Young Goddess Kim – The Shining Smother – Female Domination, Leggings Fetish

Young Goddess Kim  The Shining Smother preview

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Just got in from taking this pathetic d*g for a walk at the end of My leash. I haven’t finished My fun with him yet! My shiny ass is the best delicious treat a slave d*g could dream of. I make sure he worships My ass to My liking and amusement, shoving his nose and mouth deeper, but I am still not satisfied. I desire more control over his face, I push it to the floor and straddle his head between My thighs. I want more power, I sit My ass over his face and make him kiss for his life. I feel his desperate gasps for air underneath Me. His struggle beneath Me excites Me. And when he is almost ready to panic, I allow him one last deep breath in and pose the final ultimatum – Air or Ass?…


Young Goddess Kim – Slavery – Whip, High Heels Worship

Young Goddess Kim  Slavery preview

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My conditions of its slavery are strict and merciless. slave is kept in My basement cell in the corner, knelt on the hard ground of the cold and empty cell. slave deserves no possessions, luxury or comfort. I allow it only the necessities of survival, and even these must be earned. I walk to the cell and My high heels echo on the concrete, the anticipation rises in the slave especially when My Goddess scent of leather reaches its senses. The only object in this room besides the slave is a metal **** that I use for its water. Half a glass is what it gets today, although most of it is spilled on the floor and on My shoe when pouring it into the metal ****. I graciously allow the slave to quickly lick the spilled water from My patent leather stiletto. POV angle scene included when I feed the slave water from My soles and cruelly whip its back. I command it to drink what remains from its ****. It thanks Me between the **** I give it, My words sting even more. Happiness in slavery


Young Goddess Kim – Estim Chastity Lockdown – Female Supremacy, Rubber

Young Goddess Kim  Estim Chastity Lockdown preview

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I loved your E-stim Treatment – No Escape clip. I would humbly pay you to make a clip in the same style, if you could?
You’re dressed in a latex catsuit and in an evil mood. You tell me that your goal is to test that my new chastity device won’t break. Although you really expecting it to. It will be my job to prove your right. I am restrained, completely immobilized. The electrodes from the advanced electro stimulation device is connected to my chastity device, cock and balls. You instruct me to break the chastity device with my erection, while you tease me.To keep my motivation on top, you tell me you’re going to turn on the e-stim if I fail to break the cage You start to tease me. I love crotch, ass, legs and close up of your face. After a few minutes you’re clearly irritated that the cage don’t break you turn on the e-stim to the low level. You know I love nipple Torment so you add nipple clamps to my sensitive nipples. Five more minutes with teasing and you turn the e-stim to medium level. You twist the nipple clamps and tell me to do a better job. Five more minutes with teasing and you turn the e-stim to maximum level. Twisting the nipple clamps again. After five minutes with the e-stim device on maximum level it’s me that breaks and not the device. I can’t handle it anymore and begs you to stop. Satisfied you turn it off and remove the nipple clamps. You tell me that you of course knew the chastity device never would break. Since I couldn’t handle the pain, you punish me with a month in chastity before my next e-stim session.


The Mean Girls – Princess Bevely – Chew Off My Choos (1080 HD) – Object Crush, Humiliation

The Mean Girls  Princess Bevely  Chew Off My Choos 1080 HD preview

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Princess Beverly shows how she treats her slave when it’s her slave’s birthday. She will give him a hamburger and a cream cake. However, before her slave gets to eat his “presents”, Princess Beverly tosses the food on the ground outside, does some “catwalking” around it to tease the slave and eventually steps on both the hamburger and the cream cake with her brand new $2000 Jimmy Choo heels – until they`re completely flattened into pieces. Poor slave gets nothing but stepped-on scraps for its birthday, while Princess Beverly struts around in $2000 designer heels that she received for no special occassion – just because she is beautiful!
Princess Beverly forces her slave to lick any remain of the food off both of her heels. (1st the upper part, then the soles.) In the end, Princess Beverly walks away n lets her slave finish off his “crushed” presents…
NOTE: these shoes really are $2000! And they were sent to Me, Princess Beverly, by the slave that ordered this custom clip!


The Mean Girls – Princess Bella, Princess Aria – Worship Our Lazy Asses (1080 HD) – Humiliation, Foot Worship

The Mean Girls  Princess Bella Princess Aria  Worship Our Lazy Asses 1080 HD preview

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“Slaves get in here!” shouts Princess Bella as she sits next to Princess Aria on the couch at AMG. The slaves walk into the room n are immediately admonished for walking when they should have been crawling into the room from their cages. Princess Bella and Princess Aria are lounging on the couch relaxing n eating snacks. They casually throw a few chips onto the floor allowing the slaves to eat them off the dirty floor. The slaves aren’t usually fed very much, not so much as a punishment, but simply because they forget to feed them anything! When the slaves are out of sight in their cages it’s easy to forget all about them and they aren’t ever allowed to walk around freely so they can’t ever feed themselves. And when they`re fed they are usually only given cat food to eat. Princess Bella throws more chips onto the floor this time crushing them to bits under the heel of her shoe. The slaves desperately lick the mess up off the floor like scavengers. When they`re finished feeding the slaves scraps Princess Bella and Princess Aria use the slaves as human foot stools kicking up their feet up n relaxing. They talk about how great it is being a Mean Girl and how all they ever do is sit around and relax all day and party all night! They never have to do any work because they have slaves to do everything for them. Princess Bella and Princess Aria talk about how much fun they`re going to have out at the club later tonight!


The Mean Girls – Mean Girls Tribunal Ep5 – Mexican Slave (1080 HD) – Femdom, Whipped

The Mean Girls  Mean Girls Tribunal Ep5  Mexican Slave 1080 HD preview

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The slave was supposed to spend all night cleaning every shoe in the Mean Girls closet. But instead of cleaning the shoes he was caught jerking off to the shoes. A pair of Goddess Ravens $1,500 shoes was actually hit with some of the slave’s disgusting semen. Princess Bella is the presiding judge and she finds the evidence against the slave to be overwhelming. The tribunal is considering issuing the ultimate punishment n dismissing the slave. In the case of this immigrant Mexican slave that means taking him back to the Home Depot parking lot where they originally found him. They allow the slave to plead his case and he begs the tribunal to be allowed to stay. This is obviously the best life an illegal alien could ever hope for and he really wants to stay.
At a minimum the slave will have to suffer some pain so he is ordered to crawl out of his cage and start kissing their feet. They`ll beat the slave and see how well he takes his beating before reconvening to make a final decision if he should be allowed to stay. As the slave grovels before them they make sure that he suffers the entire time by continually whipping him as he kisses all of their feet. All of the girls take turns whipping the slave passing the flogger back and forth. While Princess Bella is busy whipping the slave Goddess Raven and Princess Aria are busy jabbing him with the stiletto points of their high heel shoes. At one point Goddess Raven is jumping fully up and down on the slaves back with her high heel shoes digging into the slaves back. As a final test of the slaves willingness to take pain Princess Bella has Goddess Raven whip the slave on his balls.
Ultimately the tribunal decides to keep the slave. But they`re fed up with his lack of command of the English language so on top of all his other chores he`ll have to spend at least two hours a night learning English or it’s back to the Home Depot for him.


The Mean Girls – Duchess Dani, Queen Quenzi – Leg Worship Duchess Danni (1080 HD) – Degradation, Humiliation

The Mean Girls  Duchess Dani Queen Quenzi  Leg Worship Duchess Danni 1080 HD preview

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Duchess Danni knows exactly how to control and manipulate her slave. All she has to do is wear her shiny pants and the slave gets so excited he is like putty in her hands. He`ll do anything to get the chance to kiss n worship her sexy legs and ass. Duchess Dani knows this but to start with she teases the slave by only allowing him to kiss the bottom of her shoes. If the slave wants to kiss higher up her body like her legs n ass he`ll have to promise to serve her 1st by doing chores and spoiling her with gifts. Queen Quenzi is holding the slave by his leash and they decide to play a version of red light / green light with the slave. On green light the slave can kiss Duchess Dani’s legs and ass but on red light he has to immediately stop. Duchess Dani n Queen Quenzi have fun teasing the slave this way and laugh about what a desperate loser he is for Duchess Dani. When they decide he has been granted enough worship time Queen Quenzi has to literally drag the slave away from Duchess Dani’s legs. The slave tries to cling onto her not wanting to be away from her legs for even a minute.


The Cock Collector – CBT, Emasculation Threats

The Cock Collector preview

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Vennessa Vixen n Lance Hart work together. He recently got put on a project that she really wanted so she confronts him at work. She knows that he’s always been lustful for her, but he doesn’t know about her sadistic side.
Vennesa tells Lance in a flirty way that she’s going to hurt him very badly if he doesn’t give her the new project. He’s reluctant at 1st, but when she drives her pantyhose covered foot into his balls, he starts to get more compliant.
Vennessa starts to get turned on the more she abuses Lance, so she sits on his lap and gets flirty, but she can’t help not slap his balls at the same time. Poor Lance doesn’t know what to do.
She’s starting to like him, so she tells him that he needs to have dinner with him, “or else…”
The story continues with Lance n Vennessa at dinner. While he gets up to get her a napkin n check on the roast, she drugs his drink. As soon as he starts 2 go under from the poison, she sits on his lap n tells him her secret: She collects male genitalia, and she’s going to Nut him and cut off his dick to add 2 her extensive collection.
When Lance wakes back up, he’s tied to the wall and she’s kneeing him in the nuts. Venessa is getting more turned on by the idea of adding his nice set to her collection, so she teases him with her body, pull off his boxer briefs, and plays with his cock n balls with her feet while she smiles and talks about cutting his dick off.
Eventually she leaves him tied to the wall with sore balls so she can change into something else.
Vennessa returns to Lance. He’s still tied up on the wall. Now she’s wearing a tight leotard and black fishnets.
At 1st he starts to try to talk sense into her, but he quickly see’s that she’s serious about her plan when she starts kneeing n kicking his balls.
Her knees and kicks are much harder in this episode; she’s not playing around anymore. Her goal is to make him beg her to cut off his cock n balls and end the pain.
She tells him all about her collection of dicks she has at home, knees him, slaps his balls, then leaves him tied up 4 a while.
Vennessa returns in a sexy school girl outfit with white pantyhose. Now it’s getting serious. She wants him to decide which gets removed 1st, his cock or his balls…. She teases him with her body a little bit to remind him of what he’s losing then returns to asking him what he wants 2 lose 1st while she knees his balls.
Eventual she brakes him to a point where he actually asks her to cut his balls off 1st… but she cruelly tells him that she thinks she’d rather cut his dick off first