GoddessFootJobs – Goddess Maya Bijou – Wish It Was Your Cock – Foot Licking, Fetish

GoddessFootJobs  Goddess Maya Bijou  Wish It Was Your Cock preview

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Do you like my feet? I wish this was your cock between my pretty feet. Keep watching my feet work this cock up and down while you stroke your warm, stiff cock in your hands. All I want is to do this to you. I know it would feel so good to have your shaft against my soft, wrinkled soles and your head rubbing against my toes. Please, I want you to watch my feet and cum for my cute little feet!


Young Goddess Kim – Sinful – Humiliation, Jerk Off Encouragement

Young Goddess Kim  Sinful preview

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I hired you to be My photographer and shoot some smoking pics of Me. I’m ready… Are you? I light up My first cigarette, posing a dangle, profile nose exhales, some open mouth, some french… The room is filling with My smoke and getting to your head. My lips, cleavage, legs and of course smoke has you mesmerized and starting to lose control. It’s become so obvious that you are not concentrating, I stop smoking and confront you. I can see the bulge in your pants and its so unprofessional! No, don’t try to hide it. Unzip your pants and show Me! Take off your pants and get on your knees. you’re going to stroke it My way and right here in front of Me as I smoke another cigarette, so hot its sinful and making you do anything to become My smoke slave.


FuckedFeet – Jasmin Jai’s Super Soft Soles! – Foot Worship – Footjob, Footlicking

FuckedFeet  Jasmin Jais Super Soft Soles  Foot Worship preview

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Here is another girl I had been dying to work with for a few years now. I always really liked her look. She has that fair skin and a great body and gorgeous face. She also has amazing feet. She has super wrinkled soles and they are a size 8.5, sometimes a 9 depending on the shoe. She totally loves having her feet licked and toes sucked, as well. Here, she dangles her sneakers off her feet. They are nice and sweaty from wearing them without socks. She then, holds up her feet and points them and spreads her toes. She has great arches, too! Next, she oils up her feet and soles and gets them all shiny. Don’t you wish you could lick these soles? I do just that in several positions including the Pose. Next is a fantastic POV footjob where she milks my cock dry with a ton of cock stroking and she also uses her soles on the tip of my cock. Jasmin also employs a great toe lock on my dick. I then, explode all over her soft feet. I promise you will see more from Jasmin Jai. Enjoy this brand new scene!


Young Goddess Kim – Nylon Foot Tease – POV, Young Mistress

Young Goddess Kim  Nylon Foot Tease preview

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I’ve been training you as My foot slave under My desk for a while. So far, you have yet to even kiss My feet though! All I have allowed you to do is sniff My old worn stockings… Today may be the day you finally get to sniff and kiss My feet for real – IF you prove to Me that you will be My good foot slave for life. My strappy sandals slip off My divine feet and My tease becomes unbearable, especially since you’re locked in chastity and the key to your freedom dangles off the anklet around My ankle.


Reality Girls Scissors – Introducing Scarlet Vice! (1080 HD) – Smothering – Asphyxia, Femdom

Reality Girls Scissors  Introducing Scarlet Vice 1080 HD  Smothering preview

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A pure and instant addiction wrestles here for the first time — smoking hot 18-year-old Scarlet Vice, who played soccer for seven years and here gets proficient at applying submission holds at a lighting pace. The stunning young girl has him deep in a rear naked choke early, flashing a pearl-white smile as her arms flex around his neck. She pours the power on her straight headscissors as Thin Man suffers. A brutal figure four headscissors. her body looks poured into a wet suit as the blonde is all in black kicking his ass. She loves it and her rear naked choke is devastating. She stands above him fallen, sick from the pressure. She bends his arm back and cruelly plants a knee on the back of his head, fetish femdom org driving her weight down on his neck. She tells him “I could do this all day” as she flits her long hair. More abuse with her perfect rear naked — over and over as he struggles. She looks beautiful standing above him, superior in all ways – -her youth, beauty and power winning the room with ease. She pours on more headscissors — buries his head in the mat and pushes down at once hurting and humiliating him. She owns the room. She’s so cocky she tells the camera guy to check the door as someone knocks — still headscissoring him. her body filling out the suit in eye-popping fashion, the young blonde hottie finishes him in her arms, making him go half-out — jumping and twitching as she laughs at her skill in turning the hold into a rear naked/bodyscissors combo and him suffering beneath her.


BackRoomCastingCouch – Melania – Femdom, Swallows

BackRoomCastingCouch  Melania preview

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Melania is a 19 year old shot girl with a great attitude and a huge sexual appetite. What puts our young Puerto Rican into potential pornstar material territory are her great body and one the nicest sets of all-natural tits we’ve seen in years. “HOLY SHIT!!” – moment nice. Oh and she was up for anal antics of all kinds, even after she collapsed onto the floor in pain after we gave her The Chair treatment. We thought we were going to need to stop the shoot, but she continued like a trooper. This temptress may very well be ideally suited for the porn business (if she ever meets a real casting agent).


Young Goddess Kim – Arousing Avenger JOI – Instructions, Jerkoff Commands

Young Goddess Kim  Arousing Avenger JOI preview

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Custom Clip Request
I am tied up in the bed, the POV is me looking at you at the foot of the bed. I tried to speak to you and touched you at a bar the night before, so you spiked my drink, brought me home, tied me to the bed and want to teach me a lesson. You come out in full Domme fetish clothes – black, whichever outfit you feel best. You go on about how you are a Goddess and men like me can’t do what I tried. You go on about how you should go about abusing me, whipping, maybe ballbusting (you know best). Then you think on it, decide since I had the balls to actually speak to you, you will untie one hand, let me jerk If my cock impresses you, I will be able to leave unharmed. You continue to encourage me to jerk as you rub your amazing body. To end, you let me cum, you laugh and tell me I am now your slave and must return weekly for my punishment. When you come over to “untie” my hand, lean in for a face close up (so hot!). Of course lots of dirty domme talk. JOI when I’m jerking.
Custom Clip Feedback: Goddess – once again you are amazing. The custom is right on and then some. You are the ultimate Dominating, controlling Goddess. You look stunning in the clip. perfect look for the idea. You are so mean and cruel, yet I want to follow all instructions you demand. Thank you for the amazing clip, I love it. Can’t wait to continue my adventures with YGK.


FuckedFeet – Good to See You Again! – Fetish, Blonde

FuckedFeet  Good to See You Again preview

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I worked with smokin hot blonde, Anabelle Pync a few years back and she may have the nicest feet I have ever licked or worshiped. She has incredible soft feet with super wrinkled soles. This time I went to her in Tennessee and it was another great experience. I also got to work with two of her friends which you will see in the next two updates here! I have Anabelle come right from work in her Hooters uniform. This video is so hot. I have her show you her feet in socks and then she teases them off. There is plenty of toe pointing, toe spreading and toe wiggling and lots of closeup action, too. She then oils up her feet and soles and puts on quite a show for you. Anabelle also does a lot in the Pose position solo and getting her feet licked and toes sucked. Many of you have asked me to shoot material in the Pose, so expect to see a lot of that. I lick her bare feet from heel to toe. Next is the finale. The footjob in POV action. Also, a position you guys have been asking for and I listened. See Anabelle Pync stroke my cock with her socks on. This feel so good. Then she removes the socks and stroked me with her bare feet and also hands. She takes some coconut oil and makes my cock and her feet all nice and shiny. She brings me to an enormous orgasm with a huge pop shot all over her wrinkled soles. She then holds up her feet for some amazing closeups of her cum drenched soles. It was so nice to see Anabelle Pync again!