The Mean Girls – Goddess Nina – You Don’t Exist (1080 HD) – Slave Training, Female Domination

The Mean Girls  Goddess Nina  You Dont Exist 1080 HD preview

00:07:39 | 1920×1080 | MPEG-4 | 527.4 MB

I got you the best present ever! You’re finally getting your wish to be my personal slave. I hope u enjoy your special B-day because IT’S YOUR LAST ONE. From now on you have no more birthdays, no name, no address, no phone number, no social security card nothing! You are totally off the grid now. All you are is a number to me and you’ll love it. Your only concern is my will. Your only code to live by is my rules for you. This is now your only life, you will eat sleep and work for me: your Goddess.


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