Katy AnnXO – Homewrecker Jerk Off Encouragement – Home Wrecker, Joi

Katy AnnXO  Homewrecker Jerk Off Encouragement preview

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You never thought you would see the day… but you can’t wait to get back to work. Your wife or girl friend is driving you crazy! She walks around like a frump and is constantly nagging! What you need is a T&A break! Good thing I have plenty of ass and tits in stock for you! I encourage you to stroke to release the tension and escape the boring grind of quarantined life with someone annoying. I’m dressed in deluxe slut wear complete with highs. I take off my body suit to unleash my massive melons. I give some light jerk off instruction as I continue to show off my body in the clip.


SADO LADIES Femdom Clips – Venus In Furs – The Caning – Mistress Cloe – Hard Caning, Corporal Punishment

SADO LADIES Femdom Clips  Venus In Furs  The Caning   Mistress Cloe  preview

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today we have the next classic bdsm theme series part with gorgeous mistress cloe. we go back here with this series to the roots in history where famous austrian author leopold sacher masoch wrote the novel that later created the name “masochism” called “venus in furs”. to him the combination of a beautiful mistress dressed in furs willing to apply pain to him was his goddess and fantasy.
this series is about this theme cuz our venus in furs is mistress cloe here and she will dish out some severe punishments in three parts in this serious. one is more painful then the other.
today its up to the goddess to dish out a very severe caning and if we talk about very severe you can trust us – it is indeed one of the most severe caning punishment we ever taped.
of course the mistress breaks a cane in this clip and its needless to say that the bare ass of her slave is really damaged after her treatment.
and as we can see in the cruel smile mistress cloe loves every minute of it. other parts previously released in our store!


SADO LADIES Femdom Clips – The Caged Bootlicker – Mistress Cloe – Bitch, Shoe & Boot Worship

SADO LADIES Femdom Clips  The Caged Bootlicker   Mistress Cloe  preview

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the life of a slave is simple, but not easy. beeing arrested in a small cage for one, two or more days is regular and its also regular that a slave is only useful for degrading tasks like cleaning dirty boots after beeing in the stables.
this is exactly what happens in this clip. mistress cloe comes home after having a good riding and beeing in the stables and her slave awaits her encaged in a rolling cage which is quite good for changing the position if necessary without needing too much force.
so first the mistress puts her boot onto the cage where the slave has to lick it, but she wants to take a seat and have it more comfortable while the slave has to lick the boots more and more and more.
and we can just hope for the slave that he does a good job, cuz as we know mistress cloe she wont hesitate to thrash the living daylights out of him with her crop if he does not!
clip duration: 09.04 mins. german language! MPEG4 FULL HD 1920 x 1080 px size! 4000 kBit/s. Super Great Quality!


Obey Melanie – Males make great Pets – K2s.cc, Online

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Sometimes training My pets can be exhausting. They can be a real handful. But if you want them trained right you have to be willing to put in the work. I go that that extra mile. Im willing to bust a few balls if it helps keep them motivated. And at the end of the day, when I can finally sit back and relax with a pets tongue tirelessly lapping at My pussy, I know its all been worthwhile.


Selenne Noir – Teasing the hardon of a stranger with my seamless pantyhose while sharing a drink at the restaurant – Femdom, Worn Pantyhoses

 Selenne Noir  Teasing the hardon of a stranger with my seamless pantyhose while sharing a drink at the restaurant preview

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This is the first time I’m being here, it looks nice. Who is that guy from over there who is fixing me with his look? A client of the house? I think I’m gonna go and find more about him. I could not notice the way you were fixing me with your look. I had also seen the way you were jerking under the table. I don’t mind, actually is quite arousing. What part of my body you were focusing on? Oh, my pantyhose? This is quite of a proposal to rub them against your cock, here in the restaurant. Do you think they will not notice? I will remove my stilettos and tease your balls, the idea of others being around us is quite exciting. This is the best experience I have ever shared in a restaurant. It will be even naughtier if you will cum all over my pantyhose. I will tease your cock while you are stoking it. I can feel your balls getting filled with cum. It’s so turning on to rub the cock of a stranger in the restaurant. It would be even more exciting for you to cum on my pantyhose, and as a nice gift for this experience, I will give them to you, in this way you will have a memory of me.
Pantyhose Footjobs, Pantyhose Goddess
Cum, Pantyhose Footjobs, Seamless Pantyhose, Worn Pantyhoses


Princess Piper – Half Your Age – Findom, Workout Clothes

 Princess Piper  Half Your Age  preview

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I’m literally half your age, yet have complete control over you. You can’t help it. You go STUPID thinking about how YOUNG I am. My sexy firm petite little body drives you insane. Allllll of the bl0od rushes down to your cock and suddenly you can’t think straight anymore…
You want to pay this tight little ass. You know you could never fuck me, so PAYING to jerk off to me is the next best thing. You love buying me sexy little outfits that I can use to tease even MORE money out of you. A beautiful cycle, isn’t it? Completely spoiling a sexy young thing like me is so HOT. I know you cum better after spending on a hot young brat.
ff Instruction-JOI
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London Lix – CEI Panty Guessing Game – Upskirt, Cock Tease

 London Lix  CEI Panty Guessing Game  preview

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We’re going to make your cum eating experience into a little game today, a bet, if you will. I know you really don’t want to have to eat your cum for me, but you will if I MAKE you, right? If you lose the challenge…which is to guess the color of the panties I’m wearing under this schoolgirl miniskirt, you have to eat your cum for me! If you guess right…you can still eat it if you want, of course, and I’ll instruct you how, but you can also choose to just release “normally”. You get one guess for free, and then you can tribute for additional guesses if you want to increase your chances of NOT having to eat your load for me. Maybe you want to play with fire & only take one chance, because deep down you’re hungry for cum. Either way, this’ll be a fun little cocktease of a clip, with upskirt shots, lots of hot cleavage, and tons of edging, to get you nice & weak for me. How will you fare?!
Cum Eating Instructions, Panty Fetish
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – No Backing Out Now – Femdom, Online

 Goddess Alexandra Snow  No Backing Out Now  preview

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I have discovered that the secret to getting a boy to consume his own cum is to A) be there and force it down his throat or B) get him so aroused that he’ll agree to anything. Since you’re sitting there with your cock in hand, we’ll have to use the latter. I have an especially exciting little shiny ensemble to use to get your motor running: black latex bra and thong, shiny gold and black corset, and nothing else.. I am going to make you stroke and stroke as I lay on the heaviest tease imaginable while you stroke from one of my prescribed cum facial positions. The feet over the head is my favorite, but here are modifications for the less flexible as well.


Exquisite Goddess – Cuckolded on Valentines – Femdom, Download

 Exquisite Goddess  Cuckolded on Valentines  preview

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You want to take me out for lovers’ day but need excitement and you aren’t the one to give it to me. So I show you and tell you in great detail what I’m gonna do with my date and how I’m gonna do it! Clip contains: dirty talk, tease, roleplay and the humiliation that comes with cuckolding.
Cuckold, Roleplay
Blonde Brat, Cuckold, Cuckold Husband, Dirty Mind, Dirty Talk, High Heels, Spoiled