No Boy Too Big To Fail – Female Domination, Teasing

No Boy Too Big To Fail preview

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You know me, you know I love boys. All boys — I’m guy crazy, always have been, and I’m GOOD them-I call it girl magic, and the force is stronggg with me. x1f609;
My favorite boys to mesmerize are the one who “warn” me they`ve big penises, like somehow, my evil flirt magic will evaporate when faced with a big dick. … I so should have called this video “Jedi Hand Tricks,” hahaha, hilarious and true.


SubbyHubby – Raven and Alyssa’s New Hire Part 2 – Pussy Tease – Sissy Slut, Female Domination

SubbyHubby  Raven and Alyssas New Hire Part 2  Pussy Tease preview

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The new slave has proven himself worthy with his foot worship skills. Goddess Raven and Dommes Alissa decide to keep the slut around. Sissy Cami is now naked in a pink collar on his knees. Mistress Raven tells the sissy bitch that if he wants this job he is going to have to learn how to behave like a sissy n walk like a sissy. Wearing a very tight dress, Raven forces her slaves face into her ass and tells him to get used to this position. She lifts up Goddess Alissa’s dress revealing her beautiful round soft ass. Domina Raven shoves Cami’s face into Alissa’s bare ass and tells the slave to prove how much he needs the job. He is forced to eat Dominatrix Alissa’s ass until she is satisfied. Mistress Raven is verbally humiliating n directing Cami to sniff Alissa’s pussy while she plays with herself. Sissy Cami is learning what it takes to be Mistress Alissa and Mistress Raven’s sissy slave.
Part 1 – Foot Worship


Carlin Says – Foot Fetish Therapy – electric, Bondage Male

Carlin Says  Foot Fetish Therapy preview

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With the subject screwed down, our experimental foot fetish removal process can begin. With a state-of-the-art Violet Wand technique, Dr. Petrova herself becomes a conductor. Her feet touch the patient, a shock travels through her and to the bound pervert. He writhes n tries to escape, her feet, as she shocks n shocks with the very object of his desire. By the end, tempting him with a ‘foot job‘, we start to see some interesting results…


Goddess Alexandra Snow – 100 Days In The Cage – Teasing, Goddess Snow

Goddess Alexandra Snow  100 Days In The Cage preview

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My slave has been in his cock cage for over 100 days now. He’s begged n pleaded to be free of his cage and gain some release. He knows I am too nice to just pop it open and let him have a jerk though. I decide to tease him. I touch and stroke his cock inside the cage as it begins to swell n bulge outside of its confines. He moans at the pressure of my hands through his cage. He’s wanted to jerk off for over a hundred days. I can sense his longing for release. But I am not a kind Goddess.
I will torment and tease his cock until his cage threatens to break apart.


Worship Amanda – Cuck for Life – Forced Bi, Femdom

Worship Amanda  Cuck for Life preview

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You will always be just a cuckold serving an alpha couple for the rest of your life. You will never get to be the man that gets to lick my perfect pink pussy until I cum, fuck me all night or day long or even the guy that gets to take me out to a nice dinner. You would be the loser under the table waiting to pick up the check. You would be the pathetic loser on the couch across from our bed with a hard dick in your hands…. always just watching and never participating. I bet you have thought about what it would be like if I let you do some participating, but it’s not in the way I think you’re hoping.


Vicious Femdom Empire – Cruel Intentions – Alexis Monroe – Cock Cage, Bondage Male

Vicious Femdom Empire  Cruel Intentions  Alexis Monroe preview

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Mistress Alexis loves keeping her boy’s locked in chastity but she is also aware that slave’s love it just as much! Slave’s love nothing more than to have their cock locked tightly away but Dominatrix Alexis is about to change that. With the cruelest and most painful chastity on the market soon every boy will be begging n pleading with there lives to never be locked up again.