Brat Princess 2 – Amber and Skylar – Lets Trample this Loser with our Stinky Feet (1080 HD) – Foot Worship – Footworship, Foot Sniffing

Brat Princess 2  Amber and Skylar  Lets Trample this Loser with our Stinky Feet 1080 HD  Foot Worship preview

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1080 HD Amber and Skylar have been wearing their stinky shoes all day! They can’t wait to get out of them. The girls call a fat, sloppy, loser over to take care of their tired feet. They make the loser smell their stinky shoes. Amber and Skyler use the slave’s body as a human doormat, wiping their sweaty feet all over his rolls of fat. Squishy loser fat is much softer and more comfortable than the hard, cold ground! The girls laugh and laugh at their stupid loser as they trample and abuse it with their stinky feet. They make him clean off the sweat and dirt with his tongue. So pathetic!


The Mean Girls – Princess Amber, Goddess Platinum – Stiletto Trample Contest (1080 HD) – Trampling – Fetish, Female Domination

The Mean Girls  Princess Amber Goddess Platinum  Stiletto Trample Contest 1080 HD  Trampling preview

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Amber and I have on the most wicked heels that were sent to us from our wishlists by online slaves. And what better way to put them to good use than to use them for TRAMPLING SLAVES IN REAL LIFE!
We decide to have a little contest. We want to see who’s slave will be the most obedient and take the most pain under our stilettos. And I have on these 6-inch NEEDLE-THIN heels that are literally like NAILS underneath my feet!
Eventually Amber gets jealous and changes into some super-thin wicked heels of her own, just so she can push her slave to handle MORE pain for her! Watch the clip to see who takes the most…and what will happen to the loser!


Xana’s Foot Fantasies – Trampled by Mistress Xana’s Cruel Feet – Foot Worship – Female Domination, Foot Fetish

Xanas Foot Fantasies  Trampled by Mistress Xanas Cruel Feet  Foot Worship preview

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Goddess Xana’s foot slaves are very enthusiastic about serving her and keeping her satisfied. This 1 slave in particular would do just about anything to work with her. He gladly accepts to do everything Goddess Xana instructs him to do from worshiping, sucking, licking and so on.


The Mean Girls – Princess Amber – Fan-Slave Visit 99 (1080 HD) – Trampling – Financial Domination, Fetish

The Mean Girls  Princess Amber  FanSlave Visit 99 1080 HD  Trampling preview

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TBH the video itself is kind of boring. He mostly just grovels at my stockinged feet for like 45 minutes and worships me in silence like a lump. You can hear the TV in the background as I relax after taking all his $$$ and letting him grovel before me. Then I literally just use his ugly face as my footstool while I watch TV haha.
At the end I give him a chance to impress me and make a really GOOD video by letting me stand on him in my stilettos until he can’t take it anymore- and the longer he can take it, the longer he gets to remain in my presence before I kick him out! Unfortunately, like most slaves he is too weak and can’t take much- so after just a few minutes I kick him out the door and make him leave for disappointing me.
But before kicking him out, I decide to totally disrespect him one last time by standing full-weight right on his FACE in my stockinged feet though! LOL
The best part though is the beginning when he is commanded to literally crawl up the marble steps outside on his hands and knees with his $$$ in his teeth- just for me to take it from him and laugh in his face for being this pathetic! haha


The Mean Girls – Princess Ashley, Princess Chanel – Walking All Over Euro-Trash (1080 HD) – Trampling – Footdom, Burning

The Mean Girls  Princess Ashley Princess Chanel  Walking All Over EuroTrash 1080 HD  Trampling preview

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We decide it would be fun to literally walk all over this loser after we took all his $$$ and what little “dignity” he had left. So we drag him outside, use him as our human ashtray, spit on him, burn his back with our lit cigarettes and proceed to stomp all over him in our stilettos!
Poor loser is suffering like sooo bad underneath us…but we just think its funny, and remind him of what human garbage he is to us. Why does he put up with it? Because we are fucking HOT, that’s why!!
And because he says we are WAY better than any stupid “paid session” with some stupid ugly old dominatrix that like takes it easy on him n stuff. We REALLY want to hurt him and we really ENJOY it! And I guess it’s pretty obvious we don’t care about him LOL. But for freaks like this, that probably makes him want to serve us and give us all his money even MORE! LOL
We really do think its fucking funny to hurt him just to see how much he will take for us!
– Princess Ashley and Princess Chanel


Russian-Mistress – Paula Brown (1080 HD) – Foot Worship – Fetish, Trample

RussianMistress  Paula Brown 1080 HD  Foot Worship preview

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Sadistic lady Mistress Paula Brown in heels higher than her sissy slave’s cock, toys with him. She is teaching her pet how to please and pleasure her. His tongue is to be rolled over her feet till it has cleansed every inch of it. But, his inability to please her is punished with painful blows on his pathetic ass. Then, she steps on his body in her heels brutally punishing him while he is left horny and frustrated from his pent-up sexual desires.


Christinagasm – Bondage – Spanked, Cock Cage

Christinagasm  Bondage preview

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There should be a term for that dreadfully pleasurable, on-the-VERY-edge feeling, when you’re so close, god, so close, thisclose, …now it’s starting to ache, you start to sweat, your mind goes empty and white; you don’t even notice your own desperate little moans… …pleeease… and then… you come. Is it satisfying at all, to orgasm like this, in a silicon cock corset, overvibrated and exhausted, so sensitive and weak, your own mess drying on you? You won’t remember crying or how your cock hurt for days. You’ll just remember the climax. =)


Cruel-Mistresses – Four Boots On His Body (1080 HD) – Mistress Amanda, Mistress Ariel – Trampling – High Heels, Female Domination

CruelMistresses  Four Boots On His Body 1080 HD  Mistress Amanda Mistress Ariel  Trampling preview

00:07:52 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 459 MB

The half naked slave knows that this is going to be real bad, when she sees Mistress Amanda and Mistress Ariel walk in, wearing high heel boots. They slowly step on his body with their brutal boots, putting on one foot after the other, making him feel like his insides are simply crushed under the pointy heels. They loves stomping him, walking up and down and putting their boots on his face and neck too.


DirtyDommes – FF stockings trampling part 1 – Fetish Liza – Foot Worship – Footlicking, Foot Licking

DirtyDommes  FF stockings trampling part 1  Fetish Liza  Foot Worship preview

00:10:09 | 1280×720 | mp4 | 260 MB

He’ll worship our heels, take them off and be a good human carpet for us. Our sexy nyloned feet and legs are strong and he must be able to take our weight, even when we are standing on him together. Bouncing on his skinny body and stepping on his face makes him realise his spot in life…underneath our beautiful feet!