Young Goddess Kim – Slavery – Whip, High Heels Worship

Young Goddess Kim  Slavery preview

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My conditions of its slavery are strict and merciless. slave is kept in My basement cell in the corner, knelt on the hard ground of the cold and empty cell. slave deserves no possessions, luxury or comfort. I allow it only the necessities of survival, and even these must be earned. I walk to the cell and My high heels echo on the concrete, the anticipation rises in the slave especially when My Goddess scent of leather reaches its senses. The only object in this room besides the slave is a metal **** that I use for its water. Half a glass is what it gets today, although most of it is spilled on the floor and on My shoe when pouring it into the metal ****. I graciously allow the slave to quickly lick the spilled water from My patent leather stiletto. POV angle scene included when I feed the slave water from My soles and cruelly whip its back. I command it to drink what remains from its ****. It thanks Me between the **** I give it, My words sting even more. Happiness in slavery


The Mean Girls – Mean Girls Tribunal Ep5 – Mexican Slave (1080 HD) – Femdom, Whipped

The Mean Girls  Mean Girls Tribunal Ep5  Mexican Slave 1080 HD preview

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The slave was supposed to spend all night cleaning every shoe in the Mean Girls closet. But instead of cleaning the shoes he was caught jerking off to the shoes. A pair of Goddess Ravens $1,500 shoes was actually hit with some of the slave’s disgusting semen. Princess Bella is the presiding judge and she finds the evidence against the slave to be overwhelming. The tribunal is considering issuing the ultimate punishment n dismissing the slave. In the case of this immigrant Mexican slave that means taking him back to the Home Depot parking lot where they originally found him. They allow the slave to plead his case and he begs the tribunal to be allowed to stay. This is obviously the best life an illegal alien could ever hope for and he really wants to stay.
At a minimum the slave will have to suffer some pain so he is ordered to crawl out of his cage and start kissing their feet. They`ll beat the slave and see how well he takes his beating before reconvening to make a final decision if he should be allowed to stay. As the slave grovels before them they make sure that he suffers the entire time by continually whipping him as he kisses all of their feet. All of the girls take turns whipping the slave passing the flogger back and forth. While Princess Bella is busy whipping the slave Goddess Raven and Princess Aria are busy jabbing him with the stiletto points of their high heel shoes. At one point Goddess Raven is jumping fully up and down on the slaves back with her high heel shoes digging into the slaves back. As a final test of the slaves willingness to take pain Princess Bella has Goddess Raven whip the slave on his balls.
Ultimately the tribunal decides to keep the slave. But they`re fed up with his lack of command of the English language so on top of all his other chores he`ll have to spend at least two hours a night learning English or it’s back to the Home Depot for him.


The Hunteress – Obedience – Femdom, Human Pet

The Hunteress  Obedience preview

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Let him bark and holding positions training is not good enough for a unruly d*g. Especially when a d*g doing nasty things on the carpet. This d*g is due 4 a hard punishment for what he did. This is best done by beating up his d*ggy testicles n whipping his d*ggy penis… In-between when he makes too much noise it might be necessary to muffle his noise by covering his face with his Mistresses ass. At the end a hard kick between his legs helps him not forget his lesson in d*g obedience.


The British Institution – Mistress Jo, Princess Toni – Institution! The Crawling Chain – Bootdom, Female Domination

The British Institution  Mistress Jo Princess Toni  Institution The Crawling Chain preview

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Not all inmates can be supervised at all times. But there is still work to do. For the inmates chosen that means life on the crawling chain. Wrists, ankles n neck chained together too closely to walk. This ensures that inmates kneel at all tmes, if a member of staff is present or not. Here, one such inmate attempts to clear up behind Mistress Jo.
Full Force Belt Whipping from The Institution!


Thank Me For Beating You – Boots, Female Domination

Thank Me For Beating You preview

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The spoiled Empress Victoria returns from a ride an now she relaxes in the her big chair. She is in the mood 2 make a male suffer, that’s why one of her slave was brought to her, who is bound now n laying on the ground. A perfect n helpless victim 4 the blond sadist. Victoria stands up. She has so endless legs! She opens the belt and with a mean smile pulls it out of her jodhpurs. She takes a good position n then she brings down the belt like a whip on his back. The slave moans in pain but Victoria says: “U forgot something! Don’t u want 2 thank me?” He apologize n now he thanks her after every single lash. That’s what the Empress enjoys the most. Making a slave suffer n humiliating him at the same time. Later he is made 2 kiss her dusty boots 4 a while, before she starts over 2 whip him with the leather belt.


Syren Productions – Mistress Aleana – Trespasser Gets Whipped – Femdomboot, Whipping

Syren Productions  Mistress Aleana  Trespasser Gets Whipped preview

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I am out taking a nice stroll on my property when I find a vagrant asleep on the railroad tracks that pass thru my land. A good kick from my boot wakes his sorry ass up and I coerce him into stripping down n presenting his ass for a good beating. I make him stick out his ass with his legs spread wide apart- his balls make a perfect target for my horse hair flogger. Now it’s time to move on to something a little more painful, my short bullwhip should do the trick. I proceed to whip his ass and back relentlessly, making sure he will never show his face on my property again. I make him kiss my boots as I continue whipping his ass.