Marigoddess – Mouthwatering Lollipop Licking – Bubble Gum, Spit Fetish

Marigoddess  Mouthwatering Lollipop Licking preview

00:12:48 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 919 MB

I open a watermelon blow pop, greedily craving the pleasure in consuming the confection. I begin licking and sucking the sweet lollipop, wrapping My lips around the candy and stuffing it inside of My mouth. I slide the sucker onto My tongue and soon My mouth begins to fill with sugary spit. I can’t contain it, My mouth is watering, leaking, and I begin to make a mess, drooling in ambition of finishing the entire blow pop. Once I’ve satisfied My sweet tooth, I chomp on the lollipop and attempt to blow a couple of bubbles with the bubblegum that I devoured My way into.


Goddess Femdom – Alis choice – Masturbation Instruction, Cum Eating

Goddess Femdom  Alis choice preview

00:15:12 | 1440×1080 | mp4 | 638 MB

Oh Ali you poor misguided fool. Placing your faith in a book made of nothing but paper and ink. How do you know things wernt changed and modified to suit someone else’s ideals throughout time? You dont and yet you blindly follow as I did with my childhood faith. I grew up and woke the fuck up now its time for you to do the same Ali. You cant deny your growing foot fetish which is forbidden in your religion and yet here you are aroused as I place my feet on this holy book. Ispit and stomp on it all while you come to choose me. I am real, I am here now and it feels so good worshiping me. Now take that plunge cast everything aside eat that worship puddle you have spewed for me as I instruct you to. Its communion time Ali, I am now your religion.


Eva de Vil – 14 Days of Love: Open Wide, Lover Boy – Forced Bi, Spitting

Eva de Vil  14 Days of Love Open Wide Lover Boy preview

00:11:51 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 438 MB

What’s your sexuality? Cock curious? Dick dependent? Definitely straight? It doesn’t matter. Your sexual orientation is Goddess Eva and whatever Goddess Eva wants. I want you on your knees, drooling over this huge, hot pink strap-on, a gleaming symbol of masculinity turned feminine. You can’t deny there’s something so exciting about a dominant woman wielding one of this things. These rubber balls sit so perfectly right above my pretty pussy. Be an obedient slut and worship whatever I tell you to.


DirtyDommes – Shoe and latex slave milked part 1 – Fetish Liza – Shoe Worship – Cock Locked, Locked Dick

DirtyDommes  Shoe and latex slave milked part 1  Fetish Liza  Shoe Worship preview

00:09:27 | 1280×720 | mp4 | 242 MB

Sluts need to have their cocks locked up! Only once in a while, when they have been behaving very good, they get unlocked for a much needed release. If they work for it and earn it, like this rubber slave. He must show his devotion and gently lick our high heels, he must suffer and feel the pain as his chastity cage gets tighter and tighter once we tease him with our legs, feet and shoes


Brat Princess 2 – Amber and Skyler – Break the Bank (1080 HD) – Hot Femdom – Spitting, Fetish

Brat Princess 2  Amber and Skyler  Break the Bank 1080 HD  Hot Femdom preview

00:14:17 | 1920×1080 | wmv | 1.04 GB

1080 HD In this instructional video, Princesses Amber and Skyler demonstrate how to completely financially destroy a male slave. They have lots of good tips and pointers for Dommes looking to drain every penny out of a slave’s financial reserves. Their method of totally financially dominating a slave is what they call “breaking the bank.” Breaking the bank is a process by which a girl physically beats on a male until it willingly submits. Amber and Skylar suggest ballbusting as one way to drive a slave into its own financial destruction. Both girls kick their demo slave over and over to illustrate how easily it falls to its knees and submits them. Amber explains that the slave must deposit every check directly to her. He isn’t allowed to retain any money for himself, but if she is feeling generous, she might allow it a small stipend for food. This slave grovels and begs for a food stipend. Amber and Skylar laugh and toy with it. When a slave begs, that called “cracking.” This piggy bank is definitely starting to crack. Skylar says that sometimes a slave can be reluctant, but you just have to keep kicking it until it gives.
If the ballbusting doesn’t seem to have the desired effect, you can try slapping your bank in the face. The girls demonstrate by slapping the slave in the face over and over, as hard as they can. Good hard slaps. The girls explain in this section how it helps to mix pain with humiliation. The girls spit all over the slave to really break and humiliate him.
In the final segment of this instructional video, Amber and Skylar show us one the last technique to totally break your human piggy bank. Beat it with a stick. Amber takes a big stick and just starts wailing on the slave’s body. Amber laughs and joins in. The girls take turns hitting the pig with the stick as hard as they can. The most surefire way to crack open a piggy bank is a good old-fashioned beating with a big stick. It works! The piggy breaks down and cries and agrees to let the girls drain the dregs of his financial reserves. Warning, this clip is BRUTAL!!!


Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Sasha – Shoe Licker Dominated by Brats (1080 HD) – Shoe Worship – Humiliation, Collar and Leash

Brat Princess 2  Amadahy and Sasha  Shoe Licker Dominated by Brats 1080 HD  Shoe Worship preview

00:20:31 | 1920×1080 | wmv | 1.50 GB

1080 HD Previously unreleased! Bratty girls, Amadahy and Sasha, have found a lowly little worm to toy with. They keep their new pet on a leash and make it follow behind them. The girls make the lowly worm lick their boots and heels. Hot girls can get a loser to do any humiliating thing. It is very demeaning for a grown man to be forced to lick the shoes of hot young girls, but it will do what the pretty girls command. The loser is locked in chastity. The hot girls make it lick and grovel at their heels. The loser follows, licks, and grovels. It has no choice but to obey. The girls make the loser admit it is weak for heels and boots. He admits his fetish. He is weak. The loser’s tongue gets black with the dirt from the pretty girls’ shoes. He does whatever the pretty girls say. The girls make the loser lay on the ground and wipe their heels all over his tongue. They tease his chastity while he licks their shoes. The girls are very happy while the loser grovels and serves.


Young Goddess Kim – Humiliation for Breakfast – Shoe Worship – Wet Heels, Spitting

Young Goddess Kim  Humiliation for Breakfast  Shoe Worship preview

00:15:58 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 578 MB

Every slave should start their day of servitude with humiliation for breakfast. What’s on the menu may differ as per My mood on that particular day. This morning I am not giving any of My left overs – instead I have a small **** of gruel for the bitch. slaves need to be degraded and reminded of their inferior position lest they assume they have any freedom of choice. My strict rule and command will be obeyed at all times. Seeing it suffer like this in chastity at the mercy of My Superior Stilettos does put a glorious smile on My face. “Beg for your breakfast, bitch!” Haha, I am amused at the pathetic sight of the helpless begging mutt. I do not permit it to lick out from the **** – but it has the privilege of lapping up the slop from My divine soles. licking and sucking from My heavenly heels. My powerful legs rest on its back as I shove its face in the ****. I even allow it to lick My sacred spit off the floor, making sure it does not miss a spot! What a mess this bitch has made, it will spend the rest of the morning cleaning up on all fours.