FuckedFeet – Dee Dee Lynn’s Long Toes! – Foot Worship – Sperm, Milking

FuckedFeet  Dee Dee Lynns Long Toes  Foot Worship preview

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Like LONG TOES and LONG LEGS??!! How bout hot freckled redheads with fair skin? Here is Dee Dee Lynn. For all you long toe lovers, this is YOUR GIRL! She is extremely Girl-Next-Door and very hot. The kind of girl you’d see in a mall. She has only done a few foot fetish scenes before and she enjoys it a lot. She’s 22 years old and from Southern California. She is originally from Florida, however. She also has size 7.5-8 feet, depending on the shoe. Her toes are also very very flexible. Check out her extremely high arches as she dangles her heels. You can see the arches popping right out of her closed toe heels, in fact. Her feet are super soft since she wears tennis sneakers without socks often. Dee Dee then holds up her feet and wrinkled soles to the camera and you get great closeups and a great view of her long toes! Check out the awesome angles of Dee Dee Lynn’s long legs and super high arches and wrinkled soles in the Pose Position. .https://fetishfemdom.org/. She lays on the large ottoman with her soles facing upward. Great wrinkled soles! She then brings her legs toward her body and you can see the tops of her feet and LONG TOES. Great closeups of her feet from several different vantage points. Then, I get to suck on her Lynn’s LONG TOES and to lick her bare feet and high arches!! I’ve been ready for this ever since she kicked off her closed toe heels during her interview scene. I love sucking on long toes. They fit great in your mouth and it’s also fun to lick in between each long toe. I also lick her soles and her perfect high arches. I provide you with great viewing angles, even an over the top from above vantage point when you can see me licking her feet while she rubs my cock. Her fair freckled skin is so pristine! I then have her do a great toe spread and I lick her arches from there. I finish up by licking the tops of her feet and well-manicured toes. I also rub her ass when licking her feet and she loves it! She pulls her legs closer to her body and I lick the tops of her feet that way. This fair skinned beauty can give an incredible footjob. She has a stunning technique and can jerk a cock so many different ways. She can give a footjob between her very high arches, with her long toes, and she knows exactly where on my cock to put her feet, soles, toes and arches. She Gets gel oil all over arches and works it all in. She gently strokes my cock while I lick her other foot and arches. It feels so incredible and the camera angles provided really makes you feel like you are right there! Don’t let this innocent looking girl fool you! She knows what she’s doing, for sure.


Fucked Feet – Bailey Bae’s First Footjob – Footlicking, Foot+worship

Fucked Feet  Bailey Baes First Footjob  preview

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Bailey Bae is a brand new 19 year old girl from Wisconsin. She now attends a very prestigious Big Ten university and has only been in the adult biz for roughly three months now. She is so cute and girl-next-door looking. This scene took place on my most recent South Florida trip. Gotta love poolside scenes outdoors. It was a nice hot, typical South Florida afternoon. Nice and sunny and hot! She is wearing sneakers without socks making her feet nice and sweaty. This is her FIRST FOOT FETISH SHOOT. She is nice and tan and of Scandinavian and Frech descent. She removes each sneaker and wiggles her toes and points them as well showing off those nice wrinkled soles. She also just got a fresh pedicure before this scene. Next, I have her lay on her stomach in the Pose Position, one of our favorites, right? She points her toes, wiggles her toes and you get great closeup angles and viewpoints. There’s nothing better than a hot 19 year old, pouring oil all over wrinkled soles. This is especially true when she rubs it all in and makes her soles and the tops of her feet real nice and shiny. In this clip, Bailey does just that as well as rubbing onto her legs. She pours the oil all over and lets it run down her soles. She also does this in the nude and outdoors in front of the pool. I then, lick her bare feet. I start her off wearing her new sneakers and without socks. Her feet are especially sweaty in this heat. I take off each sneaker and lick her sweaty soles and lick them from the back of her ankles to her toes. I also worship her feet in the Pose Position. Finally, see her stroke my cock with an awesome technique. She then applies oil all over her feet and my cock and she strokes it some more. She has a very steady cock stroking technique and she is quite good at it. That’s pretty impressive since she never experienced anyone with a foot fetish before, only heard about it. After stroking my cock like a champ, I shoot a monster load which seemed like two pop shots, lol. She is THAT GOOD, folks! Bailey then holds up her cum covered soles to the camera. See the cum dripping off her feet.


FuckedFeet – Chloe Brooke’s First Ever Foot Shoot! – Footjob – Milking, Footlicking

FuckedFeet  Chloe Brookes First Ever Foot Shoot  Footjob preview

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Meet Chloe Brooke! She is just 18 YEARS OLD and is the cutest girl ever. She is brand new to the industry, about a few months into it and has NEVER done a foot fetish shoot before. This is her FIRST! Not only is she really HOT, she is a really cool, nice girl that’s a lot of fun to be around. You take one look at her and you are immediately hooked! She has really nice soft size 8.5 feet and in this clip, I have her wear her pink Jordans without socks. Her feet get very sweaty in these sneakers. https://fetishfemdom.org/ I just love her young girl, fresh out of high school appearance and her giddy nervousness, that makes her so sexy! Next, she gets her incredible size 8-8.5 feet worshiped. I love her cute giggles throughout the foot licking and toe sucking as she’s pretty ticklish. This is one of the cutest and hottest newcummers around. She’s such a fresh face and is willing to try anything. I start off by licking all around her ankles and legs with her sneakers still on her feet. Her feet are very sweaty since she’s been wearing these for awhile. I then take off each sneaker and lick her bare soles and suck each toe and go in between each toe. Her feet are so soft, it’s like they are untouched! She really enjoys the foot worship. I then have her lay in the pose position and I lick her feet some more. She’s so young looking and is a bit nervous at first since she has never given a footjob before with her size 8.5 feet. I can’t say enough about this hot girl as she learned very quickly how to give a great footjob. It didn’t take long at all before she got the technique down and had me rock hard. I have no idea how I did not pop in seconds. I though I was going to pop while we took pics first, lol, she is that hot! Just look at that gorgeous face and body! I shot a humongous load all over the tops and bottoms of her feet and she holds up her feet to show you the cum dripping off her feet and soles.


FuckedFeet – Gianna Nicole’s First Footjob! – Foot Fetish – Femdom, Teen

FuckedFeet  Gianna Nicoles First Footjob  Foot Fetish preview

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This beauty is so HOT, it almost hurts! Meet 19 year Gianna Nicole!! How absolutely smokin hot is this girl??!! She’s only been in the biz for a few months and this is her very FIRST FOOT FETISH SHOOT!! You have to check this clip out. Her feet are so soft and tan and with great wrinkled soles. She’s from Florida and is half Russian and half Italian. She has flawless size 7 feet. Very nice wrinkled soles and she does some great toe points in this clip. Her skin is so soft and her entire body is just manicured to perfection! Her feet have that perfect shape. Slightly wide, toes are completely proportionate. She also wiggles her toes in some really cool closeup action. She also rests her feet right at the edge of the bed enabling you a perfect angle to her feet and soles! This girl’s feet are so nice and when she oils them up and gets them all nice and shiny, you can truly see her wrinkled soles and up close and personal with some incredible closeup angles. Gianna pours a lot of oil all over the tops and bottoms of her feet and rubs it in. She gets her feet shiny after working in the oil. She then flexes her toes, points her toes and shows the tops of her feet. You can really notice her HIGH ARCHES. I LOVE oiled tan feet. She then teases you in the Pose Position with her beautiful, soft, tan size 7 feet! This girl is so amazingly HOT, you’ll be wanting more and more of her. See her wiggling her toes and doing a toe point where you can see her soles get really wrinkled She then lays on her stomach with her wrinkled soles facing upward right at you. She also brings her feet towards her body so you can see the tan tops of her feet. Then, Gianna gets her feet worshiped for the first time on camera! This tan beauty has amazing feet and super wrinkled soles. See me remove her high heels to reveal her nice, soft feet. The tops of her feet are so dark and tan. I lick up and down her wrinkled soles and suck each toe and lick in between each toe as she lays next to me on the bed. She has great facial expressions as I lick her bare feet! Gianna has feet that are meant to be pampered and worshiped! Her soles are so soft and they wrinkle up like no other. She has impeccable arches and licking them is pure joy I first have her lay on her stomach with her soles facing up and they are in a perfect close-up position and at a great angle. You actually feel like you are right there licking her bare feet! She then goes up on her tippy toes and I lick her high arches. From there, it’s on to the Pose Position and I rub her ass as I lick her feet and suck her toes. It’s so sexy how she looks back and plays with her hair. She is clearly enjoying it. I lick this incredibly hot girl’s feet and she also plays with my cock. She holds up her feet and scrunches her soles and shows you just how nice her feet are. She flicks my cock around and I continue to lick her other foot. She then goes into full cock stroking mode and is damn good at it! She brings me to completion as I explode all over feet. She holds up her feet and you can see a huge load dripping off her toes and soles!.


FuckedFeet – Holly Hendrix Shows You her Feet! – Footjob – Young Mistress, Foot Worship

FuckedFeet  Holly Hendrix Shows You her Feet  Footjob preview

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Holly Hendrix is sure making a big splash in the adult biz! She is already becoming well known for her anal skills. She loves it and we did that kind of scene, too. Here, the focus is on her super soft feet and soles. They are really nice. Holly also has the sexiest voice ever. Just 18 years old, and with size 6.5 feet, this petite beauty from Georgia and Guyanese roots is pretty new to the foot fetish world. She has done some but not a lot. See her dangle her feet out of her brand new heels she got just for this scene. You can see her arches popping right out of the heels. Then she kicks them off and she holds her feet up to the camera. She points and wiggles her toes and there’s plenty of toe spreading. Great wrinkled soles and arches, too! Licking her soles and sucking each toe was pure joy. So was her reactions and the look on her face. A bit ticklish, she does giggle here and there as I worship her 18 year old feet. See me lick every inch of her wrinkled soles including the tops of her tan feet. She is unbelievable! She is a petite girl with a super high sex drive. We shot an anal creampie scene earlier that day and she loves sex. She’s pretty new to footjobs but wow is she good at them! She has perfect size 6.5 feet and she is nice and tan. She has extremely soft feet and incredible wrinkled soles. She is also great at being a tease! Just what I like. I begin to lick one foot as she plays with my cock with the other. Pretty soon, she puts both feet around my cock and strokes it up and down for quite awhile. She then oils up her soles and my cock and continues to stroke my cock. Soon enough I shoot a major load all over her pretty 18 year old feet!


FuckedFeet – Kimber Lee’s Super Wrinkled Soles! – Footjob – Foot Fetish, Footlicking

FuckedFeet  Kimber Lees Super Wrinkled Soles  Footjob preview

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Meet Kimber Lee! She had just turned 19 when I got a chance to work with her. She has amazing feet that are super soft and nice and wide. She has high arches and super wrinkled soles. Kimber has a smile that will light up any room and she loves having her feet licked and toes sucked. We do it all in this scene. She does a solo foot tease, pours and rubs baby oil all over them. She lays in the pose and I lick her feet in this position, as well. I love licking this girl’s feet and she definitely enjoys. We even do this cool voyeuristic foot worship while she props her feet up on a desk while I kneel and lick her soles. For a girl her age, she really knows how to give an outstanding footjob. I was a little concerned about popping too fast, lol. I somehow got it together and it was a great scene! She rub my cock and balls while I licked her other foot. I lick her soles and back of ankles and she also flicks my hard cock around. Then, comes the cock stroking with soft, sensual then fast strokes. She takes the oil and pours it all over my cock and her arches and then the cock stroking really takes off and plenty of it. I finish by cumming all over her feet, the tops and bottoms. She then holds up her cum soaked feet to the camera.


Conor Coxxx – The Way Your Feet Smell Makes My Cock Swell – Another Foot Smelling HandJob with Joseline Kelly – Foot Fetish – Teen, Young Mistress

Conor Coxxx  The Way Your Feet Smell Makes My Cock Swell  Another Foot Smelling HandJob with Joseline Kelly  Foot Fetish preview

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Conor is sitting on the bed on his phone when Joseline Kelly walks in and joins him. She just got back from work and is tired… “I’ve been in these shoes ALL day with no socks..” Joseline thinks her feet are probably nasty and stinky. She starts to remove her shoes, right on Conor’s bed. Joseline sniffs her shoe, and is repulsed by the smell of them. Joseline wiggles and spreads her toes, “They are SO sweaty!” Joseline rubs her feet on Conor’s legs, wiping all her sweat on Conor’s legs. “Can I smell them?” Conor asks Joseline, and she agrees. Conor sniffs her feet, then gets more comfortable, so Joseline can really get her feet in his face. Joseline rubs Conor’s cock through his pants as he smells her feet. He takes off his pants, and Joseline strokes his cock. She rubs his balls, and runs her hands up and down his shaft. Joseline spits in her hands, and strokes Conor’s cock faster, and harder. She spreads open her toes, and Conor gets a really good whiff of her stinky feet. Joseline takes off her top, “Let me give you something to look at.” She rubs Conor’s cock until he cums all over her hands. Conor continues to sniff Joselines feet, as she plays with his cum.