Brat Princess 2 – Veronica – 18 Year Old Manipulates Step Father into Worshipping her Perfect Young Feet (1080 HD) – Teen, Foot Licking

Brat Princess 2  Veronica  18 Year Old Manipulates Step Father into Worshipping her Perfect Young Feet 1080 HD preview

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1080 HD 18-Year-Old Veronica knows that her perverted step-father gets turned on by her sexy, young, feet. She has allowed her step-father to worship them, in secret. Now Veronica has complete control over her step-father because if he doesn’t do everything she wants she will reveal his perversions to her mother. Veronica wants her step-father to continue to worship her perfect young feet because the more he gives into his fetish, the more control the 18-year-old girl has over the middle-aged man.
Veronica slowly seduces and coerces her step-father into more foot worship. He is resistant because even though he is obsessed with his step-daughter’s feet, he does not feel right about worshipping them. He is terrified that one day Veronica will tell his wife about their little family secret. Veronica assures her step-dad that she won’t tell. Guiltily, her step-dad gives in and indulges in worshipping his 18-year-old step-daughter’s feet.
Veronica positions herself so that her step-father must look up her dress while he licks her highly-arched soles. With her perverted step-father looking up her dress, Veronica convinces him to give her more money in her allowance so that she can buy more clothes like the ones he likes to see her wear. Veronica’s step-dad puts up a bit of a fuss. He can’t keep giving his step-daughter so much money. His wife thinks he spoils the girl as it is. Veronica gives her step-dad some more time worshipping her feet to think about what she’s asked for. While he’s good and horny, the 18-year-old asks her step-dad for an extra $200 every week for shopping. Veronica’s step-dad finally agrees to give her the extra weekly allowance. Veronica demands that her step-father call her “Princess” from now on. Veronica’s step-father agrees to all his 18-year-old step-daughter’s terms. Pleased, Veronica allows the pervert to go back to worshipping her beautiful young toes.


Brat Princess 2 – Kat – Crawl Over here and Kiss My Feet Old Man (Complete) (1080 HD) – Humiliation, Foot Licking

Brat Princess 2  Kat  Crawl Over here and Kiss My Feet Old Man Complete 1080 HD preview

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1080 HD Bratty 18-year-old, Kat, is so mean to her fat old loser. She makes him crawl around after her heels, kissing her feet. A hot 18-year-old girl can get an old fool to do anything. The loser humiliates himself crawling on the floor after a girl he can never have. Princess Kat demands her tribute from her old fool. She wants a nice big wad of cash from the groveling faggot. The loser opens its wallet and presents Kat with all the money inside. Kat is not satisfied with the amount. She knows that the old fool can do better to provide for her. She expects more. Kat gives her loser a few hard slaps in the face. It promises to do better and give her a bigger tribute next week. Kat is not happy. She wants more money now. Kat slaps the old fool in the face, even more, to let him understand how mad she is about not getting all the money she wants from him immediately.
Kat makes the loser lick the bottoms of her dirty heels. She counts her tribute while he licks the dirt from her shoes. Kat gets mad that her loser tried to give her some singles. She hates singles. They are peasant money. Princess doesn’t want anything smaller than a twenty. Kat laughs at her old fool while it cleans her shoes with his tongue. He is so pathetic. Kat can make the old fool do anything she wants. The old man is so desperate to make the pretty 18-year-old girl happy. Kat spits on her shoe and makes the old loser lick it off. He does it and Kat laughs. She completely owns him. Kat makes the old loser beg to worship her feet. It begs. Kat uses the old fool for a foot worshipping. He is such a pathetic dirty old man. Kat knows she’s got him ready for a deep wallet fuck. She tells him that they`re going to go to the ATM and she is going to fuck his wallet hard. The old fool agrees to do whatever his Princess wants. Kat is pleased.


Ariana Marie – Asian Schoolgirl For Daddy – POV Handjob, Jerkoff Commands

Ariana Marie  Asian Schoolgirl For Daddy preview

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Daddy I know how much you love it when I get all dolled up and put my asian schoolgirl outfit on for you, I can see how excited you get. Do I look pretty Daddy? I am not wearing panties Daddy just like you told me, may I please have your cum for being such a good girl? Daddy I want to be a good girl and make you cum with my little mouth. Please Daddy I have been so good….please give me some of your precious cum Daddy…. your so good to me Daddy


ScissorVixens – SVDL 1202 – Naomi Swann – Teenage Assassin! – Smothering, Scissored

ScissorVixens  SVDL 1202  Naomi Swann  Teenage Assassin preview

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When we were 1st introduced to GORGEOUS 18 year old (at the time of this posting) Naomi Swann…we knew this young cutie had the looks, attitude and LETHAL LEGS to fit right in with our long list of ScissorVixens!
At 1st glance, we were concerned that she may be a bit too petite and possibly too shy and unsure of herself.
But once she slipped into a form-fitting leotard…we could see that although petite…she had a very athletic physique!
Naomi has a gymnastics background and also attended a highly regarded private school where discipline was something she learned and eventually administered.
And we are certain you are going to LOVE watching Naomi Swann administer discipline one SKULL CRUSHING scissor hold after the other right here on ScissorVixens!
In her debut ScissorVixen video, young 18 year old Naomi Swann is finding out that paying for college isn’t cheap.
Having recently graduated from a prestigious military school where part of the curriculum was learning lethal self-defense techniques…she’s eventually approached by an agency to rid society of unsavory characters in exchange for lucrative compensation.
Well…what else is a young college girl to do when paying for books, courses, dorm room fees and the occasional campus party are so damn expensive!?
Watch as Naomi Swann takes on one of her 1st assignments paying a visit to a man who she knows little about other than he’s a bad influence on society and she is being paid very well to get rid of him…for good!
Naomi Swann is an instant hit in her first ScissorVixen video and one you don’t want to miss titled ‘Naomi Swann the Teenage Assassin!’.