Goddess Angel – Cult of Angelism – Religious, JOI

Goddess Angel  Cult of Angelism preview

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Belonging is a common desire. You want to belong, belong to me, belong to my cult of devoted, loyal slaves, belong to something greater than what you can comprehend… Surely there’s a reason I have acquired men all over the world, happily following my orders, letting me guide them into the proper state of total and complete servitude… There must be something about me that has completely dismantled the willpower and internal strength of all types of men everywhere. Something that has compelled these slaves to fall into a deep entrancement, a reoccurring web of desire, need, the need to serve…. Dip your toes into the water, worship Goddess, take her words into consideration if you haven’t already, truly let yourself focus on the verbal masterpiece of this clip and feel yourself slip away slowly… Become one of Goddess Angel’s toys, become someone who simply belongs…


Ceara Lynch – Girlfriend Mesmerize Slave Brainwash – Degradation, POV

Ceara Lynch  Girlfriend Mesmerize Slave Brainwash preview

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I convince my boyfriend to try something new to spice up our sex life. I’ve been learning a new pleasure technique online called “Erotic Hipnosis,” and its supposed to make you cum like you’ve never before. All you have to do is relax, take deep breaths, and listen to my voice. When I snap my fingers, you’ll fall into a deep trance making your mind free to action and very susceptible. Feel yourself melting into your seat, warm clay, ready to be molded by my perfect hands. You’ll be open to my words and commands, willing to do anything to please your mesmerizing girlfriend. Soon you’ll be my mindless servant that will do whatever I say. The only thing that matters is serving your supreme Goddess. No longer my loving boyfriend, but a devoted slave. I make you repeat your mantras to serve me, pledging your life to me, convincing yourself that this is the life YOU chose yourself!


Bratty Bunny – Cum shot – Eat – Repeat – Instructions, Slut Training

Bratty Bunny  Cum shot  Eat  Repeat preview

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First thing is first, cum shot in a glass. Put it aside. Get it all ready for me. Start jerking for me. You’re going to cum again for me. A nice JOI, some edging in there too. Lucky slave, huh? You already know what’s going to happen, don’t you? You’ll be teased into eating your shot glass of cum. You’re just obsessed with watching me and doing what I say, huh?! You cannot resist jerking and eating your cum for me. That’s a good slave for Goddess.


Divine Bitches – Mona Wales, Papa Georgio – Mona Wales milks her daddy’s new associate for assets – Hot Femdom – Prostate Stimulation, Dildo Fucking

Divine Bitches  Mona Wales Papa Georgio  Mona Wales milks her daddys new associate for assets  Hot Femdom preview

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Mona Wales knows a man whore when she sees one and Papa Georgio is the biggest man whore around with access to her father’s assets. Georgio doesn’t stand a chance against Mona’s wiles. Impressed by her boldness and eager to serve, Georgio agrees to help her rip off her father. But 1st Georgio must prove his loyalty and Mona puts him to the test to ensure he won’t crack under pressure. She brings him to his knees and has him worship her stocking-clad legs.


Princess Ashley – Designer Yoga Pants Slave – Asslicking, Submissive Training

Princess Ashley  Designer Yoga Pants Slave preview

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Losers like you fund My entire workout wardrobe, just like everything else. It doesn’t matter that I already have 30 or 40 pairs of expensive yoga pants and sports bras, you’ll buy Me more and more. I’m a spoiled bratty Princess and I get whatever the fuck I want and you losers pay for it! You are so weak for Me in these yoga clothes you just can’t help but go to My wishlist and buy Me some more.


Christy Berrie – Cum Breath – Submissive Training, Humiliation

Christy Berrie  Cum Breath preview

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I want everyone to know what a little cum slut you are, whore! No cum cup or facials today. You’re going to brush that filthy little slut mouth with your own cum! Jerk it the best way you know how, hump your hand like the horny little fuck you are, work up a HUGE load. Everyone’s going to smell that cummy breath- they might not be able to put their finger on what the smell is, but it’ll catch on eventually since you WILL be doing this daily. Mouth coated in cum, gargle and dont spit, cum bitch!


The Mean Girls – Princess Ashley, Princess Chanel – This Slaves A Real Drag (1080 HD) – Humiliation – Smoking, Female Domination

The Mean Girls  Princess Ashley Princess Chanel  This Slaves A Real Drag 1080 HD  Humiliation preview

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This is just plain ABUSE. LOL. We have been abusing this loser all day and Ashley decides to just start dragging it around on its leash- while it has its hands cuffed behind its back and is made to CRAWL behind her!
We whip it, beat it, and kick it! (And we do it all outside, right out in the open- with our neighbors walking by haha!!! The slave was sooo embarrassed!! Not to mention it was in PAIN…apparently its like really hard to crawl on your knees on hard cement while your hands are tied behind your back?? LOL We don’t care- we just drag it around like a canine on a leash and kick it around like a soccer ball lol.
(Princess Skylar is filming it all for us and laughing her ass off while we abuse the F*CK outta him! You can hear her behind the camera in a lot of the clip..)