The Mean Girls – Princess Chanel – Human Dirt Cleaner (1080 HD) [Foot Worship, Dirty Feet, Humiliation] – Degradation, miami

The Mean Girls  Princess Chanel  Human Dirt Cleaner 1080 HD Foot Worship Dirty Feet Humiliation preview

00:10:25 | 1920×1080 | MPEG-4 | 731.4 MB

The Mean Girls love walking around the house barefoot the only problem is the bottom of their feet always get so dirty! Princess Chanel notices how dirty her feet have gotten and Dommes Rodea (off camera) suggests Princess Chanel use one of the slaves to lick them clean. After all that’s what Dommes Rodea does whenever she walks around barefoot. Princess Chanel is lying down with her feet propped up hanging over the edge of the couch. She summons the slave into the room and commands him to lick her feet clean. The bottom of Princess Chanel’s feet are practically black from all the dirt n grime that has accumulated on them. The slave is made to press his tongue flat against the bottom of Princess Chanel’s feet and lick all the dirt off until they`re completely clean. You can see Princess Chanel’s feet going from black to white as the dirt is transferred from the bottom of her feet to the slaves tongue. The whole time he is cleaning her feet Princess Chanel completely ignores the slave as she looks at her phone n relaxes. The slave is basically just an appliance to be used and when the job is done he is immediately dismissed.


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