The Mean Girls – Office Whipping Boy – Corporal Punishment, Whipped

The Mean Girls  Office Whipping Boy preview

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Ok, so here’s the deal. First of all, sales are down- that is NOT good for you and does not make me happy. Secondly, you have been annoying me around the office lately. And third, well, I just simply ENJOY abusing you as sort of the “office whipping boy”. And I want to make your “position” official. You WILL be my whipping boy here at the office from now on. And I have some toys I’d like to show u…don’t worry, you will be getting VERY familiar with each and every one of them! LOL
This should be VERY good for the moral of all the girls in the office…oh, and did I mention that I am going to let all my female coworkers use u to beat on as much as THEY want too?? That’s right. Oh, you are in for quite a beating…lol. Now, hold still and remember- NO screaming no matter what! We ARE in a place of business after all!


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