Goddess Angel – Lifestyle Cuck – Goddess Worship, Joi

Goddess Angel  Lifestyle Cuck preview

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See something you like, cuckie? Has your mind given into the urges, the desire, the temptations that you have for me? Have you already racked your brain for ways to defend yourself from this rather brutal verbal beat down I’m about to give you? Or have you already accepted the fact that you’ll NEVER be the one tasting, touching, grabbing, fucking me? You don’t deserve it. You simple weren’t made for something like. this, sexual pleasure with the woman you lust after. It makes sense, doesn’t it? It’s almost scary how much you find yourself agreeing with my truths. You’re a fucking cuck, you love to hear my hot sex stories of steamy nights, how he fucks me in al the right spots, makes me cum, and fills me up. You secretly love giving into your fucked up cuckold fantasies, envisioning how exactly I fuck his brains out, and how I’d ridicule you right in front of him, how WE’D, humiliate you. Jerk, jerk, jerk all you want, you’ll never have me, but I will cuck you out.


Young Goddess Kim – Transfixed – Shiny Clothing, Orgasm Denial

Young Goddess Kim  Transfixed preview

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When you find yourself lingering in My captivating presence you know it is inevitable. you will lose yourself, deeply to My will. My beauty bewitches you so naturally you don’t realize it until it’s too late. I have already claimed your body and mind. I have no need for spirals to take you down into My abyss of arousal. My enchanting spell is no magic trick. you are drawn deep into My eyes and dropped low at My feet because it is where you have always belonged. When My powerful energy has taken over you, resistance is futile. you have fallen for Me. you would do anything for Me. you only touch yourself when I say, and only how I say. you expect no relief from your arousal that turns to agony. It’s an honor to sacrifice for Me. Let you desire burn long and slow. Look into My eyes. My enrapturing gaze renders you motionless with wonder. you are transfixed.


Goddess Alexandra Snow – My Tits Are Too Good for You – Goddess Worship, Tease & Denial

Goddess Alexandra Snow  My Tits Are Too Good for You preview

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I continue to find your obsession with my breasts extremely fascinating. Since the beginning of my career I’ve been inundated with requests to bare my beautiful tits to the world. Now I’ll be fair, they are amazing breasts. I love to tease men with them. I love to play with them. I love the way they look and feel when wrapped up in leather or latex. Unfortunately for you, I’m never going to bare them fully. I don’t have to, so why should I? I get an immense amount of pleasure teasing you with them. I just cover my nipples with my hands and you’re a raging jerk monster. It’s so satisfying to me. You’re one strip of cloth away from seeing my full, round, amazing breasts.


Ella Kross & Anna Myst – Jerk Off to My Ass Game – Masturbation Instruction, Tease & Denial

Ella Kross  Anna Myst  Jerk Off to My Ass Game preview

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Sitting outside with the gorgeous Anna Myst, we announce that we`re going to be playing a little game with you today. You`re going to jerk-off off to my sexy ass, but the moment I turn around you have to stop. That`s right; you`re going to stroke your cock while I show off my gorgeous ass but you better stop when I turn and face you or you`ll be punished! with the rules layed out, Anna instructs you to begin touching yourself while I stand and flaunt my nice, round bottom in your face. Towering over you I tease you with my sexy ass while you stroke your hard cock before abruptly turning to face you which means you better stop touching yourself! Over and over again we play our cruel game, having you jerk your hard cock only to have you stop which makes it impossible for you to cum. Will we ever let you blow your big load? Watch and find out, loser!


Miss Alisandra – 1 Minute Cum Challenge For Tit Addicts – Tease & Denial, Edging Games

Miss Alisandra  1 Minute Cum Challenge For Tit Addicts preview

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You know how weak My tits make you. They are powerful to the extent where no man can ever resist them. You are not an exception. I have a challenge for you today – you are not allowed to touch your dick until I allow it. I will tease you mercilessly, playing with My big natural tits, pushing them in your face, stepping away leaving you begging for more… All while you’re forbidden to touch yourself. And just when you’ll feel like this sweet Torment will never end, I’ll give you a minute. One sweet short minute to stroke your dick hard and fast and cum for My tits. Will you make it?


Mistress Ezada Sinn – Orgasm For Me, Pain For You – Tease & Denial, Female Domination

Mistress Ezada Sinn  Orgasm For Me Pain For You preview

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I have a task for you today: I know how much you love to see Me aroused, I know it really turns you on, so I want you to put a Kali’s teeth cock-ring on your cock, while it’s still flaccid. If you don’t have one – you can improvise one (see instructions here on My website). Or at least squeeze your cock in a tight ring of power tape with rice grains on the inside.
Now that I know your cock is locked in this pain-bringing device, I am getting aroused. And seeing Me aroused is definitely making your cock swell and push against those spikes, giving you stronger and stronger pain, which in turn arouses Me even more. It’s a circle, you see, you will look at Me, getting horny because of your pain and pleasing Myself with My magic wand, giving Myself orgasm after orgasm at your expense, and that will bring you even more pain, meaning more pleasure for Me… but you like it, don’t you?


Brookelynne Briar – How Bad Do you Want it? – Femdom, Tease & Denial

Brookelynne Briar  How Bad Do you Want it preview

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Have you been behaving yourself? Or have you secretly been jerking off behind my back when you know you weren’t supposed to. I’m not convinced you have been absolutely obedient to my every wish. I think we may need to see just how much of an obedient little whore you are. Start by getting your dripping cock out, and listen to how I want you to stroke it, while you imagine my pink little pussy in your face. But, don’t you dare cum before I say you can. Only good little sluts get to cum for me. Bad sluts have to carry their blue balls around with them for days. Which are you? I have a feeling you are going to be horribly teased and denied.


Bikini Blackmail Ballbust Lyne – Full Blown Shiny Addict pt 4 – Tease & Denial, Shiny Clothing

Bikini Blackmail Ballbust Lyne   Full Blown Shiny Addict pt 4 preview

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I know you’re unable to resist My perfect body all drenched in shiny. This time I’m in a skin tight latex one piece… just to fuck with your head even more. Enjoy this clip as I tease you relentlessly… knowing exactly what to do and say to grow your addiction to Me in anything shiny!


Miss Ceara Lynch – Fuck Boy Ass Worship – Humiliation, Female Domination

Miss Ceara Lynch  Fuck Boy Ass Worship preview

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Fuck Boys have a place in this world… under my ass! I know what you’re thinking when you see me walk by and see my perfect round ass, wanting to grab my juicy cheeks and stick your face in my crack. You’re such a creepy douche bag, your perverted eyes locked on my butt You can’t stop obsessing over my wonderful booty. What a loser, completely in love with my ass. I give your butt sniffing life meaning. You dream of licking my anus through my thin satin panties, flossing your teeth with my thong. I’ll consider letting you service my amazing ass if you beg. Let me know how much eating my ass out would complete your wildest fantasies!