Worship Goddess Jasmine – Encouraging your Addiction to ME – Mesmerize, Submissive

Worship Goddess Jasmine  Encouraging your Addiction to ME preview

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Are you ready to submit to real hip nosis and utter bliss? Are you ready for your brain to be tuned to my control frequency? Are you ready to have your submissive mind experimented upon? This powerful mind control video is designed to trigger a deep love addiction to Goddess. Such as bliss, surrender, submit, love, obsession. This is a file that will send you deeper and provide a seductive introduction to Goddess Worship. My softly spoken words take your mind down into a deeper level of servitude. I whisper sweet commands in your submissive ears. Watched on a loop, you will begin to experience vivid visualization, sensations and feelings of true love addiction towards Goddess.
Warning: I have used new, more powerful mind control techniques in this video. I can not be held responsible for any effects upon weak individuals or behaviour which transpires after watching this video.


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