Silvia Saige – One Snap To Her Snatch – Instructions, Masturbation Instruction

Silvia Saige  One Snap To Her Snatch preview

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Silvia is a gorgeous brunette MILF with an old school sensibility. She is all about pleasing her man. Today, she wants to please you with one little click, her bra strap coming undone. When she takes off her bra, we see her incredibly firm and beautiful boobs on display, inviting us in with warmth only a MILF of this caliber can offer. Then she gets a little more comfortable. She pulls down her skirt and reveals her tight, mature snatch that is ready to be grabbed. She rubs her nether regions while asking you to slide your hard cock in her. Then she fingers herself, screaming for more. She even smacks her own ass while encouraging you to fuck her harder. Sometimes we all need some old fashioned loving.


Mistress T – Reward Tease – Femdom, Denial

Mistress T  Reward Tease preview

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Custom vid, no name mentioned. Due to your pornography addiction, you’re not allowed to see me completely naked but I love to tease you….& you love to be teased, so it’s kind of a reward for you & fun for me. Win-win.
I make fun of your tiny 4 inch dick and humiliate you for having a collection of used panties you’ve bought from women & your obsession with women’s periods & tampons.


Goddess Alexandra Snow – Hands Free Explosion – Sensual, Orgasm Control

Goddess Alexandra Snow  Hands Free Explosion preview

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My slave has been tied and teased for hours on end and he is positively ready to burst. I am not about to give him a quick relief, so I restrain him to the bondage bed and begin to tease him even further. I tease him with my breasts, hair, voice, and finally my hands. It is a grueling 12 minutes of aching tease that finally errupts in a completely touch free ruined orgasm.. that he must thank me for. He spurts and dribbles all over himself as I laugh at his frustration.
All it takes in the lightest touch and he explodes.


Young Goddess Kim – Locktober is not over! – Asslicking, Stilettos

Young Goddess Kim  Locktober is not over preview

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With only a few days left, the fact remains: Locktober is not over! What better way to start the final countdown then by teasing your locked cock to tears n full balls blue. I have created the ultimate chastity tease n denial compilation – using the best tease scenes in such a way to create a flowing, non stop erotic tease that will break you. you may recognise some of these top selling clips – but this compilation is a new clip in itself. In the entire 31 minutes, you may not take your eyes away from My captivating and torturous tease – no matter how hard you beg for mercy or how much your prison dick aches. Your helpless suffering in the cock cage is exactly what I want. Beg all you like – Locktober is not over!


Young Goddess Kim – Forbidden Fruit – Masturbation Encouragement, Femdom

Young Goddess Kim  Forbidden Fruit preview

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I am your Goddess, your Mesmerizing Muse, The One you bow down to and confess your hidden weaknesses to. Begging for Me to take you, begging for Me to mold you into My good slave. The power I have over you brings you to your knees and the more control I take from you, the more you crave to surrender to Me. Completely. To let go and give it all to Me. Every last drop of your manhood. you have been trying, but without Me – you are useless and incapable. you need My guidance, My inspiration, My command over every single stroke you take. The game you are about to play is going to take you on the path to surrender. This game will program your cock and mind for My pleasure. Beware My tease doesn’t have you fail, for this time you will resist temptation. your mouth will salivate at the Forbidden Fruit I tempt you with, as you know My Forbidden Fruit has the sweetest taste. But in My garden of pleasure, you will obey My rules and withstand the longest laps over and over to the exact beat to give Me all control, to make you Mine. Includes: Edging Masturbation Instruction using timed metronome at various speed and intervals. The rules are explained in the beginning of the game.


Mistress Harley – Castraing You Like Livestock – Cocktease, Financial Domination

Mistress Harley  Castraing You Like Livestock preview

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Boys like you are basically the same as livestock to me. You work for me, you are part of my stable, and you ended up there because you just don’t measure up in all the ways other men do. Men like you end up in my stable because you’re basically a sexually useless gelding, to be used as a work horse. Do you know what happens to livestock that’s not used for breeding? They get castrated, and I’m going to do the same thing to you. Once you get used to living without those distracting male parts you’ll be a much more dedicated work horse for me.