s eat every last drop of their load and feeds it directly into the hole of his locked & padded hood. Her bitch will soon learn that all slave’s eat their own cum in the house of Goddess Anny Aurora.


TheEnglishMansion – Beating His Cock (Feat. Goddess Serena) (720 HD) – Cum Eating – CBT, Sperm

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The stunning Amazonian Goddess Serena is using and tormenting her tied up slave. His hands are suspended, his cock exposed and balls stretched with a heavy weight, Mistress is soon cropping and whipping his dick, alternating with some teasing with the vibrator, bringing his pain and pleasure. She then uses the electro box to stimulate him further, putting a condom on him and when he cums, she pours the mess into his mouth.


The Venus Girls – December 14, 2018 – Jenna Ivory, Slave Fluffy, Jason Katana – Valentines Day Honeymoon Wedding Night Massacre – Wicked Cuckolding – Cum Eating, Male Cum Swallowers

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Are you crying? I’m going to give you something to cry about!” It is the worst wedding night ever. You’ve saved yourself for marriage; not even masturbating because you have wanted to give every last drop of yourself to your beautiful new wife Jenna. After a long ceremony, and an even longer reception, you arrive back at the hotel ready to fuck your new wife all night long. Sadly it doesn’t go as planned. As soon as you enter the hotel room you see a naked man on the bed! Before you can do anything you feel a sharp pain on the back of your head, and all goes black. When you wake up, you find that you have been bound and gagged. As if that isn’t bad enough, your wife is sucking a big dick in front of your face! You try to scream but you can’t! She slobbers and strokes it, spitting on you, humiliating you; all you can do is watch and slowly die inside! Happy honeymoon hubby!