The Mean Girls – Princess Adrianna – Entertain Adrianna Footboy (1080 HD) – Degradation, Femdom

The Mean Girls  Princess Adrianna  Entertain Adrianna Footboy 1080 HD preview

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This was a real-life slave-member of Our site that wanted to be used n abused by us in our clips when he came to Vegas. So after making him jump through all the necessary hoops (and PAY us for the privilege, obviously!) Princess Adrianna shows up at his hotel door in Vegas. This is the part of his session where Adrianna is just bored, so she uses him as her personal footstool n verbally degrades him. Want this to be you, loser? Then do what this slave did and join our site, send us your deposit fetish femdom org and picture ID, and then book your trip to Vegas. We`ll let you know the totaly cost when we hear how lame you are. LOL. (Oh, and BTW these clips don’t have great lighting because it s areal-life session in a hotel room, NOT some scripted clip in a studio.)


Miss Noel Knight – Cat Boy Gets Punished – Female Domination, Whipping

Miss Noel Knight  Cat Boy Gets Punished preview

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My cat boy slave has run away from home. I go searching in the woods and find in curled up, sleeping in the dirt. This little kitten in is for quite the rude awakening. I strip him down and tie him to a tree. Clearly, he needs some very harsh discipline. I whip him hard until he’s crying and begging for forgiveness. Fetish Femdom org The poor boy is going to be very, very sore for the next few weeks. I until him and lead him back home on his leash, scolding him all the way.


WankItNow – Mia – Femdom Goddess – Small Cock Humiliation, Cum Swallowers

WankItNow  Mia  Femdom Goddess preview

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be dominated by a cruel mistress? Mia specialises in a mixture of domination fetishes, from ass worship, sissy training, cum eating and humiliation… She’s going to use a mixture of all of the above to make you her bitch! This isn’t for the faint-hearted… Get ready to be punished and have the CUM extracted from your pathetic COCK!


ClubDom – Jewell And Tangent Whip The Ass Slave – Whipping, Whipped

ClubDom  Jewell And Tangent Whip The Ass Slave preview

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Goddess Tangent n Mistress Jewell have their ass slave gimp strung up with his hands bound above his head. The slut wants his ass to be fucked bad but Goddess Tangent informs him strap on play has to be earned. His ass is now bright red but his back needs to match his ass. If the ass slave takes his whipping well, he might earn the chance to be the butt slut whore that he always wanted to be. Goddess Tangent, wearing an elegant latex dress n sexy high heels, whips the ass slave with her single tail while Mistress Jewell teases the pathetic slut. After a brutal whipping by Goddess Tangent the Mistresses switch places. Mistress Jewell, wearing high heels, black stockings and a sexy black latex skirt and bra, now has her chance to make this slut suffer from her whip. The Goddesses are very pleased to see the ass slut’s shredded back from their beating. The ass slut has now earned the honor and privilege of taking their huge cocks!


The Mean Girls – Boner Boy Gets BEATEN – POV Part 1 – Whipping – Dual Domination, Corporal Punishment

The Mean Girls  Boner Boy Gets BEATEN  POV Part 1  Whipping preview

00:07:28 | 1440×1080 | mp4 | 443 MB

Just a warning, you hear it whimpering throughout – just like YOU probably would – as the whips crack down on it and you also see Our cameragirl and the lights coming into the shot, as that is what the slave’s head is facing for some of it. It’s very realistic action and if you slaves like this “slave-cam” footage, We will shoot more of it. It’s easy to strap a camera onto a slave’s head. LOL.


Sado-Ladies – Countess Constance, Lady Dana – Flogged By 2 Bitches – Female Domination, Corporal Punishment

SadoLadies  Countess Constance Lady Dana  Flogged By 2 Bitches preview

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Our cruel mistresses lady constance and lady dana are in a very bad mood today. Both dressed in sexy outfits they order their pathetic house buttler of their mansion to come over and get undressed.
The ladies want to get out their frustrations today on the buttler by dishing out a good flogging. The buttler is ordered over the sofa and at once our ladies thrash the living daylights out of him. “I am thirsty” lady dana shouts. And in a few seconds the 2nd house slave appears with a drink. Perfect. But as he wants to get away he is ordered to stay there n hold the drinks while the ladies continue to whip the buttler with all power of her right arms. Fast vicious strokes and as longer they whip him they feel better. With every hit the fun increases for them and the fun increases for the poor buttler. Of course he didnt expect that, cuz the flogger is usually a not so hard instrument of correction, but when in the right arms of cruel ladies it hurts as hell. In the end they are very satisfied after thrashing him until they`re really exhausted from all that whipping! Wonderful classic whipping clip with gorgeous mistresses as usual!