Princess Lyne – My Personal Property – Financial Domination, Submissive

Princess Lyne  My Personal Property preview

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you are nothing more than My personal property. You exist for Me! you are here for My amusement, My personal gain, to Make My life easier… you exist for ME and ME alone. Without Me you are NOTHING. You understand this, don’t you? Of course you do. Without Me you would cease to exist. It’s really quite simple, you see. you were born at the bottom, and I was born at the top. Peons like you exist to serve Me. Finally your life has purpose after you become My personal property. Essentially this video is a reminder of why you were put here on this earth – to serve as My PERSONAL PROPERTY.


Countess Crystal Knight – Only Non Nude JOI For You – Pussy Worship, Tit Worship

Countess Crystal Knight  Only Non Nude JOI For You preview

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If you’re reading this, you’ve adopted the censored life, or at least you’re about to. You know you are such an addict you’ll do anything for me, and we both know that losers don’t deserve nudity. No nipples, no asshole, no pussy. The only thing you get is extremely erotic IMPLIED teasing that will drive you crazy. I love reminding you that you are only allowed non-nude jerking sessions, loser. It’s more generous than you deserve anyways so make sure to pay double with markup code : nonnudeforcrystal


Princess Lexie – Bikini Tease… and Denial? – Jerk Off Instruction, Goddess Worship

Princess Lexie  Bikini Tease and Denial preview

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Look at Me in this sexy bikini…I bet you want Me to tease you, isn’t that right? You want to be teased like crazy while I tell you EXACTLY how to stroke your dick!
Well this is the perfect clip for you, jerk off. I love instructing you on how to stroke, giving you 5-20 strokes at a time, making you all excited and then telling you to STOP! hahahahaha…
I know you’re also OBSESSED with my cum countdowns…and guess what? This clip has one! But here’s the catch…I may not let you bust a nut…maybe I will….maybe I won’t….watch it to find out!


Miss London Lix – Pussy Tease and Denial – Pussy Worship, Panty Fetish

Miss London Lix  Pussy Tease and Denial preview

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My most explicit, close-up pussy denial clip yet! These sheer lace panties are so perfect for teasing you pussy worship addicts. Barely there, yet still keeping that sacred little box firmly off limits to you. Get up close between my legs and stroke for what you’ll never have. I run my nails over my soft skin, outlining my panties. I push my finger between those silky folds, an area you’ll never explore. You’re encouraged to pump your cock hard and fast, get excited for this pussy. But ultimately know, you’re forever denied.


Bratty Bunny – Face Sitter – Femdom, Tease & Denial

Bratty Bunny  Face Sitter preview

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You are SO close to my pussy and asshole. Lucky you, letting my perfect body rest on top of your face. Getting to smell my sweet scent, getting your nose right in there, pressing against my pussy and squishing your face right up against my yummy butt crack. You would do anything to get the chance for my perfect bottom to be placed upon your face. Look at these thin panties, they are the only thing keeping you from tasting me. Don’t you love being under my like this? Letting me use you as my chair.