Codi Vore – Busty Roommate Wants to Play – Tit Worship, Pussy Worship

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You’ve been living with Codi Vore for a while and you’ve always had chemistry… one time you even accidentally saw her in the shower! You’ve never confirmed what you both were suspicious of though… that you would make excellent lovers! Tonight, Codi keeps knocking on your door, asking for things and transparently trying to get your attention by showing off her hot body in her little pjs. Finally, she asks if she can hang out with you and makes the big reveal… that she wants you! She slowly undresses and shows off her incredible body, and when you tell her you like her hairy pussy, she blushes and spreads her legs open for you to eat her out! You bury your face in her pussy until she cums, prompting her to ask to see your throbbing dick. You stand up and show her your cock and she looks at it excitedly, lubing it up and plunging it between her massive tits. She happily titty fucks you until you cum between her breasts. Licking it off her fingers, she asks if you wanna watch some Netflix together.


Goddess Madam Violet – Equal Isnt Fair. Neither Is This – Mind Fuck, Joi

Goddess Madam Violet  Equal Isnt Fair Neither Is This preview

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As you kneel and stroke I remind you how you are emotionally weaker and less intelligent, physically inferior, with a lower pain threshold, you’re nowhere near as attractive to look at or touch and you depart this world sooner. It’s clear men are inferior. Yet the world is designed for men. Which is odd, because you ALL worship US in one way or another.
You will strip and kneel and stroke and WORSHIP My superiority. Be thankful I do not want equality; LOOK at how hot I am! Do you think you’d get to see Me My pull My thong off if we we’re equal?! Never. To see My naked perfect arse you must be on your knees, BENEATH ME. To be ONE hand away from My wet PUSSY….so HOT. SO DENIED
My HOTNESS drives you INSANE, the more you want to STROKE, the more clothes I remove and the more I am positive you will not stroke. Your pleasure is MY pleasure and MY pleasure is your aching, churning AROUSAL being utterly DENIED…
Women, the creators of life were born to RULE. You stole the world from Us, and you turned Her Story into history. I am not a feminist, I do not want equality. I want all men to take their rightful place BENEATH ME. No, I am not a man hater; I LOVE men and dick! ONLY when in their correct place; naked at My feet grovelling for mercy, leaking pre-cum and braincells.


CRUEL MISTRESSES – Crazy painful kicks – Cbt,

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The Mistress is mad at the useless slave for not cleaning her shoes properly. To punish him, she puts on her new shiny red boots and shows the slave that even those are more useful than him. And the boots indeed serve as excellent tools for smashing the slave’s balls. The slave keeps screaming and trying to get away from the endless kicks, but the Mistress mercilessly goes on, kicking harder and harder to make it really painful.


Countess Crystal Knight – Punishment and Pleasure JOI – Ballbusting, Ballbuster

 Countess Crystal Knight  Punishment and Pleasure JOI  preview

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Slap, Beat, BallBusting JOI – This is one of those sessions where punishment and pleasure are blurred the entire time. Maybe I will let you cum, maybe I’ll make you squeeze your dick until its blue, maybe I’ll slap your balls with this paddle. All I know, and you need to know, is that it is going to be FUN. Pain with pleasure is such an erotic experience together. To feel all of your nerves tingling at once is a one of a kind experience. Sensual domination mixed with slapping, beating, and teasing, is exactly what you need.


Countess Crystal Knight – Giantess Turns You Into Her Sex Slave – Flexibility, Submissive Slave Training

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I stumble upon your world. So puny and helpless, it’s too easy for me. I begin to conquer immediately, taking your valuables, gold, diamonds, food, etc. but there’s something else that catches my eye. No matter how fearful you all seem, you, in particular, are somewhat enjoying this. I can tell you have dreamt of this day no matter how scary it may be. You’ve fantasized about Giantess women that come and claim their territory before. So in front of EVERYONE, I make you, and the other boys that get turned on by me, jerk off to my body. I claim you as my loyal sex slaves that will live to please my deity body. I command you to cum at my command in front of everyone. Thought Giantess women were sexy? They are but be prepared to face my wrath, I have no mercy.


Countess Crystal Knight – Back Into Addiction – Fishnet, Body Worship

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Have you missed my daily videos? Have you missed when you had three to five chances a day to buy brand new clips from yours truly? Well, don’t worry my little subby. After a long and much-needed break, I am back and better than ever. I am going to show you that we’ve only just brushed the surface of your addiction to me. I’m showing you that there is far more to come before I push you off the edge completely. You have just begun your service and worship. My curves are going to drive you straight back into addiction as I urge you to jerk off and submit. By the end of this, you’ll be back in my grasp drained in all the right ways, as it should be.