ClubDom – Liberated From Manhood by Jean and Lydia – Ball Shock – CBT – Lydia Supremacy, Dual Domination

ClubDom  Liberated From Manhood by Jean and Lydia  Ball Shock  CBT preview

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It’s now been thirty days since Jean Bardot and Lydia Supremacy have relieved their slave of his manhood. They decide that it is a good time for them to check in on their bitch. They let him out of his cage for inspection. Ms. Lydia compares his tiny dick with the size of her heel. Jean and Lydia laugh because her heel dwarfs their pathetic slave’s little unit. Mistress Jean has a remote control in her hand and now it’s obvious that the slave has a shocker attached to his balls. The Mistresses take turns spitting in their slave’s mouth as they shock his balls. Happy to know that their bitch still is missing his manhood, the ladies kiss, as they dismiss their bitch.


ClubStiletto – Lady Bellatrix – My Gift of Spit – Humiliation – Fetish, Femdom

ClubStiletto  Lady Bellatrix  My Gift of Spit  Humiliation preview

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Lady Bellatrix loves spitting on her slaves and feels it’s a sign of her generosity while insuring the slave also remembers his lowly status, nothing more than a spittoon really. She places a spreader in her slaves mouth to insure he can’t close it and then has him crawl down the stairs to lay his head below her so she can spit into it from high above. As she spits the slave knows he’s expected to catch each delicious gob and he frantically moves his head side to side to catch the gifts. Bellatrix scolds him for missing but also delights in seeing the spit land on various places on his face along with those he is able to swallow. Bellatrix horks to make sure many of the balls are nice and thick for the slave, almost like a meal.
She gives him credit for catching one of the balls in his mouth but reminds him that the spit is the reward and not to expect anything more than that. You get nice angles of the spit landing on the slaves face and body and dropping in his mouth and also great upward angles of the spit falling through the air as it leaves Bellatrix’s mouth. “Maybe if you’re lucky you’ll get a different type of liquid later as well” she tells him and then calls him a loser and says “Only a loser like you would lay there and let a hot lady like me spit on you.” Soon the slave is covered in spit and she comes down the step and uses her pantyhose to rub the spit on his face and then sticks her foot in his mouth but not before spitting on him some more. Finally she tells him to stay there and to wait until her friends arrives at which point he can holler for them to come in as she wants them all to see him laying there with his mouth clamped wide open. Who knows, they might want to turn it into a drinking game or something!


Brat Princess 2 – Valora – Mind Washed by Slave Training Specialist for its Keyholder (1080 HD) – Hypno – Hypnotic, Spit Fetish

Brat Princess 2  Valora  Mind Washed by Slave Training Specialist for its Keyholder 1080 HD  Hypno preview

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1080 HD Chloe has sent her pathetic chastity slave to Valora, a specialist in behavioral issues. Chloe’s slave that he has been a bad boy. Bad boys try to be in charge. Chloe’s slave needs to learn to give up trying to be in control and give himself over completely to the will of his keyholder. Valora tells Chloe’s slave that she is going to spend their time together to destroy his ego. She wants to take away every remaining shred of dignity. Chloe told her slave that she wants the new TV that he just selfishly bought for himself. She wants to give the slave’s new TV to her boyfriend. She feels that her boyfriend deserves it more. Chloe’s slave refused to give up the TV, and that’s what landed him here with Valora. She’s going to mind wash him so hard today so that in the future he won’t have the ability to EVER refuse his Goddess. This slave will undergo a tabula rasa and will revert to a blank state in which his sense of self has been completely erased. From now on the slave will truly identify as such, a slave and nothing more. He will relinquish all money and possessions to his Owner, Princess Chloe. Chloe will now truly own her slave, body, mind, and soul.


Asian Cruelty – Scratch Attack! – Queen Darla – Scratching – Faceslap, Fetish

Asian Cruelty  Scratch Attack  Queen Darla  Scratching preview

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My Slave looks so pathetic! Like he always does, as all useless men do.
I think that I will teach him a little lesson today, He’s been a little to happy lately and it sickens me. Besides I’m just kind of bored so I may as well put his pathetic ass to and entertain myself.
I have my belligerent piece of man meat strung up, naked and helpless, looking pitiful as always but he will look much worse once I have finished with him! My nails are sharpened and ready. My mouth is salivating in the anticipation of covering him in my goddess spittle.
I give my slave no leeway nor pardon as I slap his face and spit all over his disgusting face. I can see the humiliation mounting in him, he almost seems angry but openly displaying it would only further burden his flesh and mind as my ability to cause him pain would only escalate. He cannot escape my saliva, nor the anguish of my nails digging into his flesh nor the back handed blows slamming into his ugly face!


Asian Cruelty – A CRUEL LESSON FOR MY SLAVE – Goddess Mena – Humiliation, Fetish Gloves

 Asian Cruelty  A CRUEL LESSON FOR MY SLAVE   Goddess Mena  preview

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Today I am dressed to or almost anyways! My Shiny Red Corset forms perfect curves on my voluptuous body. And I am adorned with my Black latex garters and leather boots. Black gloves above my elbows. Oh yes I am Sexy! There is no doubt about it..
I will take my slave’s breath from him and control him in the most sensual yet sadistic of ways. I will tease and taunt him as I also torrture him. Denying him the simplest of bodily functions. My slave will not breath unless I allow it. He will suffer while entombed between my soft fleshy buttocks, He is in heaven, He is in Hell. such a befitting way to torment my slave..
Once I have finished with my sadistic side. I will allow him to partake of my boots. I will allow him to lovingly worship me. I allow him to be happy and content, for the moment, however it will be short lived.


The Mean Girls – Princess Ashley, Princess Chanel – Walking All Over Euro-Trash (1080 HD) – Trampling – Footdom, Burning

The Mean Girls  Princess Ashley Princess Chanel  Walking All Over EuroTrash 1080 HD  Trampling preview

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We decide it would be fun to literally walk all over this loser after we took all his $$$ and what little “dignity” he had left. So we drag him outside, use him as our human ashtray, spit on him, burn his back with our lit cigarettes and proceed to stomp all over him in our stilettos!
Poor loser is suffering like sooo bad underneath us…but we just think its funny, and remind him of what human garbage he is to us. Why does he put up with it? Because we are fucking HOT, that’s why!!
And because he says we are WAY better than any stupid “paid session” with some stupid ugly old dominatrix that like takes it easy on him n stuff. We REALLY want to hurt him and we really ENJOY it! And I guess it’s pretty obvious we don’t care about him LOL. But for freaks like this, that probably makes him want to serve us and give us all his money even MORE! LOL
We really do think its fucking funny to hurt him just to see how much he will take for us!
– Princess Ashley and Princess Chanel