Kiitte Nymph – Bratty Sis Creampie JOI – Taboo, Masturbation Instruction

Kiitte Nymph  Bratty Sis Creampie JOI preview

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First, You start by spying on your sister while she fucks herself with a dildo Until, She Catches you watching her! To your surprise, your bratty sister shares your same sick fantasies & Starts to tease you by stripping & twerking for you! First she inserts a pink tail butt plug & then fucks herself in 6 different positions until she’s filled up with all your sticky hot cum! Lastly, Your bratty sis has always fantasized about teaching you how to stroke your cock so of course she gets her way & teaches you how to properly jerk off! Features JOI & a cum countdown!


Ashley Sinclair – Panty Sniffer Cum Eating – Female Domination, Ass Sniffing

Ashley Sinclair  Panty Sniffer Cum Eating preview

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You get caught in Ashley’s panty drawer again. Last time this happened she punished you by making you jerk off to her stinky panties while they were on her ass and then eat your own cum. Now you’re begging for it to happen again. You beg Ashley to let you eat your cum. She sits on your face and makes you worship her ass and panties but then remembers she has some in the dirty close that are disgusting from wearing them to the gym. They are pull of pussy discharge, sweat, and stains. She changes into these, sits on your face and then demands you flip your legs over your head and cum on your own face and eat the cum that lands on your open mouth. Open wide!


ScissorVixens – SVDL 1202 – Naomi Swann – Teenage Assassin! – Smothering, Scissored

ScissorVixens  SVDL 1202  Naomi Swann  Teenage Assassin preview

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When we were 1st introduced to GORGEOUS 18 year old (at the time of this posting) Naomi Swann…we knew this young cutie had the looks, attitude and LETHAL LEGS to fit right in with our long list of ScissorVixens!
At 1st glance, we were concerned that she may be a bit too petite and possibly too shy and unsure of herself.
But once she slipped into a form-fitting leotard…we could see that although petite…she had a very athletic physique!
Naomi has a gymnastics background and also attended a highly regarded private school where discipline was something she learned and eventually administered.
And we are certain you are going to LOVE watching Naomi Swann administer discipline one SKULL CRUSHING scissor hold after the other right here on ScissorVixens!
In her debut ScissorVixen video, young 18 year old Naomi Swann is finding out that paying for college isn’t cheap.
Having recently graduated from a prestigious military school where part of the curriculum was learning lethal self-defense techniques…she’s eventually approached by an agency to rid society of unsavory characters in exchange for lucrative compensation.
Well…what else is a young college girl to do when paying for books, courses, dorm room fees and the occasional campus party are so damn expensive!?
Watch as Naomi Swann takes on one of her 1st assignments paying a visit to a man who she knows little about other than he’s a bad influence on society and she is being paid very well to get rid of him…for good!
Naomi Swann is an instant hit in her first ScissorVixen video and one you don’t want to miss titled ‘Naomi Swann the Teenage Assassin!’.


Brat Princess 2 – Jennifer, Kendall and Sara – Danni Bullied with Spit and Feet (720 HD) – Humiliation, Femdom

Brat Princess 2  Jennifer Kendall and Sara  Danni Bullied with Spit and Feet 720 HD preview

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Jennifer, Kendall and Sara call danni into the room. They tell him to take off all of his stupid clothes. Danni does what the girls say. Underneath his dorky clothes, hes wearing a chastity device. Its pink. The Princesses point and laugh at dannis little pink chastity. Sara tells danni to get on its knees n lick the bottoms of her shoes. Dani does what Sara tells him to do. Sara tells danni to lick her friends shoes, too. Danni licks Kendalls shoes. Jennifer spits on dannis face and Kendalls shiny black shoes. They tell danni to lick all the spit off the shoes. Danni licks Jennifers shoes next. Her gold shoes are very dirty. They spit on dannis face a lot, to train him. They want danni to know what it feels like to have cum dripping down his face. Hes going to have to get used to the feeling, because they are about to make him into a sissy. In his new sissy life, danni will have cum on his face all the time. Danni continues to lick Jennifers shoes with spit on his face. The Princess spit on danni a lot as they verbally degrade him. Sara shoves her bare feet into dannis mouth as Kendall holds his head. Jennifer and Sara fit both of their toes in dannis mouth at the same time. Jennifer thrusts her feet in dannis mouth as he gags. Danni then bobs on Kendalls foot like hes giving head. He is going to make a great slut! For once in his life hell be good at something.


VacBed Footjob Training’ by Mandy Marx – Rubber, Tease

VacBed Footjob Training by Mandy Marx preview

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In addition to this being an outstanding scene, my little partner for this session is a solid up-and-coming mistress who has become a good friend very quickly. I love that she’s so comfortable right away, and is certainly not shy around boy-parts. And is quite a nice package. You will be seeing more of her in no time, I think. This is really just a, (wait for it), tease.


The Mean Girls – Goddess Rodea, Princess Bella – Step Brother Intervention (1080 HD) – Double Domination, Taboo

The Mean Girls  Goddess Rodea Princess Bella  Step Brother Intervention 1080 HD preview

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They order him to strip him down and then make him kneel in front of his step sister with his legs spread – and her hot friend Rodea is sitting directly behind him. It is sooo embarrassing but the worst is yet to come. They take turns slapping his balls over n over with their feet – from the front AND the back, over n over. (Laughing at him the whole time!) Each kick is to remind him that he is sperm cells by smoking. (Just like the kicks are his sperm cells!) Both girls laugh at him and remind him that he HAS to let do whatever they say or Bella will tell their parentts on him! so he kneels their and takes theit foot-slaps to his balls and endures their mocking laughter…


Goddess Foot Jobs – Brother’s Friend Footjob – Ejaculation, Femdom

Goddess Foot Jobs  Brothers Friend Footjob preview

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When the incredibly sexy Rachel Rose meets her bro’s friend, she is a bit surprised when he starts sniffing her socks. When he tells her how beautiful her feet are and starts kissing them, she has to admit that it feels wonderful. Since they`ve a little time before her bro comes home, they decide to spend it with an enticing footjob! Watch as she hugs his shaft between her gorgeous, curvy high arches and look at the way her perfectly French manicured toes wiggle as she works her way up and down his cock. See her shimmy her feet all over his dick, foot milking him until he cums all over her beautiful bare feet, covering them with his thick spunk.


Brat Princess 2 – Chloe and Sasha – Crawl Over Here and Lick My Toes Loser (1080 HD) – Foot Worship, Female Domination

Brat Princess 2  Chloe and Sasha  Crawl Over Here and Lick My Toes Loser 1080 HD preview

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1080 HD Chloe n Sasha make a loser crawl back and forth on the deck kissing their toes in flip flops and sandals. The loser is naked and locked in chastity. He must crawl to whichever girl calls him and do what she says. The girls pass the loser back and forth between them, getting their feet licked. They remind the loser that it is pathetic. The girls get tired of standing. They sit in lawn chairs and make the loser take off their sandals. They verbally humiliate him while he worships their feet. They want to take the humiliation even further. The girls decide to go inside to find something to sodomize the loser with. He has never gotten fucked before and is very scared. The girls send him away to get the big tub of Vaseline as they conspire n giggle.


Goddess Angel – Unintended black-mail – 18 & 19 Yrs Old, Soles

Goddess Angel  Unintended blackmail preview

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You shouldn’t have said anything about my outfit, Daddy. You shouldn’t have even called me downstairs. I’ve had dirt on you for a while, I see the way you look at me, the way you look down at my feet. I set this whole thing up, you know that right? You’re such an idiot, no wonder my mom is cheating on you. If you even think about disobeying me, I’ll call her, and we’ll both leave you. We’re the light of your life, your sunshine, the only thing you have really going for you. Don’t fuck this up, now i’ll be shopping with your card, driving your car, and doing whatever the fuck I want. That is, unless, you want the world to know about your little foot fetish, and your obsession with your teenage daughter. You’ve always been a foot freak, daddy. I’m going to exploit you.


Goddess Angel – Pussy Slave – Pussy Worship, JOI

Goddess Angel  Pussy Slave preview

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The power of a pussy is vast, incomprehensible even. The ability to corrupt, consume, and taint your thoughts completely with just a little bit of taunting, and a whole lot of teasing… My pussy in particular makes you weak, desperate. All I have to do is lightly touch it, and you’re salivating, on your knees begging to worship. It’s so easy to turn you into such a mindless slave for my pussy, so worship away, weakling!