Young Goddess Kim – Forbidden Fruit – Masturbation Encouragement, Femdom

Young Goddess Kim  Forbidden Fruit preview

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I am your Goddess, your Mesmerizing Muse, The One you bow down to and confess your hidden weaknesses to. Begging for Me to take you, begging for Me to mold you into My good slave. The power I have over you brings you to your knees and the more control I take from you, the more you crave to surrender to Me. Completely. To let go and give it all to Me. Every last drop of your manhood. you have been trying, but without Me – you are useless and incapable. you need My guidance, My inspiration, My command over every single stroke you take. The game you are about to play is going to take you on the path to surrender. This game will program your cock and mind for My pleasure. Beware My tease doesn’t have you fail, for this time you will resist temptation. your mouth will salivate at the Forbidden Fruit I tempt you with, as you know My Forbidden Fruit has the sweetest taste. But in My garden of pleasure, you will obey My rules and withstand the longest laps over and over to the exact beat to give Me all control, to make you Mine. Includes: Edging Masturbation Instruction using timed metronome at various speed and intervals. The rules are explained in the beginning of the game.


Young Goddess Kim – Who Owns you? – PVC, Locked Dick

Young Goddess Kim  Who Owns you preview

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Custom Clip Request:
You have my arms tied over my head fastened to the ceiling, I’m naked and in chastity of course. Today is the day you’re considering releasing me from chastity, but first you want to have some fun, your voice is soft yet firm. You walk around me (in and out of camera view) running your fingernails over my body, reminding me that I’m your property. You casually walk to the other side of the room and return with a crop, you laugh as you see me tremble. You tell me that every time you whip my ass I must shout out “you own me Goddess Kim,” I beg for mercy but you don’t care. You walk behind me and begin whipping my ass, laughing as I repeat the words with each whack. Now and then you walk back into view inspecting me, before going back behind me to continue the humiliation. The final time you walk back in front of me, remove one of your shoes and hold it over my nose telling me to sniff, as I do you reach behind me and once again whip my ass, it amuses you as I yet again repeat the words. Please end the clip by untying me and ordering me to floor to lick your heels, when I do you tell me that I’m to remain in chastity, and this will happen each day for the next week. Please wear the same clothing as in the video Morning Ritual Chastity Tease.
Custom Clip Feedback: “Thank you for bringing this to life for me in a masterful way that I knew you would. Your style, demeanor, and overall tone is absolutely amazing, which is why I’m such a fan. Honestly, my heart was beating like crazy, and I was truly trembling as the clip began, you appeared to be really enjoying yourself which only bought more authenticity to the clip, and it made me feel like I was right there in front of you. Thank you Goddess Kim, you’re one of a kind.”


Goddess Angel – Findom Frenzy – Assworship, Seduction

Goddess Angel  Findom Frenzy preview

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Your eyes see what your mind desires, you’re slipping into a frenzy. Desperate for what you need, begging for what you want, I slowly ease my way into your thoughts, and take complete control of your weakened state. Pulsating throughout your entire body, all you see, hear, and feel, is Goddess Angel. You need to stroke. You need to pay. You need to give in. It’s as simple and selfless as that. The more you pay, the more pleasure you feel, and you crave more. Your lust for euphoria will be your greatest discovery, or your biggest downfall, and I will lead you to either. I’m in your head, I’m making your cock ache, and now, i’ll effortlessly open your wallet.


The Mean Girls – Goddess Platinum, Princess Beverly – Mean Girl AirBnB- The Frustration Relief Dummy (1080 HD) – Face Slap, Kicking

The Mean Girls  Goddess Platinum Princess Beverly  Mean Girl AirBnB The Frustration Relief Dummy 1080 HD preview

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She walks into Our “Desert Punishment Camp” property and casually mentions to Beverly about how frustrating her travel was today. (Babees crying on her plane, turbulence, etc…) Princess Beverly has the perfect solution- a loser that she can slap around as much as she wants until she feels better! Beverly walks her over to a fat, naked loser that has been kept kneeling in the corner of the room for just such a purpose, and Platinum can’t believe it! This is seriously part of the “amenities” of this place?? She can literally just “slap around” the servants here as much as she wants just because she a female and she’s “hot”?? This is incredible!
After a demo from Beverly, they both go to town on this fat ugly loser! They slap him across the face over and over, making him kneel before them and “take it like a bitch” as well as making him literally THANK “Ms. Platinum” just for slapping him dismissively right across his ugly face! Then they begin mixing in some ballbusting! Platinum was already blown away, but now she REALLY can’t believe she can just literally KICK THIS LOSER IN THE BALLS AS HARD AS SHE WANTS WHENEVER SHE FEELS LIKE IT ALL WEEKEND LONG??? This is crazy!
And after a bunch of slaps across the face and some kicks right to this loser’s balls, Platinum says she really IS feeling much better! Like she can feel all the stress just melting right off! And then she asks the most mind-blowing question of all…she asks Beverly how much she “pays” these workers of hers to take all this abuse and put up with being treated like this?? Beverly just LAUGHS! Then she explains that these idiots don’t get paid SH**TT! they work for her 24/7 for FREE just because she is HOT and they know damn well they are lucky to serve ANY purpose in her life! Needless to say, Platinum is stunned by this little revelation! She really can’t believe someone would put up with being treated this way at all- let alone for free!
She is actually kinda concerned about being “too mean” to these males- even though they are obviously pathetic and deserve it. So Beverly issues her a challenge- if she can get any of them to quit during her weekend stay by being “too mean” to them, she gets a $1000 bonus! So not only is her stay FREE and she gets waited on hand & foot 24/7, but she can be as much of a “bitch” as she wants to these idiots and she will get PAID $1000 if any of them even dares complain about how mean and abusive she is! This is GREAT! She basically has carte blanche to be a complete and total bitch to these idiots!
There aren’t a ton of ball kicks in this clip, but the ones that are delivered are BRUTAL. Platinum is in heaven…this place is SO much FUN! What’s next??


Young Goddess Kim – Chastity Closet slave – Stocking Fetish, Cock Locked

Young Goddess Kim  Chastity Closet slave preview

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It is what you begged for, to be My permanent slave. So I found a use for you, pathetic slave boy. That’s what you are there for – to be useful. you will stay locked away in My closet and make sure all My shoes, boots and heels are kept spotless and polished. And to bring out the best in your servitude, I have locked you in chastity too. There is no turning back now, the only way I might ever consider unlocking your cock is if I am completely satisfied and pleased with your suffering and servitude. When I open the closet doors, I expect to find you and My footwear exactly the way I left you, your rag tongue ready to be used thoroughly. If you are lucky I’ll let you sniff the insides of My worn boots and stocking clad feet. It’s so amusing to see you so weak and objectified below Me, and how easily persuaded you are to sacrifice yet another week of orgasms. My chastity closet slave
Includes: Femdom POV, Shoe and Boot Worship, PVC/Vinyl, Chastity, Female Domination, Boot Fetish, Stilettos, Glove Fetish, Stockings, Foot Smelling, Boot Licking, Objectification, Humiliation, Female Supremacy


Young Goddess Kim – The Neighbour’s Fantasy – Humiliation, Female Domination

Young Goddess Kim  The Neighbours Fantasy preview

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You have recently moved into a new neighbourhood. There is one woman across the road you haven’t met yet, and after noticing Her this morning you become intrigued and decide to go and introduce yourself. you knock on Her door and hear the sound of Her high heels approaching. As She opens the door, you are shocked. She looks incredible. But Her sexy outfit is not something you see your everyday neighbour wearing – this is something you have only ever fantasized about. She invites you in. As you sit and make small talk with your hot neighbour, you cant help but be distracted – your eyes wander to Her boots, Her legs, Her PVC jacket. you are getting horny and submissive. She can tell. Especially when you offer to help with anything around the house. She laughs and calls you out knowing exactly what you are thinking. you did say you would do anything – and She makes you prove you mean it! Slowly but surely your ego is stripped down and you find yourself doing everything She tells you to. you are on your knees at Her boots as She smiles down knowingly. She takes full advantage of your helplessly horny and submissive state and orders you to kiss Her soles. you have dreamed of this moment, to be used like this, to be treated like the pathetic bitch you are and to worship the boots of a powerful woman. you are under Her spell completely, doing everything She orders immediately. you lick and polish Her boots so eagerly, She decides it is the fate of your tongue to be Her personal rag. She takes your number and tells you that from now on whenever She wants Her shoes or boots cleaned She will call you to run to Her door and wait on your knees for Her to use you. you are so aroused, your hard cock bulging through your pants as you crawl behind Her boots, She kicks you out and tells you to wait for Her call this evening when She goes out with Her girlfriends – you will be used to shine Her stilettos on Her doorstep in front of them.


Young Goddess Kim – Taunting Tease – Teasing, Ass Worship

Young Goddess Kim  Taunting Tease preview

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My amazing shiny ass makes you drool like a fool on your knees! I am in a cruel mood and I let you grovel at My feet as I taunt you and tease you mercilessly. I know My place so far above you, My ass is so far superior to your pathetic face – of course you are brought right down to your place far beneath Me, kissing the floor begging to worship My shiny PVC ass. you would kiss it, lick it, bury your face in it, anything to worship! Hahaha you loser, you are so unworthy, a little freak so undeserving of even the dirt on My sole – you are less than dirt, why should I let you anywhere near My perfect superior ass? Go on and humiliate yourself for Me. Show Me your desperation. you stroke that dick dreaming of cumming all over My ass, keep dreaming. Keep stroking. Kiss My sole you little bitch – leaking precum already! you will cum hard to My taunting tease for My cruel pleasure.