Young Goddess Kim – Estim Chastity Lockdown – Female Supremacy, Rubber

Young Goddess Kim  Estim Chastity Lockdown preview

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I loved your E-stim Treatment – No Escape clip. I would humbly pay you to make a clip in the same style, if you could?
You’re dressed in a latex catsuit and in an evil mood. You tell me that your goal is to test that my new chastity device won’t break. Although you really expecting it to. It will be my job to prove your right. I am restrained, completely immobilized. The electrodes from the advanced electro stimulation device is connected to my chastity device, cock and balls. You instruct me to break the chastity device with my erection, while you tease me.To keep my motivation on top, you tell me you’re going to turn on the e-stim if I fail to break the cage You start to tease me. I love crotch, ass, legs and close up of your face. After a few minutes you’re clearly irritated that the cage don’t break you turn on the e-stim to the low level. You know I love nipple Torment so you add nipple clamps to my sensitive nipples. Five more minutes with teasing and you turn the e-stim to medium level. You twist the nipple clamps and tell me to do a better job. Five more minutes with teasing and you turn the e-stim to maximum level. Twisting the nipple clamps again. After five minutes with the e-stim device on maximum level it’s me that breaks and not the device. I can’t handle it anymore and begs you to stop. Satisfied you turn it off and remove the nipple clamps. You tell me that you of course knew the chastity device never would break. Since I couldn’t handle the pain, you punish me with a month in chastity before my next e-stim session.


The Mean Girls – Goddess Rodea – Chronic Masturbater Gets Chastity (1080 HD) – Cock Locked, Orgasm Denial

The Mean Girls  Goddess Rodea  Chronic Masturbater Gets Chastity 1080 HD preview

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CUSTOM CLIP – I have done as u asked and was wondering if you could do custom chastity clip for me please Goddess. For the basic script would it be OK if you could just talk about how you really think a chronic masturbator should not be allowed to jerk off all the time, how it should be locked and owned by a Goddess such as yourself. How it will never be allowed 2 attempt to please a women again and that you will be in control of how and if it ever receives pleasure. also that seeing as my cock will now be locked up by you that now my ass will be my sole source of pleasure and it to be used as you say Goddess.


Princess Kaelin – Assume the loser position – POV, Teasing

Princess Kaelin  Assume the loser position preview

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I know you’re a little virgin jerk-a-holic. You’re addicted to my ass and you’re going to stay that way loser! From now on if you want to cum to me. Youre going to have to cum in the loser position. aThat means on your back legs up over your head with your pathetic dick pointing at your loser face! Then you have to eat all that cum up and you’ll do it bc this is your sex life… you will never get a real girl so enjoy the view and do as your told! (custom clip with the name Will used throughout)


Princess Ellie Idol – Hired by your wife – Teasing, Denial

Princess Ellie Idol  Hired by your wife preview

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You wake up next to a beautiful woman, confused. Your wife has hired me. No, not for sex, silly. She’s hired me to take you out. You don’t fuck her anymore. You don’t appreciate her. What’s the point of living with you anymore? You are holding her back from getting any form of affection. With you gone, she can find true love. You’re more interested in wanking off to porn! Duh! She knows you, and she knows your type. She knows what gets you aroused. Hence, why she hired ME. See, she is already done her half of the job…giving you the drug to k!11 you. She slipped it into your dinner, and you were too dumb to notice. Here’s where I come in… The drug only works if you orgasm within 3 days of ingestion. I already am giving you a raging hard on, in my black lingerie. You have a choice. Resist and live….or fuck me & d1e. I already know the answer…I’m gonna ride the life out of you.


Mandy Flores – Poisonous revenge – Female Domination, Home Wrecker

Mandy Flores  Poisonous revenge preview

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I married and your father just for his money and he went behind my back and left it all to you. His son…Im sure he was just looking out for you but what he did was far worse. As you count your money right in front of me I begin to seduce you & talk sweetly how you are now the man of the house. Now you will fill your Fathers shoes. I know u must have been jealous of your father with his new beautiful wife n now Im all yours…it leads to me putting on some poisonous perfume and just with a few sniffs you begin to get weaker and weaker. Your heart begins to beat faster and I tell you to go ahead and jerk, if you cum to me well both feel better about the whole misunderstanding. As you go over the edge I confess that I have poisoned you and to say hello to your Father for me.