Goddess Alexandra Snow – The Science of Porn – Instructions – Femdom, Jerkoff Commands

Goddess Alexandra Snow  The Science of Porn  Instructions preview

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You know how much I love science. I consider myself something of an expert in the field of male sexuality. There have been many studies over the years about arousal and porn. Being in the porn industry myself, I find the studies about porn particularly interesting. I’ve come to my own conclusions, and I’ve concluded that porn is actually very good for you. That’s right. This training of your arousal is a benefit to your personality. These temporary sexual outlets you give yourself are healthy. Therefore today I’m going to walk you through a new mental and physical training regimen through porn. Get your cock you, it’s time for your first session.


Queen Jennifer Marie – STROKE THE WAY I STROKE – LEVEL 2 – Forced Bi – Forced Fem, Female Domination

Queen Jennifer Marie  STROKE THE WAY I STROKE  LEVEL 2  Forced Bi preview

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Sit on your hands and knees below Me, where you belong. Stare up at my cock and listen to My voice as I guide you into this transformation. You thought this was about coercing you into being bisexual, but little did you know I had a plan all along. You figured it out, you’re right where I need you to be. Theres no going back now. You’re going to be begging Me to fuck your mouth in no time. You’re going to stroke the way I stroke, then I’ll make you choke.


London Lix – Premature Ejaculator For ME – Instructions – Verbal Humiliation, Jerk Off Instruction

London Lix  Premature Ejaculator For ME  Instructions preview

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Typically I’m not a fan of premature ejaculators. You guys can’t play my edging games, don’t need to go on clip binges, and a short, cheap clip can last you weeks, because you constantly pop before it’s over! But I’ve decided to change my tune. I’ve decided that I *like* you being a premature ejaculator for me…because it is for ME. You’re conditioning yourself to only be able to jerk it, never to be capable of a real sex life, and as such, you’ll remain forever mine. Your dick is broken; it only works for my clips, and that’s exactly how I want you, my little quick dick, my minute man…forever.


Princess Pilar – Mental Chastity Addiction – Submissive Training, Goddess Worship

Princess Pilar  Mental Chastity Addiction preview

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My teachings have proven highly effective and beneficial for you. In your constant state of submission, your thoughts and behaviors are intertwined with the codes I have indoctrinated into your psyche. In this session, I will reinforce your previous sexuality reprogramming. Watch Me, and follow My directions; I am sculpting you into absolute male perfection. Enjoy xo- Princess


Princess Miki – Submission is Bliss A Mesmerizing Mindfuck – Asian Worship, Femdom

Princess Miki  Submission is Bliss A Mesmerizing Mindfuck preview

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This clip will put you into a deep state of subspace through My soft, yet tantalizing voice with echo effects, binaural beats for sublime relaxation, and subliminal messaging that will feed you a deep desire to serve Me. It is best viewed with high quality headphones in a dark room, free of distraction.
Whether you are already claimed as My slave, or one who has been admiring from afar, this clip is for you. You will be glued in place as you watch My beautiful eyes stare straight into your soul. Your cock will throb, your mind will twitch, and every single aspect of your being will become mine.
I will empty your mind of any thoughts that may be cluttering it, and replace it with new ones that are far more important than anything else that could serve as a barrier between you and Me. Thoughts that don’t center around your Princess are just noise. You do not need noise. You need not think about anything other than Me.
You will experience pure bliss through this journey, but more importantly, you will sink further into your journey of binging, worshipping, and submitting to Me. You will learn that your true liberation can only result in accepting your place as My slave. You were born to serve. You will finally be free when you recognize this, and viewing this clip is the first step to truly embracing this fact.
NOTE: This clip took many more hours of editing than usual, but I opted to price it at My usual rate so My gospel will spread far and wide. Good boys who want to encourage Me to make more like these will use markup codes.


Princess Miki – Mesmerize Th3rap!st Finsub Training – Submissive Training, Slave Training

Princess Miki  Mesmerize Th3rapst Finsub Training preview

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You’ve scheduled an appointment with Me to discuss your masturbation addiction. Your weakness for women, your inability to stop watching porn has destroyed your personal life. In addition, you also have a dangerous financial domination addiction that has completely ruined your finances.
I tell you that I can help you, but the session quickly turns into a financial slavery mind fuck session. I turn you into My financial slave, knowing that the presence of a beautiful woman and her teasing can drive you into a pit of insanity that you can’t escape.
You came here for help, but knowing you are easy prey, I take advantage of your addiction, your weakness, and make you My pathetic paypig for life.


Princess Miki – Jerk to Reinforce Your Addiction – Instructions – POV, Slut Training

Princess Miki  Jerk to Reinforce Your Addiction  Instructions preview

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Congratulations, you get to stroke today, as the title suggests. It’s a privilege to do so, so before we proceed, repeat after Me: “Thank You, Miki.”
You are welcome. This is a good way to start, because I want you to stroke with gratitude for the entire duration of this session, and although stroking to Me is always filled with great erotic pleasure, that is not the focus today.
It is not about your pleasure. It is about worshipping Me. It is about controlling you through your cock. It is about deepening your addiction to Me with every stroke and every orgasm granted by Me.
Yes, more good news: you get to cum today. Actually cum. No ruined orgasms, no hours upon hours of edging without cumming. Your explosive orgasm will eventually result in a cleared mind and subsided horniness, but you will always remember how good this felt and you’ll only return for more.
This clip is about Me. About how good I make you feel, about how much more you crave Me each time I manipulate you with My sex appeal. Your cock controls your mind. I control your cock. That’s how I always end up finding a way inside your mind to mold you into what’s best for Me.


Princess Kitty Cash – All you need to know about CASH&GO FAQ I answer all your questions (GERMAN language) – Findom – Female Domination, Cash Princess

Princess Kitty Cash  All you need to know about CASHGO FAQ I answer all your questions GERMAN language  Findom preview

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Last time I had a few cash&go dates and I’m always getting mailed by losers who would like to present me theier money personaly. I know it is supposed to be the highlight in your sick life to stand/knee in front of me but there’s a lot of things to keep in mind cause I don’t meet you idiots just like that of course. In this clip I will answer all questions about cash & go and explain detailed how that sort of meeting will proceed, what you gotta do beforehand, what it will cost, what I will do to you, how long it will take, where it will be and so on… Alles was du über CASH&GO wissen musst FAQ Ich beantworte alle Fragen In letzter Zeit hatte ich wieder einige Cas&go Treffen und ständig schreiben mich neue Loser an die mir nur allzu gerne ihr Bargeld persönlich überreichen würden. Ich kann gut verstehen, dass es der absolute Höhepunkt in deinem kack Leben ist einmal real vor mir zu stehen bzw zu knien, aber natürlich gibt es da einiges zu beachten, denn ich treffe niemanden von euch Deppen einfach so. In diesem Clip werde ich alle Fragen rund um das Thema Cash&go ausführlich beantworten und ganz genau erklären wie ein solches Treffen abläuft, was du vorab tun musst, was es kostet, was ich konkret mit dir machen werde, wie lange es dauert, wo es stattfindet und und und…**ALL CLIPS ARE SPOKEN IN GERMAN**


Goddess Christina – Findom Slave Programming Torment – Mind Fuck, Mesmerize

Goddess Christina  Findom Slave Programming Torment preview

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You love worshiping a strong seductive badass woman. You feel the urge to submit and be of use to me. The idea of financial slavery scares you yet turns you on at the same time. You know your place is beneath me – serving me and pleasing me. The extra push is all you need. The tap that sends you barreling over the edge is what you require. When I get in your head you can’t resist. That’s all there is. Me. Your Goddess. The one you live for. The one you’ll sacrifice for. Giving to me brings you immense pleasure. It’s the source of all that you crave. You know what Goddess desires. And so you will provide exactly that. There’s No Mercy For Your Wallet! It’s time for your Torturous Findom Slave Programming. For that is exactly what you are. A slave completely owned by your Goddess Christina.