The Mean Girls – Princess Carmela – Beat It And Eat It (1080 HD) – Tease And Denial, Teasing

The Mean Girls  Princess Carmela  Beat It And Eat It 1080 HD preview

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It is the time to practice your cum eating for me today. I want to give you some extremely sensual JOI so you actually “get in the mood” to eat it joyfully. I am going to as I tease you in the most erotic ways, and then coerce you to cum and eat it MY way! It is going to be seductive, dominating, instructive, and beyond exhilarating when you eat loads of cum for your Princess. First, it’s going to start off easy and then slowly begin testing your obedience…every time making you go more & more extreme for me.


Sarah DiAvola – Edged to Blue 3 – Bikini Goddess, Erotic

Sarah DiAvola  Edged to Blue 3 preview

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This is it. One of My most-imitated yet never-duplicated creations. My specialty. My sensual domination. My sadistic lover tease. I take you by the cock and lead you on a rollercoaster masturbation session, building you up… balancing your plateau… and buffering your pleasure. Up, down, faster, slower, I instruct your hand as if it is Mine. “I” stroke your cock until it works into a thick, stiff, throbbing erection, and then I let off and start teasing more mercilessly. I start again, just as you’re starting to catch your breath. “I” manipulate that penis until it’s oozing precum and begging Me for release. And I say “no.” The anticipation, the build-up, the denial, the intensity of the tease is unbearable. I have you sweating, panting, shuddering, begging. I have you right where I want you. Isn’t it excruciating, to watch Me touch Myself, pleasure Myself, expose Myself, while you cannot even lay a finger on your own body without My permission? Knowing that I’m not even going to let you cum at the end…makes it hurt so fucking good. …you love every moment of it. This may be the 3rd in a series of the same name, but I want you to dive deep into My collection for My world-renowned and universally-praised edging teases. My best-selling video is Dick Tease, and I highly suggest adding it to your cart if you really want to spend the entire day and night together.


Mistress Harley – Cameltoe Panties Pussy Worship – Femdom, Brat Girls

Mistress Harley  Cameltoe Panties Pussy Worship preview

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You know a loser like you will never see my gorgeous perfect shaved pussy, so get on your fucking worthless knees to worship my pussy in these nearly see through black cotton panties. They’re soooo far up my ass that my perfect jiggly booty is hanging out, and these panties are so tight you can almost see my pussy lips exploding out the sides. Press your nose into the screen while you try to inhale my scent and beg to buy my dirty panties just so you can get a taste


Mistress Harley – Camel Toe Worship – Teasing, Femdom

Mistress Harley  Camel Toe Worship preview

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My tiny little outfits always make guys like you stare, especially when they go right up my pussy, making a perfect camel toe. I know you love imagining the lips of my pussy waiting just beneath this shiny thin fabric. I know how much you want to touch and worship that soft shiny camel toe, after all, that’s as close to my perfect pussy as you would ever get. Guys like you are denied pussy, that’s why you fixate so much on that sexy camel toe. Get on your knees and worship this sexy camel toe, and remind yourself how pussy denied you really are