The Mean Girls – Princess Bella, Princess Aria, Princess Carmela – Foot Worship Team Up (1080 HD) – Losers, Fetish

The Mean Girls  Princess Bella Princess Aria Princess Carmela  Foot Worship Team Up 1080 HD preview

00:10:43 | 1920×1080 | MPEG-4 | 746.5 MB

Hey loser, remember back in school when nobody would chose you for sports? This is kind of like that, but these are all last picked losers that WE`re going to pick to worship our feet. I mean how bad do u`ve to suck to not get chosen to lick dirty feet? You have got to be some sort of super loser to get PICKED LAST just to be a foot bitch LOL. Like, where do you go from that? If you can’t get picked to kiss a girl’s feet, you might as well find the nearest cliff – and dive off it, loser! Haha.


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